Craziest Restaurants in America

Company 77 firetruck for the best parties in Southern California.I’m so excited to finally share something super fun that happened over spring break! My son and I had the opportunity to throw a double birthday party (our birthdays are 2 days apart) with Company 77 for the whole neighborhood. And even more fun? It was filmed for a new show on Food Network called Craziest Restaurants in America! The show aired last night. You have to check it out! If you click on the link, it shows when the episode will be airing again. The episode is called “Too Hot to Handle” and they count down the top 5 “hottest” places. Our fire truck pizza party is number 4.

Company 77 found out they were going to be filmed and asked for help putting a party together. It was last-minute but I was able to pull off a really fun party for 50 friends and neighbors. And since we are BIG fans of theirs, of course we said yes!

Pizza from Company 77 firetruck food truck. The best idea for birthday parties in Southern California! This is not our first time having Company 77 for a party. You can check out my son’s 3rd birthday party here. And it won’t be our last. The pizza is delicious, the staff is crazy amazing and the kids and adults LOVE it! The neighborhood has already discussed getting it again!

Birthday party with Company 77 pizza firetruck. Watch it on Food Network's new show Craziest Restaurants in America.The truck is set up for the kid’s to play on it. There is even a photo booth! The atmosphere at this party was so much fun! I love that neighbors that you didn’t invite always come out to have a look. It really brings people together in such a fun way! Please excuse the food in my son’s mouth but I think this photo is so funny and perfectly sums up the energy.

Firetruck Pizza Food Truck. Company 77 in Southern California. Most parties end with the kid's getting sprayed! And each Company 77 party usually ends with the kids getting sprayed with the fire hose. They love it!

Our birthday party was filmed for Food Network's new show called Craziest Restaurants in America! And to have it all filmed was so much fun! It will be airing a bunch so be sure to catch an episode! Thank you to Company 77 for having us be part of this super fun experience!


Salami and Peperoncini Pizza

I’d like to just take a second to acknowledge the fact that this is my 1,000th post.  Wow!  Do they make a card for that?  I’d also like to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

I took my favorite sandwich and turned it in to a sandwich.  Salami and pepperoncini with a garlic butter sauce.  Make it. I’ve been meaning to post this Salami and Peperoncini pizza recipe for a while now.  I basically took my favorite sandwich, that my grandmother used to make for us, and turned it in to a pizza.  So I would keep buying the ingredients, and then my family would eat them all up, in sandwich form, before I could try this out!  The nerve.  But I finally timed it just right so I could actually give it a try.

This pizza is super simple and super tasty. Haters gonna hate but I love Boboli.  It is the perfect way to make making homemade pizzas even easier.  I love that it never gets soggy.  I love the flavor and I love that it lets me be sort of lazy.  And I also love that it is a little breadier than others which I think works perfect in this case since this is based on a sandwich anyway.  The only real prep work I had to do for this was cut the onion which is optional anyway.

This store-bought garlic butter makes a perfect base for a nontraditional pizza.I looked around online trying to find a garlic-buttery sauce to make for the base.  But then I saw the garlic and herb flavor Saute Express when I was at the store and decided to give that a shot.  It worked perfectly.  (This is not in any way sponsored.  I just think this was a great addition to the pizza.  It is also the only way I have ever used this product so I can’t vouch for how it works the way it was intended).

I heart pre made pizza crusts.  They are perfect for easy weeknight meals.  I just melted the garlic and herb butter and spread it on the crust.

A fun twist on pizza night.  Salami and pepper pizza with garlic butter. And then I layered on the ingredients.  I used an Italian cheese mix that included provolone (which is what the sandwiches are usually made with).  The peperoncinis were pre-sliced, I just drained them a second on a paper towel.  And then I added the sliced red onion to half the pizza so I could try it with and without.  The onions are the one ingredient that I would sometimes leave off my sandwich and sometimes leave on.  On this particular day I was pretty indifferent to them.  But I tell you what, I ate that whole pizza.  On a side note I think I have a minor food allergy to onions.  Self diagnosed of course.  But if I have a minor headache and then eat onions it never goes away no matter what I take.  And sometimes I think they give me a headache.  WTF onions?

Salami and pepper pizza with garlic butter sauce.Would you ever try this?  Or are you a pizza purist?  I am totally in to nontraditional pizzas but the rest of my family…not so much.  In the future I should probably make this on the individual sized crusts so I don’t end up in a carb coma.

Salami and Pepperoncini pizza.  So good! This is good.  Real good.  I will be making this again.

FYI, this recipe is super vague.

Salami and Peperoncini Pizza


  • One pizza crust (I used Boboli but can be homemade or another brand of pre-made crust)
  • One cube Garlic and Herb flavored Saute Express (or homemade garlic butter sauce - find your own dang recipe...)
  • Package of sliced Salami (I use the prepackaged kind but your deli counter will also have some)
  • Up to 2 cups of shredded Italian cheese mix with provolone (the mix usually also includes mozzarella, and asiago plus one or two others)
  • Sliced peperoncinis (Found by the pickles - the ones I use are by Mezzetta and say "Deli-Sliced Golden Greek Peperoncini
  • Red onion, thinly sliced.


  1. Preheat oven to 400 ish degrees (as per instructions on your pizza crust. If you are making a homemade crust I might par bake it before putting on the toppings.)
  2. Melt one cube of Garlic and Herb flavored Saute Express.
  3. Brush or spoon garlic butter on to pizza crust.
  4. Top with Italian cheese mix (up to 2 cups - your preference)
  5. Top with salami slices, sliced peperoncini and red onion if you are using.
  6. Bake until melty and golden in spots.