Keeping Kids Safe and Positive Online #ShareAwesome

I live an online life. And by default, so do my kids. When we do something awesome, it generally ends up on Instagram. Or Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, or some combination of one or more of the social media channels.. For instance, last week we got to attend a special McDonald’s event. You guys,…

Cool Minecraft Party Ideas

How is he 8 already?  It’s crazy.  My husband and I can still remember my water breaking plain as day.  I mean, you don’t really forget something like that.  Of course back then, I wasn’t sure what was happening and made my husband google it.  Oh the laughs we had about that.  But enough details…

DIY Minecraft Birthday Banner

I freaking love those pre-made banners they sell in the stores.  You know, the ones with mostly primary colors and they say the generic terms like, “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary” and are held together with brads?  Urban Outfitters sometimes carries them that have profanity in them too, but my kids don’t know what all…