Things to do on a Quick Trip to New York

I love New York!  I was beyond excited that we got to stay in the city for #PuffDay14.  Tori and I discussed the trip before hand and we both knew that we wanted to pack in as much stuff as possible no matter how tired we were.  Mostly this meant we wanted to eat a…

Mother Daughter Weekend Trip to Palm Springs

A few weeks ago my mom and I took a mother/daughter trip to Palm Springs.  Her parents, my grandparents, retired out in the desert.  I think that is one of the reason’s that I love that area.  And my mom hadn’t been out to the actual Palm Springs area in about 10 years.  So we…

Summer Vacation Memories – Arizona

I snuck away to Arizona for a few days earlier this summer.  I got to spend tons of quality time with one of my besties, Kayla, who lives far away from me in Texas, and just relax.  We got a little pool time in, had a spa treatment and then treated ourselves to a blowout…