Easy Party Hat Headband Tutorial

easy party hat headbandsI love a good party hat, don’t you?  But I thought they could also be cute when done as headbands.  These could be made before a party, ready for the guests, or done as an activity at the party.  And I love the versatility that fabric gives you in terms of look and texture but you could easily do these with paper.  The next question is, which one do you want to put on your noggin? Here is the easy party hat headband tutorial.

easy party hat headbandsAll of the supplies were found at my local craft supply store that carries fabric (Jo-Ann).  If you haven’t worked with Phoomph yet, you HAVE to!  I freaking love it!  (see it in other tutorials here {the HBD sign} and here).  It really gives body to fabric making it work in all kinds of new ways.  Genius.  So pick up your favorite fabric combos, some elastic and Phoomph, then grab your scissors and glue gun and you are all set.

using phoomph with fabricPhoomph is sticky on both sides.  All you have to do is peel the backing off and it is ready to go.

gold and blue batik fabricSmooth on whatever fabrics you want for your party hats then cut off the excess material.  Since the hats rise a bit over the crown of the head, I did a different fabric on the back side as well.  You could easily get 8 hats out of one sheet of Phoomph.

draw on party hat shapeNext you get your talented friend to draw the hat shape son free hand.  If you are like me and you can’t draw to save your life (no, quite literally, if your life ever depended on me winning a game of Pictionary – well, it was nice knowing you, friend) then just find a template online that you can trace.

different party hat shapesAnd just about any shape would work.  I kind of have a thing for crowns.  That is why there are so many of that kind.  But I also really love the simplicity of the triangular party hat shape.  The choice is yours.  You can get with this, or you can get with that (old school rap reference, anyone?…)

adhere party hat to head bandYou make the headband part by hot glueing the elastic ends together, totally easy.  Except for that because of the open weave elastic the hot glue came oozing out all over my fingers.  Whoops.  And ouch.  Since that part looks messy, that is where you will want to glue the crown or party hat shape.

leopard print stripes and goldAnd there you have it.  I probably should have shot these hats in more of a party situation.  But what says party time better than not wearing a shirt?  And if you have children, or have ever tried to take a picture of children when they don’t want to then you know what a feat getting this shot of three little boys together was.  I even decided to let my son’s hideous DJ tank top slide.  Pick your battles, people.

leaopard-crown-head-bandCute, right?

n-jumpingThese hats totally make you fly.  (*Disclaimer:  These hats don’t really make you fly).


black-and-white-striped-crownLook at that wonky front tooth!  He would absolutely not let us touch it, even though it was pointing straight out!

party-hat-headband-with-rhinestoneSo, in conclusion, you should totally make these easy Party Had Headbands.  The head’s of your party guests will thank you.