DIY Holiday Garland using Kids Photos

kids craftsI have a really easy DIY holiday garland for you today.  (Yes grandmothers, I made extra sets for you guys too).  Simply take photos of your kids, add letters in an editing program (I used illustrator but I think Pic Monkey works too) and have the photos printed in an hour (try to find a place that do a matte finish).  String it up and you have a super simple but totally adorable holiday DIY.

supplies-for-holiday-photo-garlandTo get the background, I taped wrapping paper to the wall.  I set my camera up on a tripod to try to get consistent shots.  I found the plain long sleeve shirts at my local Walmart (under $4 a piece).  One child gave good face for the camera.  The other barely allowed me to photograph him.  Isn’t that always the way?

DIY-Christmas-DecorI love this because the kid’s personalities really come through in these photos.  Using the holiday colors makes it festive and perfect for the holiday season.  But this would totally work for a birthday garland too (um, how awesome would this be for a teacher’s birthday using pics of the kids in the class?!)

easy-photo-garland-for-ChristmasKids can even help put these together with you.  Boy do I love easy crafts.

Postcardly Helps You Keep in Touch

postcardly exampleI know this looks  like just a photograph but it is so much more!  It is actually a postcard that I sent to my husband via Postcardly.  I don’t remember where I first heard about Postcardly but I was instantly excited about it.  It might be the easiest way to send snail mail.  And who doesn’t like to get mail that isn’t bills?  My nieces live in another state and while I wish I could see them or talk to them on the phone all the time, it just isn’t possible.  So I wanted a way that I could let them know that my and my family were thinking about them.

All you do is set up a quick account and create an email address that corresponds with a mailing address.  Then, right from your own inbox, you create an email.  You use the email address you created through Postcardly and upload any image.  The company will turn the image in to a postcard and whatever is in the body of the message will get printed on the back.  How cool is that!  There are different plans to chose from.  For instance, you can pay $4.99/ month and be able to send 5 postcards or pay $9.99/ month for 10 postcards.  Yes you are paying for convenience which unfortunately I need or else nothing gets put in the mail.  Take a look at all their pricing info and frequently asked questions here.  They do offer a free trial which you should definitely try!

postcardly example backCheck out those killer Photoshop skills!  Wink.  I think this is the perfect way to make someone smile.  My husband was super excited to get this postcard in the mail.  And I know my nieces will be jazzed to get theirs too.

*This was not a sponsored post.  I emailed Postcardly and asked if I could review it because it looked like something I could use.  I was given a free trial.  All opinions are my own.

Head Shots by Dez and Tam Photography

blogger head shot 1So I HATE having my picture taken.  I feel all odd and uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do with myself.  But, I needed some pictures done.  So as I was chatting with Desi and Tammy about pictures, we decided that we would just go play around with different locations and fun techniques and see if we could get any good shots.  I have grown pretty close with them so I knew that if I was going to be comfortable in front of anyone, it was going to be them.  And they got some great shots!

blogger head shot 2They started asking me questions about how I wanted others to see me and what is my brand.  I was like, “huh.”  They told me they saw me as more smirky than smiley.  Hold the phone.  I’ve been taught to smile big when a camera is pointed at me.  But I don’t have to!  Holla!  I do like that some of the shots came out as sort of a cross between a smirk and a smile as if my face was fighting itself.

blogger head shot 3And then when you bring a cutie like Lauren along, well, that makes it even a bit more of a challenge.  But we had SO much fun playing around and Desi and Tammy got some awesome photos.  I am such a fan of their work!  So who needs a picture of me?  ’Cause I have some.  See more images of the photo shoot here!


*Thank you Dez and Tam for taking these photos for me for free.  Because they are cool like that.  But all these opinions are mine.  And these two are my favorite.  Tru dat.