Music Inspired Last Minute Valentine’s Printable

music inspired valentine jack whiteHave I mentioned that I like music (she writes sarcastically).  I knew that I wanted to create a printable for Valentine’s Day based on this song lyric above by Jack White of the White Stripes.  I have always loved this line from ‘Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground“.  So I asked Lauren to design the printable since I am a mess with graphic design.  They turned out awesome!

outside of music valentineSo if you have forgotten to do something special for your honey just print one of these out.  Throw on some red lipstick and leave your mark at the top.  Fold it up, seal it and you are ready to go.  Easy.

music inspired valentine tv on the radioThen one day I was listening to TV on the Radio on my iPod and I heard this lyric.  At first I thought they were saying “promise” and it got me thinking.  You really do have to be brave to be wholeheartedly in love.  You give your entire self to someone and you  even though it makes you vulnerable.  You have to be brave to do that.  And then I remember that the song is called “Province.”  Hmmm.  What the heck is that.  So I looked it up and this lyric seems to be taken from a quote by Ghandi.  And it pretty much means promise.

outside of valentineMy husband and I don’t exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day.  But making a cd of our favorite songs would be a great accompaniement.  I’m in love with that striped fabric, aren’t you?  I used my Xyron sticker maker to make the hearts sticky to put on the valentine and also seal it.  Look at me being all crafty.

last minute music inspired Valentine's PrintableBig thanks to Lauren for creating the printable and helping with styling in these photos.

Download your music inspired Valentine’s here:

music inspired valentine’s pdf

*Be cool.  Don’t sell these or steal these to do evil with.