Birthday Gift Ideas

Someone buy these things for me okay? \\  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comMy birthday is this weekend!!  Yeah!!  I have no real plans at this point aside from a date night with my hubby.  This year doesn’t feel like it requires a crazy big celebration.  It does however, require a pedicure.  Here are some birthday gift ideas you all can buy for me.

Birthday Gift Ideas

A clutch that screams my name  .  a new sunbrella to keep me shady   .  cool shoes for my feet  .  this super fun picnic  basket/box  .  it’s time to start working on my summer wardrobe and this dress should be part of that  .  and this dress – I wear the heck out my other Novella Royale pieces and I love this print  .  and this fantastic gold tray wants to be in my house.

(You may notice that the link for the shoes is different from the shoe shown.  My husband explained that they change out their selection frequently.  And I’m too lazy to redo my collage.  And in fact I like the shoes in the link even better.)

See last year’s birthday post here.  It’s insightful.  I promise.


Cute Umbrellas for Rain or Shine

Cute umbrellas for rain or shineIt rained this week!  You may not understand the shock of this as it is fall, after all.  But just two days prior to the rain it was 90 degrees and its a few days after and the temperature is rising again.  What the heck, weather!?!  Either way I pretty much need an umbrella.  I’ve realized that floppy hats are not protecting my skin when I walk to school to get my son and I’ve graduated to umbrellas.  I was very resistant at first but then it hit me…its another way to accessorize an outfit!  So I decided to take a look for some super cute ones.  Which do you  love?  I’m dying for the 3rd option (pun potentially intended).

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