Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Float

Blood orange gin float with rosemary stir stick. Oh yeah.  These Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Floats are perfect for spring.  These would fit perfectly in an Easter Brunch and work just as well in the evening as a before dinner drink.  Yes I said before dinner.  Sorbet is acceptable any time of day, don’t you know.

Make a pretty float with sorbet and gin and tonic. If you love gin and tonics, then you will love this drink.  And the blood orange sorbet adds such a nice sweetness.  I’m pretty new to the gin and tonic game.  The addition of the sorbet sort of eased me in to the somewhat unusual (to me) taste of the gin.  I really like trying out new spirits so it was fun playing around with this.

Tonic and bood orange sorbet make a yummy gin float.This small batch tonic is meant to be used with soda water but you could certainly sub this out for regular tonic water.  And you could also switch out the blood orange sorbet for another flavor.  I think raspberry might be quite nice.

meyer lemons are everything to me. The real game changer, for me though, is the Meyer lemon.  I LOVE me some Meyer lemons.  It really made rounded out this drink for me.  I’m sure a regular lemon would work fine too, or lime juice, but Meyer lemons have my heart.  And that rosemary sprig acts as a fun stir stick for as the sorbet melts in to the drink.  It goes really well with the botanical notes of the gin.  I totally sound like I know what I’m talking about don’t I?

Gin floats with blood orange sorbet and rosemary. And this drink is just so pretty, right?  Are you a gin and tonic drinker?  Are you a sorbet eater?  Then this drink is for you.  These would also be perfect for Mother’s Day don’t you think?

Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Float


  • 1 - 1 1/2 oz or your favorite Gin
  • .75 oz of Jack Rudy tonic
  • One scoop of blood orange sorbet (or other flavor)
  • Juice of 1/2 - 1 Meyer lemon
  • One sprig of fresh rosemary
  • Club Soda (to top off drink)


  1. To a glass, add one scoop of your favorite sorbet.
  2. Add gin and tonic.
  3. Top off with soda water.
  4. Take rosemary sprig in your hand give it a clap to release some oils.
  5. Add rosemary sprig to glass and stir.
  6. Continue to stir as the sorbet melts.

Gin floats are perfect for spring.Are you a fan of herbs in your cocktail?  I absolutely am.  And for spring, fresh herbs in cocktails is where it’s at.  Enjoy!  And as always, please drink responsibly.


Muffin Top Chronicles: What I ate this week

So it has come to my pants and my attention that I no longer possess will power.  My sweet tooth runs my show and I have an insatiable urge to snack.  Like, all day.  Which is new.  I never used to be a snacker.  So while I decided that I am on the way to fatsville and need to add working out (What the eff, middle age.  Remember when I could eat moderately and not work out and although I couldn’t model bikinis I could work a shortish dress with no unsightly sausage thighs?) I also decided to share what I eat.  I have to face it.  I love good food.  Good food can mean two different things.  Either it means it tastes really good or it is better, more healthy, for you – and still tastes good.  Join me on my journey won’t you?

I won an ice cream maker at the end of last summer and hadn’t used it yet.  So with the boys out of school for summer I decided it was finally time.  The egg and milk allergy really hinders the ice cream process.  But then I found this recipe for 4 ingredient Ice Cream by Two Peas and Their Pod and my world has been rocked.  You guys, this is SO GOOD, super creamy!  And so easy.  I will be making this again and also modifying to try other flavors.  My son loved it!  Coconut milk is good fat, right?  Isn’t that what THEY say?

After my personal chef experience in Palm Springs I knew that I would be eating this chocolate avocado pudding again.  It is natural, it is rich, yummy and satisfying.  And I know there are fats in it but whatevs.  The heart wants what it wants.

A while back our friend made lemon sorbet.  It was delicious.  My oldest son liked it and he usually won’t eat anything citrus flavored.  So I stole some lemons from my parent’s tree and made this recipe.  It did not disappoint.  What did disappoint is that I turned stupid the two times I have used my ice cream maker.  When I moved my fresh, frozen treats to a plastic container to freeze, I absent-mindedly placed the containers in the fridge instead of the freezer.  Two different times on two different days.  The first time I caught myself within minutes.  But color me surprised when I went looking for the sorbet to eat and it was really lemon soup in the fridge.  I ate it anyway.  Don’t judge.

On the flip side, for all the desserts I have been eating, I am also OBSESSED with roasted brussels sprouts.  I’ve been making them every 3 days.  I’ve been changing up the recipe a bit you know, so it doesn’t get weird.  My fave way is with bacon and a bit of maple syrup.  But on account of because I have been eating so much of it, I’ve taken out the bacon and added a touch of strawberry balsamic vinegar to add some sweetness.  I’ve also warned my husband if I develop some odd medical ailment to first look to my excessive sprouts consumption.

My sister found these taquitos on pinterest.  They are a lot of work.  For me, not your average human.  I am a very lazy cook.  I have half a mind to casserole this.  But the first time we ate it my husband threw around flippant terms like, “best thing I’ve ever had” and “oh my gosh these are the best things I’ve ever had.”  I’ll probably keep rolling these for the time being.  They really are good and they hold up great as leftovers.

I don’t like turkey.  And I really don’t like ground turkey.  There are two recipes using it that I like.  One of them is this Teriyaki Turkey stir fry from Rachael Ray.  I don’t usually serve it in a lettuce wrap, but over rice instead.  This is SUPER easy, SUPER tasty and I like to think it is a little bit healthy.  I always add frozen edamame and this last time I even added broccoli.  It is really versatile and you can change it up based on your family’s preferences.  I try to make my own teriyaki sauce to keep the sugar and salt lower but the bottled is really convenient.

So that is what has been big on my table this week.  I’ve decided that every cellulite dimple tells a story and I’m going to share them with you.  No, not my cellulite.  What I’m eating.  Are you on Pinterest?  Follow my “Get in my belly” board to see what I’m finding tempting.  You can also follow my “Drink Up” board as there are tons of delicious looking summer cocktails there.  You can follow my “beautiful food” board but I am never going to make those recipes.  They are just super pretty to look at.  You know, like David Beckham.

Photo Credits:

Gothic Eaters 

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Lemon Sorbet

Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Teriyaki Turkey









Ciao Bella Sorbet Champagne Cocktails

image by Dez and Tam Photography

Today is the perfect day for a Ciao Bella Sorbet Champagne Cocktail don’t you think?  All this week I will be posting about the bridal shower I recently threw for Lauren.  I thought I would start out on holiday Monday, in case you haven’t planned your BBQ for this afternoon already.  You should still have plenty of time to run out and find some Ciao Bella Sorbet for your afternoon cocktail (can be found at most grocery stores – you can even sign up for a coupon here).  These sorbet champagne cocktails couldn’t have been more perfect for the shower.  The day turned out to be about one trillion degrees.  This cool and fruity drink was the best blend of girly and sophisticated for such a memorable occasion.

All you have to do is put a small (or large if no one is looking) scoop in to a champagne flute – or heck, a plastic cup.  Then you top it with your favorite champagne or sparkling wine.  It is super refreshing and exactly what you need to be drinking on a hot holiday.  And all summer long.  What I love about the Ciao Bella Sorbet flavors is that they pack tons of flavor but are not overly sweet.  I have posted about them before.  They really do make amazing cocktails.  See more recipes on the Ciao Bella website!