Ciao Bella Sorbet Champagne Cocktails

image by Dez and Tam Photography

Today is the perfect day for a Ciao Bella Sorbet Champagne Cocktail don’t you think?  All this week I will be posting about the bridal shower I recently threw for Lauren.  I thought I would start out on holiday Monday, in case you haven’t planned your BBQ for this afternoon already.  You should still have plenty of time to run out and find some Ciao Bella Sorbet for your afternoon cocktail (can be found at most grocery stores – you can even sign up for a coupon here).  These sorbet champagne cocktails couldn’t have been more perfect for the shower.  The day turned out to be about one trillion degrees.  This cool and fruity drink was the best blend of girly and sophisticated for such a memorable occasion.

All you have to do is put a small (or large if no one is looking) scoop in to a champagne flute – or heck, a plastic cup.  Then you top it with your favorite champagne or sparkling wine.  It is super refreshing and exactly what you need to be drinking on a hot holiday.  And all summer long.  What I love about the Ciao Bella Sorbet flavors is that they pack tons of flavor but are not overly sweet.  I have posted about them before.  They really do make amazing cocktails.  See more recipes on the Ciao Bella website!


Fake Germain {Ikea food hack}

I can’t believe I am just sharing this with my readers now.  While I did mention this tip in a guest post for, I first used this “Fake Germain” a year ago at my son’s 2nd birthday.  What the heck is Fake Germain, you ask?  Well I’ve had my eye on a bottle of St. Germain Elderflower liqueur for quite some time after falling in love with a delicious champagne cocktail at Mesa.  But a large bottle is around $35.  I just can’t do it.  But I found this elderflower concentrate at Ikea in a party preparatory shopping trip and thought I would give it a try.  As you would with St. Germain, you simply pour a bit in your flute and top with champagne.  The concentrate not only jazzes up your champagne, but also makes a delicious, non-alcoholic punch.  Thank you again, Ikea.  Oh and this bottle is $4.49.  It is the best saft flader I’ve ever had.



Last Minute Gift Idea for Your Best Gals

I dropped one of these babies off at my friend Amy’s house today.  I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with her as I would like to.  But I wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her.  And what girl wouldn’t want to find one of these little bags waiting for them when they get home.


Girls love the bubbles and they couldn’t be cuter when served in a small pink can with straw.  These Sofia’s are found in a 4 packs at your local Bev Mo.  Bev Mo also has these travel (? – should alcohol really be travel sized?  I don’t know what else to call these, airplane sized??) bottles of St. Germain, a delicious elderflower liqueur (note:  this link will take you to the full size bottle, the small sized is about $5) that pairs ridiculously awesomely with champagne.  Bev Mo has way more than the standard cheap gins and gross tequilas in this cute size.  So many fun ideas are running around in my head. I packaged it up really simply in a muslin bag and made a quick sparkly “A” with double stick tape and glitter.  I am a huge fan of temporary flourishes so that the bag can be reused if the recipient wants to.  AND I really like the straight lines of the tape.

The next best thing to sharing a drink with a good friend is having one ready for them when they need it.  Now, I hope I find 7 of these on my porch tomorrow. :)

Happy Holidays!