Birthday Gift Ideas

Someone buy these things for me okay? \\  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comMy birthday is this weekend!!  Yeah!!  I have no real plans at this point aside from a date night with my hubby.  This year doesn’t feel like it requires a crazy big celebration.  It does however, require a pedicure.  Here are some birthday gift ideas you all can buy for me.

Birthday Gift Ideas

A clutch that screams my name  .  a new sunbrella to keep me shady   .  cool shoes for my feet  .  this super fun picnic  basket/box  .  it’s time to start working on my summer wardrobe and this dress should be part of that  .  and this dress – I wear the heck out my other Novella Royale pieces and I love this print  .  and this fantastic gold tray wants to be in my house.

(You may notice that the link for the shoes is different from the shoe shown.  My husband explained that they change out their selection frequently.  And I’m too lazy to redo my collage.  And in fact I like the shoes in the link even better.)

See last year’s birthday post here.  It’s insightful.  I promise.


A Perfect Instagram Moment

dirty-side-of-blogging-logoA beautifully styled instagram post by A Fabulous FeteI am SO happy to have Lauren on the blog today.  You see that perfectly perfect, styled photo above?  Lauren puts out the most gorgeous Instagram photos.  Style just comes so naturally to her.  But guess what is just outside even her perfect shot…

This is what is just outside of a perfectly styled instagram photo by A Fabulous Fete.See the red shoes on top of  the white dresser below the window?  That is the beginning stages of a perfectly lovely shoe shot.  I totally appreciate Lauren sharing this with me.  I love that we can all keep it really real.

Do any of you have photos of your dirty side of blogging?  I’m taking submissions!  Email me!  cupcakesandcutlery at gmail dot com.


Shop Tobi

I’m in full on shopping mode as I start to prepare for Alt Summit next month.  I just came across this site, Tobi,  and there are a ton of cute things on here.  Although the models look like they could use a sandwich or two, I know there are items that would look good on my average grown up woman body.  The prices are great too.


These are a few of my faves from the site.  Those leopard sandals are just begging to be on my feet.  And I just know that stripey headband would be adorable on my head.  I hope someone leaves me money under the Christmas tree.  AND the entire site is 40% off until December 30, 2013.  What what!  Sign up with your email and get 50% off your first order!  Even better!

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5 Great Shoes for Fall

sole-society-shoes-for-fallI’m feeling like I have no shoes at the moment.  I’ve been wearing my black Toms.  Too much.  I kind of consider them the sweatpants of shoes.  So if I won’t leave the house in sweatpants because I feel sloppy, why would I let my feet leave that way?  I do have some cute sandals that I picked up this summer but with the weather turning colder, I need my toes to be a little more snuggly.  I can totally still get away with wearing the Jamie flat (#2) right now.  It is still regularly reaching in to the 80’s here.  But the Hadley (#3) and Ameilee (#1) will be great transition shoes for me.  While I do have a pair of black booties, the Kelsa (#4) has a little more style.  And I can’t get over the fat heel on Gilia (#5).  This would give me the look of the heel without the teetering of a stiletto.  I just became a fan of Sole Society.  The prices are great and they are a one stop shop for shoes and accessories.  Have you ever ordered from them before?  Which pair should I get?!

sole society image

*This post contains affiliate links.  Read more about my editorial policies here.