Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Float

Oh yeah.  These Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Floats are perfect for spring.  These would fit perfectly in an Easter Brunch and work just as well in the evening as a before dinner drink.  Yes I said before dinner.  Sorbet is acceptable any time of day, don’t you know. If you love gin and tonics, then…

Muffin Top Chronicles: What I ate this week

So it has come to my pants and my attention that I no longer possess will power.  My sweet tooth runs my show and I have an insatiable urge to snack.  Like, all day.  Which is new.  I never used to be a snacker.  So while I decided that I am on the way to…

Ciao Bella Sorbet Champagne Cocktails

Today is the perfect day for a Ciao Bella Sorbet Champagne Cocktail don’t you think?  All this week I will be posting about the bridal shower I recently threw for Lauren.  I thought I would start out on holiday Monday, in case you haven’t planned your BBQ for this afternoon already.  You should still have…