5 Great Shoes for Fall

I’m feeling like I have no shoes at the moment.  I’ve been wearing my black Toms.  Too much.  I kind of consider them the sweatpants of shoes.  So if I won’t leave the house in sweatpants because I feel sloppy, why would I let my feet leave that way?  I do have some cute sandals…

Fall Sangria Recipe

How yummy does that fall sangria look?  When this recipe came across my inbox I knew that I had to try this.  I am generally a white wine drinker and have always preferred my sangria to be tropical and fruity.  But with temperatures dropping I decided to challenge myself and see if I would like…

Fall Fashion – Apple Picking

So today was 86 degrees…but soon, someday soon, it will drop below 70 and I’ll be able to wear a sweater.  I would totally wear this look to do something super “Fall”y, like apple picking or going to a corn maze.  Those of you who know me well are probably laughing because I don’t like…