Lego Dance Party Kid’s Birthday

Finally!  I’m sharing my son’s 6th birthday party which was a Lego Dance Party.  My son is beyond obsessed with Legos and dancing, individually.  So why not put them together for a super fun party!  We turned our patio in to Club Lego and turned up the music.

I knew that I wanted some of these dance diagram posters for the “club” but I also wanted something Lego themed to match.

I reached out to Steph and told her my idea.  She got it exactly!  I was so happy with these posters!  And lucky for you, she is offering them as a download on her site!

Here is the birthday boy on the dance floor.  Nevermind the overgrown rosemary bush that also wanted to attend the party…To make the club, I bought those $3 sheets from Ikea and ironed on large Lego brick images to some of the panels.

I found the striped fabric also at Ikea and I think the colors were super fun, a bit 80’s but still totally modern and used it throughout the entire party.  At this table, we invited the kids to build a Lego building to enter in to our contest.

There were a few smaller kids at the party also so I wanted to make sure they had something to keep them entertained also.  I found these awesome dancing page from Anorak Magazine a few years ago and modified them to include Legos also.

Inside was the food table.  At the very top of the photo, you can see some garlands that we strung across the dining room to add some fun.  They are made from rubber bands that I had found at Wal-Mart and also where the color inspiration for the party came from.  Lauren helped me create the wall decorations.  This was the last in a long line of parties and I was severely lacking creativity.  I am so lucky to have friends who don’t mind helping!  The tubes were filled with large silver glitter and spray painted Legos to match the party colors.  I really didn’t want to do one of those parties where every single thing had Legos in it.  Instead, I had my dad make some Lego inspired wooden flowers, I made a few Lego containers to hold suckers and my mother in law bought a few Minifigures that were also dance related.

I like to do my parties in the afternoon and while I feel like I need to serve a whole meal, I like to serve a heavy snack.  I decided to do a make your own pasta bar so that people could eat as much or as little as they wanted.  I made sure to provide sweet and savory options and these could be made as healthy or as delicious as guests wanted them.

In addition to the pasta bar, we had allergen free dark chocolate Lego bricks, gummy Lego bricks and Minifigures and cereal necklaces.  How rad is that wood stand my dad made for me!  I can’t wait to use it again!  Want to know what we served for drinks? Check out this post here!

And it isn’t a party unless there are cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop.  My son loves her allergen friendly cupcakes!  And we had multiple kids at the party with food allergies so I was so glad that they could all eat them!

We can’t get enough of Kristin’s whacky cakes so of course we had to have that too.  The day was sooooo hot and the allergen friendly chocolate didn’t hold up the same way as previous cakes.  Lesson learned.

This is our 4th whacky cake.  It was quite obvious that most of the kids knew what to expect.  They attacked that cake like I have never seen.  And of course all the parents who had no idea what was going on were mortified.  It was pure cake chaos.  And I loved every minute of it.

And then things started to get going on the dance floor.  I decided that if the kids had some Flutter Fetti they might get in to the dance club spirit.  I was right.  It was also a pretty easy way to add color to an otherwise plain space.  And clean up was not as bad as you might expect.


How amazing are these photos by Dez and Tam!!

We had a dance contest.  The birthday boy and two fun-loving adults got to be the judges.  We played three songs (which looking back could have probably only been 1 but these kids love to dance) and then declared a winner.  The winner got a CD of some of my son’s favorite dance music.


And then it was present opening time.  Isn’t this always the best part of any party?  Since it was a Lego themed party, rest assured he got about a trillion Lego sets and somehow we only got 1 duplicate.  But we had a BIG surprise for him.  He has been talking about the Lego Death Star set for a while now and one of our friends suggested that everyone coming to the party pitch in for it, you know, if they wanted to.  We didn’t force people to turn over their wallets to us as they entered the house.  So after all of the other presents had been opened, his dad brought out a very large box.  I’m pretty sure he knew immediately what it was.  He’s smart like that.


Look at that pure joy!!!  I loved watching this unfold!  He declared it the best day of his life.  He stood on a chair and thanked everyone profusely and then asked to open it.  Thank goodness the party was starting to wind down.  (P.S. his awesome shirt is by Mini and Maximus, one of our fave brands.  He almost wouldn’t wear it because he said he is the President of fun).

 These Lego heart necklaces were the favor that I gave the little girls who came to the party.  My mother in law helped me put all of these together.  Thank you, Marie!  The little boys were sent home with a Lego brick crayon and Minifigure and some Lego coloring pages.

There was a lot of fun had in this dance club.  Check out those big round awesome lights we had!  My husband’s friend owns a staging and lighting company and he let us borrow them for the party.  They changed color and totally made it seem more club like.  Thank you, Anthony!!

After all the guests left, we decided to have a simple dinner on the dance floor.  It was a really nice way to end the day.

The third photo from the top and the last 3 in the post were my photos.  All the rest were taken by Dez and Tam.  They just seriously continue to blow my mind in every way.  These are photos me and my family will cherish forever.  If you’ve never thought about having a photographer at your kid’s parties, you really should.  Your photos don’t have to only be focused on party decor and details.  A lot of what you don’t end up seeing are the amazing guest photos that are taken.  Most parties have tons of family so it is a great way to get really good, recent photos of everyone.  And to see the kids interact is amazing.  You should definitely contact Dez and Tam before your next party!!

Huge thank you to all my vendors:

Direct Edge Media :  Invitation printing (not shown – they still need to be photographed)

Hearts and Laserbeams : Lego and Dance posters

Meringue Bake Shop : Cupcakes and Whacky Cake

DPS : Dance Club Lights and Speakers

Dez and Tam:  World’s Best Photographers


*It’s about to get real, folks

I was working on this post when I found out that my grandmother passed.  I was very upset and when I pulled myself together and came back in to the room, I noticed my son sitting at the computer typing away.  I freaked out because I had been uploading all these photos for what seemed like hours.  And they appeared to be all gone.  Later, when I was a little more in control of my feelings, I decided to log back in to see how much work I would have to redo and this is what I found…

I love you to the moon and bak

Written by my sweet little 6 year old who knew I was hurting and wanted me to know that I was loved.  So of course I had to leave it because it was the sweetest thing ever.








A manly dessert table for Daniel Tosh!

So a few weeks ago I got a really fun opportunity to help decorate a manly dessert table.  Kristin, of Meringue Bake Shop, was contacted to do a dessert table for Daniel Tosh, as in Tosh.O, as in the funniest m effer on the planet who you feel bad about liking because he is so politically incorrect that you feel like just by liking him you could lose your job or have to go to confession.  She called me to brainstorm ideas and of course I had to worm my way in to actually doing the table.
Here is the adorable Kristin and her husband, Lyle, in the background.  Besides being awesome, she makes the most amazing desserts.  Lyle and Kristin are big fans of Daniel Tosh and I was super excited for her to get a chance to do a fun table for him.  The table was to be for the wrap party, as it was the last night of his nationwide tour.
Kristin pretty much let me go to town on this manly dessert table, although I always checked in with her to make sure that she approved of all the elements since her name was on the table.  We found that great striped fabric from IKEA and used a lot of wood, cement and natural elements for the decor.  Jenny of Hank and Hunt recreated the stripey pattern for us digitally so I could use it for tags, signs, etc.  Have I mentioned how rad she is?  How cool are those white porcelain succulents that Kristin found?!
MMMMMMmmmmmm.  Kristin’s salted caramel cupcakes and Push Cakes are one of my favorite flavors she makes.  Ridiculously tasty.
Macaroons…yum!  I was not a fan of chocolate covered marshmallows as a dessert table feature until I tasted these.  Whatever chocolate she used was exceptional and she coated that with graham cracker crumbs.  Yeah.  So good.  Let me take a moment to tell you about the mini pies.  These mini pies haunt me.  They are the best pies that I have ever had.  And I want them all the time.  For real.  They are made by hand and I wish that I could send these around the country so everyone can taste them.  Push Cakes are always a show stopper and I am sure they were very well received.  And although I have never met a crispy treat that I didn’t like, somehow Kristin manages to make them even better.  If you haven’t used Meringue Bake Shop for your party treats yet, you need to.  You will NOT be disappointed.
Thanks for letting me be a part of this super fun experience Kristin!  Even if we didn’t get to meet him.
All photos mine


Neon and Neutral Party {So Glad You Were Born!}

Neon and neutral are the perfect colors for a party.  You may remember that I entered a contest a while back in an effort to win treats for a party I wanted to throw for my friend, Erika.  I didn’t win, but decided to throw the party anyway.  It can be really hard to figure out a theme for an adult birthday party.  So I went with a color theme instead.  I am beyond grateful that the amazingly talented Jackie Culmer, photographer extraordinaire, said she could come and take some pictures before the guests arrived.  If you haven’t checked out my post of one of Jackie’s parties from a few days ago, go see it now!
{See the original inspiration board for this party.}
Along with the color scheme, I decided to use the letter “E” all around to further personalize the event for the guest of honor.  I was able to make large letters for big visual impact while still being able to keep the costs down by purchasing small sheets of Styrofoam and conning one of my best party resources (my dad) in to cutting them out on his saw.  A few coats of spray paint were all they needed.  We also reused some plywood from a previous party to make some of the smaller ones.  And instead of calling it a birthday party, I decided to instead use “So Glad You Were Born,” which is directly inspired by Shanna Murray’s poster on Oh Happy Day.
These are my girls!!!  Love them.  We are very rarely in the same place altogether (Kayla, second from the right lives in Texas) so to have a photo with them was very special.  The birthday girl, Erika is on the end on the right and Taryn, right next to me (in my fave $10 H&M dress – I can’t quit you!), was ridiculously gracious in opening up her home for us to use.
This is my favorite party to date.  I know I say that about all of them but this one was ridiculously fun and personal.  I created little vignettes around the party space of all the things she loves or that remind us of her.  And they all had to fit the neon and neutral scheme because I am that OCD.  Erika is a woman of Christ so I decided to share that with a neon yellow cross (which would look kind of awesome hanging in a home I think).  She is also a lover of the 80’s so I created a custom “cootie” catcher in her honor.  Under the flaps were 80’s dances that she had to do when she landed on them.  We only pulled that out after all the guests were gone and it was just closest friends.  Although she would have done it with the party in full swing.  That is why we love Erika.  For other pops of color I used tall cylinder vases filled with neon pink ‘Easter Grass’ (I’m calling it that because I have no idea what that stuff is actually called…) and topped it with an air plant.  In other areas I put flowers in empty glass jars I had collected and spray painted on stripes in neon yellow and pink to jazz them up.
Erika loves office supplies and spreadsheets so what better way to show that than with spray painted calculators and erasers.
Yes, that is a neon pink fondue pot.  Thanks for asking.  And check out the bling on those skates!  I did NOT do that, btw.  All Erika!  She is full of child-like wonder and joy and so I asked her if I could borrow the skates.  I put them along side some bright yellow bubbles and we were all set.
It was literally one hundred bazillion degrees that day so we kept food crazy simple.  Pretzels and kettle corn were set out for a little snack and we had a company come and set up smoothies and funnel cakes.  I am not at liberty to say which company we used as they were quite awful and I don’t want to recommend them to anyone.  But I will say, they may have been a screaming deal, but you get what you pay for…
Anyone interested in a sugar cookie bake off?  Because Taryn has the best recipe.  And she will go to blows over it.
I wanted a way to share some photos and mementos from Erika’s life and needed a simple way to display them.  I found these two really large frames at a thrift store and used cording to wrap them.  Anyone else a Fanadu (meaning you have an irrational love for the disco movie Xanadu)?  No?  Just Erika, then?
I borrowed some photo albums and memory books from Erika a few weeks before the party.  I pulled out some of the best treasures I could find, including her DMV written test from when she was 15, report cards and school photos, scanned them and then using neon colored zip ties attached them to the cording.
We did two versions of a guest book for her.  The traditional writing of sentimental message on a card sort as well as a personalized plate.  You can find the enamel paint pens at your local craft store.  I had really wanted to do something like that since seeing Lauren’s tutorial.
I really love how these books turned out.  I spray painted them and created silly book titles that also represent the guest of honor.  And now I need to give a huge shout out to Ms. Jenny of Hank and Hunt.  She came up with the cool patterns in neon and a neutral that you saw around the party on pennant banners.  She created the banner that hung behind the pool that lead to the look of all the other signage at the party.  And to top that off, she created water bottle labels and cupcake flags.  Boom.  And guess what?!  She is going to share them with you!  Jenny is the best!!!
Huge thank you to Jackie Culmer for taking such amazing photos.  I can’t wait to work with her again!  Huge thank you to Kristin of Meringue Bake Shop for creating a really fun splatter paint cake (of which I promptly forgot in the fridge) and cupcakes.  My parties would not be complete without my father and his super talented skills.  Thanks, dad!  And of course thank you to Taryn for the use of her house and for helping me with some of the crafting.  Oh and to you, spray paint – you’re my heart.  What would I be without you?
All photos by Jackie Culmer

Three Little Birds Adorable Bob Marley-themed 3rd Birthday Party by Jackie Culmer

Maybe it is because my family is infatuated with Rastamouse ever since we saw it on YouTube last week.  Maybe it was because I had a very brief phase where I wanted to dreadlocks, wore a lot of red, yellow and green and bought incense (from the swap meet) in high school.  Or maybe because it is just freaking awesome but I had to share the most adorable kid’s birthday party that I came across the other day.  Not only is Jackie Culmer a kick-ass photographer (I will be sharing the pics she shot at my neon and neutral bday party on Wednesday!) but she also rocks the house with her party design.  
This is absolute perfection for me.  The theme is totally original, casual and cool.  The graphic design is crisp and fresh.  
It is the perfect balance of kid and adult friendly and is styled without being fussy or too themey.
And what music inspired party would be complete without a cd favor?  I want one!!! 
Check out the rest of the party on Jackie’s blog, The Silver Spoon and Paper Plate.  And check out what she did last Halloween while you are there here, here and here.  
She knocked my socks off with the photos she took for my party a month ago, can’t wait to share!!! 
all photos via Jackie Culmer

Wrap Up – Ziggy Stardust Space Party

This is the last post about the party.  I mean it.  I hope this gives an overall feel of the party for those who can’t handle my long winded, oddly categorized previous posts.  I can’t even get over the beautiful photography done by Dez and Tam.  I am in LOVE with their style and they are literally the nicest family I have ever met.  If you are considering family portraits I highly recommend them!  Check out their site to see their past work and I know you will be convinced!  And I know I put on a more detailed kid’s party than most, but I would encourage you to hire them for your next party too.  I can’t tell you how relaxed I was that day knowing I would get to these two crazy talented people were capturing all the memories for me.  Thank you Dez and Tam! (and little Riley too!  Their son is the cutest and sweetest little boy ever!)  
All photos by Dez and Tam except the fabric flowers and the metal stud. 
Cake and Push Cakes by Meringue Bake Shop
Ziggy Stardust Space Party – over and out. 

Ziggy Stardust Inspired Space 5th Birthday Party – Part 4

Often my parties have a unique theme which the guests may or may not know about.  I usually try to put info around for guests to find throughout the party.

The only thing O wanted for his party was a bounce house.  But our backyard isn’t big enough for one and so I thought it wasn’t going to work out.  Then our friends, Jimmy and Vanessa, offered their small bounce to use!  O was SO happy.  A HUGE thank you to them!  
Since my son is really in to music and because Ziggy Stardust is a rock star, I decided to set out all the toy musical instruments we had for the kids to play with.

This is sweet K.  If you look behind her you can see my fabric backdrop that I put up for the kids to jam in front of.  You can just barely make out the other feather garland made by Jenny.  How rad are K’s nails? 
photo by me
Here is a picture of Jenny’s garland I took after the party.  How gorgeous and fun are all those feathers?  These garlands must have taken her forever and I am so grateful that she made them for me!!!

I saw these masks in random blog posts around the web after I started planning the party.  I knew I had to have them.  Here is the link.  They print out small, pretty much kid sized, so if you want them for adults you need to blow them up a little. 
I decided that we needed to do another smash cake like the one we did for my other son’s party.  I asked Kristin of Meringue Bake Shop to make it this time because I wanted it to be way cuter than the other. :) It turned out super cute.
So you make a small cake, cut a hole out of the center then fill it with candy.  Then you cover the cake with a dome made of chocolate.  Then you give the kid a hammer and…
And the kids go wild!  I then cut the cake and let the kids go to town.  I don’t provide plates or silverware.  Its a free for all. 
It is one of my favorite party surprises.  This cake was vegan and the candy was friendly to O’s allergies.  
I’m going to wrap up the party tomorrow with a collage that will hopefully share the feeling of the whole party and since I know that some people don’t enjoy such long posts as all of them from this week, then they will have a quick post too.  Probably should have posted that first…whatevs.
All photos by Dez and Tam