Best Concealer and Foundation

Stila Foundation is my new favorite makeup find. And where has the beauty blender been all my life?! I have some new beauty faves you guys! I have a new fave concealer and foundation! A few months ago I got a makeup lesson at Blushington and learned about so many great new-to-me products. What I especially love is that they use all different brands, so unlike when you get your makeup done at the department store, you can pick the best products from each line. In my lesson, I found that my old foundation was not the right color for my skin! And the product the makeup artist introduced me to was Stila Stay All Day Foundation. It’s oil free and has botanical extracts that promote circulation and really let’s your skin breathe. It is also supposed to help slow down premature aging…maybe too late for that one with me.

This color matched perfectly and I decided to purchase this and use it daily. And I had never used the Beauty Blender before. It’s amazing! I have never been a girly girl so I don’t keep up on makeup trends or products. I know this tool has been out for a while, but after finally seeing it in use, I had to get one! It puts on your foundation so smoothly, is easy to blend and build color with and leaves an amazing finished look! A dummy (like me) can use it. This Stay All Day foundation, really does, stay all day. I am so impressed with this foundation. It has truly stayed on in this summer heat (and even the high heat of the desert!).
Julie Hewett Omit Concealer is my new fave! My concealer color was also off. When the makeup artist put this Julie Hewett concealer on me, my dark circles disappeared! It was crazy! My dark circles are ever-present and mostly allergy induced which means it isn’t like a little extra sleep is going to help a sister out. This was the first time that a concealer really covered them. She had me use a brush to apply and although I continued that routine over the next week, I finally decided that the end result was better with using my finger to apply. I’m just guessing here but I am pretty sure my adorable makeup  artist was about 15 years younger than me so she’s not familiar with fine lines and bags in the under-eye area…using the brush made the product build up in the crevices and aged me. It is not the same case with using my finger. Phew. This cream formula feels thick but goes on really smoothly and stays put. I might use a little Ooh La Lift if I’m going out to dinner and not redoing my whole face but the concealer coverage is amazing. I haven’t seen this product in stores but I ordered it online via Dermstore and it showed up in just a few days!

What is your fave foundation? Let’s talk beauty.

*This is not a sponsored post. My mom paid good money for that makeup lesson and I purchased these makeup items.

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Perfect Eyebrows for Blondes

Perfect eyebrows for blondes. This tint is the best for filling in blonde eyebrows. Super easy to use! I finally found the perfect product that makes perfect eyebrows for blondes. I’m super lucky to have blonde eyebrows. I only have to get my eyebrows waxed about twice a year because the strays are only noticeable when you are right up on me. So in that sense I am lucky. But what isn’t lucky is that in most photos, I look like I don’t have any eyebrows at all. It’s a bit scary. I’ve tried pencils and gels to fill them in, in the past but they were all really hard for me to use. I always felt like I wasn’t putting it in the right place. I got a chance to try out this brow gel from Billion Dollar Brows and LOVE it! It comes with a wand that makes it almost impossible to use it wrong. You basically paint it on your eyebrows just like you would mascara. Use a light hand so you don’t put too much on, and if you get a little on your skin you just take a q-tip and clean it up. Just like with a new mascara, when you first open this product there will be more gel on the wand than you want. But a few days later it is perfect! And it’s so quick to put on in the morning. This doesn’t change the shape, just darkens what you already have. I feel so much more put together when I put this on and it literally adds maybe 10 extra seconds to my routine. I will be keeping this product around!

And OH MY GOSH watch this great video from Joyus on how to find your perfect brow shape! I totally want the brow buddy!

Makeup Tips for People with Allergies #ALLERGYFACE®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.  All allergies and the resulting ALLERGY FACE® that goes along with it are all mine. Tracking Pixel

Allergy sufferers often end up with ALLERGY FACE®.  I totally have it.  #sponsored #Zyrtec // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comDangit that is a big picture of my face.  I’m not going to lie, I originally retouched this photo so much that it didn’t even look like me anymore.  But then I thought screw it.  We all have wrinkles and such.  I’m just going to keep it real.  While I would love to have smoother skin, it’s probably not something I’ll ever have (maybe with major lasers – not to be confused with the Diplo project – or other resurfacing methods which cost more than my car).  I’m not one of those gals that hates getting older.  I’m ok with wrinkles.  But I’ve been an allergy sufferer all my life and I could do without ALLERGY FACE®.  If you don’t have allergies, you have no idea what I’m talking about – and I hate your guts because allergies suck.  Allergies, in some way, have hindered things in my life that you wouldn’t think they should hinder. Like getting massages.  WTF?!  I can’t lay face down in the donut, without getting super stuffed up and miserable.  Sure the rubbing around on my back and shoulders feels great but then I end up with a sinus headache because of it.  Oh and the wine!  I can’t drink wine (I mean I shouldn’t drink wine but I do because it is so good) because of the effing sulfites or sulfates or some other dumb property that makes my nose completely inflamed so that I can’t breathe through it any more.  I’ve even figured out how to save any crying I need to do until an optimal time for my allergies.  Yeah, I feel AWFUL after a good cry – happy or sad – so I plan it out based on my allergy side effects to the crying.

If you DO have allergies then you know what ALLERGY FACE® is.  It is where your eyes feel like they are halfway closed, even though you aren’t tired, from all the inflammation in your face.  It’s when your nose is all red because although your nose is super stuffy, it is still runny somehow and you can’t go more than a few minutes without blowing it.  And the watery eyes which causes your mascara to run down your face which makes people think you have been crying.  Which you have NOT (not until next Tuesday, see above).

DIY salt rinse for allergy sufferers.  #sponsored #ZYRTEC® #ALLERGYFACE®  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comHaving ALLERGY FACE® has led me to try many things.  Dark under eye circles are prevalent in people who have allergies.  So by that reasoning, I must have all the allergies, ever.  My dark circles are so…er, dark.  I read somewhere that using the Neti Pot might make them less severe but I just couldn’t bring myself to use that funny looking thing.  Then my allergist suggested that I do a nasal rinse with a syringe and salt water to flush out the nasal cavity.  You guys!  This has been life changing!  I feel so much more clear with way less pressure (and helps me to fall asleep because I can get air back in through my nose after drinking the offensive wine).  BUT, my dark circles are still there. Remind me to tell you sometime about how when I first tried the salt rinse I used a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of salt…

Makeup tips for combatting #ALLERGYFACE® #sponsored #ZYRTEC®Which means it is all up to makeup to make me look presentable.  And while I’ve taken several makeup classes and am scheduled to take another really soon, it just doesn’t come naturally to me and I don’t know any tricks to mask the ALLERGY FACE® side effects.  Thankfully the kind people of ZYRTEC®, who keep me and my family functioning amid allergies to dust, mold, dogs, grass, trees, laundry and cleaning floors (ok the last two are made up…), realize that even though their medicine can help with the symptoms of allergies, us gals still need a little help in the face department.   They enlisted the help of celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg (who suffers from allergies so she knows) to share makeup tips for people with allergies and ALLERGY FACE®.

Makeup tips to help allergy sufferers detract from #ALLERGYFACE®.  #sponsored #ZYRTEC® // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comHead to the ZYRETEC® Facebook page to see all the looks designed to detract from your ALLERGY FACE®.  I tend to go for the “barest beauty” look on most days.  The highlighting and contouring really helps my face to not look so puffy.  And waterproof mascara is where it’s at.  It stays put even when my tears do not.  If you are like I was and ha no idea what contouring is, just watch this great video with Jamie Greenberg.  She shares her tips on looking your best with allergies. 
I’m grateful for these tips and to ZYRTEC® for being part of my journey with allergies. Are you an allergy sufferer? Do you have ALLERGY FACE®?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.  All allergies and the resulting ALLERGY FACE® that goes along with it is all mine.