Easy Gift Giving with Store Bought Treats

*This post is sponsored by Rich’s Products as part of the Bakery Because “Give the gift of deliciousness” campaign.
Easy gift giving with store bought treatsIf you know me well, you know that I over think everything.  Often, I get an idea and it spirals out of control until it is so big, and such a production that I don’t have the energy to do it anymore.  But if I can get out of my own head, I can simplify things and not lose the intention behind it.  Take for instance, sweet treats.  I love sugar.  And most other people do too.  But I don’t need to spend days baking special treats to show someone my appreciation or love.  Store bought treats are there for me, ready to use.  While they might be a little plain for my liking, all it takes is a moment to jazz them up and put a little “me” in it.

cinnamon-rolls-and-sugar-cookiesYour local grocery store’s bakery section is an untapped resource.  For real.  Mine has a crazy amount of baked goods, decorated cakes, cookies, and even accessories (the coolest candles and sprinkles!)  So why not embrace it and take some of the stress off of yourself.  And guess what else?  These things taste amazing!

use duct tape and cardstock to create cookie pouchesI decided to pick up some goodies and give them a little repacking makeover.  All I needed was some cardstock and Duck tape to get me started.  Super easy.

store bought cookies are perfect for gifting to othersThese little cookie pouches were really quick to make and I LOVE how they look!  Who wouldn’t want to get a bright pink cookie package?

Repackage store bought treats to share the love easilyI used plain cookies and then picked up other supplies at the store to create individual cookie decorating gifts.  For no other reason than to make someone’s day.  But of course these would work as Valentine’s too.  But guess what?  The store also has frosted cookies!  Instead of these kits, you could just pop the pre-decorated cookies in clear cello bags – letting their cuteness show through.  Even easier.


Stylecology – Plan your next party in style

Stylecology is an online store that offers stylish and unique accessories, gifts and products for every phase of life but also is the perfect place to browse for your wedding supplies. They have a variety of hostess and baby gift options, jewelry, home decor and more but it is also a place I bet you haven’t thought to look when designing a party.

Their wedding section is ripe with great party items. Sure, you might not need table numbers for your next fete but these darling peacock seals and favor tags are a must. (other styles available) Set of 25 for $42.

Who doesn’t love this old-fashioned one gallon candy jar? So cute. And the price at $13.32 (price break at 4) is very reasonable. Compared to how much some places charge for the apothecary jars, this is a steal! Oh and Stylecology sells some bulk candy too (by color!).

This glass plate ($29) is billed as a sign-on guest plate. I think it would make a perfect serving tray. Could this by my next inspiration board challenge piece? Because my head is swimming with possibilities.
Looking for personalized ribbon? You can find it here a bevy of colors. Not only can you take care of favors for your bridal shower or bachelorette party, but you can also package them up beautifully. They have dozens of options for boxes and bags but I’m partial to their small cloth bags. So cute!
Ribbon wands ($5.50 each), created by Mary Dann, aren’t just for weddings any more. They come in several colors and I happen to know several little girls who love to have these at their next birthday parties.
These votive wraps $2.29 each (set of 24) are a stylish option for adding a little special touch to your event. The available designs are very.
There are great baby gifts, items you are going to want for your home, the most beautiful wrapped soaps. This post doesn’t even begin to showcase all that Stylecology has to offer. Check them out for yourself.
Follow them on twitter (@Stylecology) for daily discounts.
All photos via Stylecology

Tape, But Not Tacky

There are some things I am a total perfectionist about. Of course, they are never the things you would think of. Like, I’m not really a perfectionist when it comes to getting to work on time or making sure my daughter’s clothes match her shoes. And I’m not really a perfectionist when it comes to doing dishes or folding laundry. And I guess I’m not really a perfectionist when it comes to making dinner or cleaning the bathroom….So, OK…the point is…when it comes to planning a party…THAT’S WHEN those perfectionist qualities kick in. Like, I really really really enjoy it when things match. When a party flows together and the details all just sort of look like they were always meant to be there. I love for things to have a consistency and not just be thrown together. Which is why I will spend hours the night before a shower putting tiny colored stickers on the ends of the skewers being used for the chocolate fondue. Or why I will buy six different colored labels looking for the one that will be the exact right match for the patterned paper on the invitations. (I prefer the word perfectionist…as I know some of you might be reading this right now and thinking I’m sounding more like a crazy person….however, I say perfectionist…so we’re going to go with that.) Anyhow…it can be really hard sometimes to get details worked out in a way that everything looks like a matched set. So here’s an idea for you. Why not pick up some packing tape (you heard that right, packing tape!) from Tape Swell. The tape is just $7 a roll (plus $3 if you would like a matching canister) or $20 for matching sets. Use this to wrap around envelopes, create napkin rings, or add a runner to your table. Or get creative – use the tape to create a “mat” for photos, or to jazz up plain paper bags to put your favors in. There are no end to the options. And for $7 a roll? It’s a steal! Check out all their designs at www.tapeswell.com today – and let your perfectionist qualities and obession about matching details do the rest!

A Sweet 2nd Birthday!

Next weekend is the big shindig. A double birthday party for my friend’s 5 year old boy, E, and 2 year old darling little girl, K. But, K’s actual birthday fell on this past Saturday. T wanted to do something small for her since all of the other extended family members were busy so I volunteered to put together a little party for her and a few of the neighbor kids. I sort of feel like I am cheating on Paper and Cake here, but I used another company’s down loadable party!!! How could I!! But actually, the one that I used, from Happy Papers, was the very first downloaded table scape that I bought. I have been dying to use it and it turned out so cute. I thought it would be perfect with a little cupcake decorating. I purchased 6 unfrosted cupcakes from a new bakery I found, Layer Cake Bakery, as well as three different colors of frosting. I put the party hats together and made cupcake picks. I put two colors of frosting in to squeeze bottles that I purchased through Garnish and put out chocolate and butterscotch chips and pink sprinkles. The kids took turns using the frostings and decorated the cupcakes with a very heavy hand. Garnish has the greatest cardboard trays that worked perfect!!! for catching all the excess candy that fell off the cupcakes. I highly recommend them for your parties. It was a very short party as the kids enjoyed their creations just as soon as they were done decorating (or rather, the bowls of candy were empty). The few leftover cupcakes were put in to small white gable boxes (Garnish rocks!) to be sent home with the neighbor kids. This party was super easy to put together, really inexpensive and totally adorable. Happy Birthday K!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it together

There is still a chance A might post today, but I saw this and wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. You may remember our posts on the awesomeness (totally a word) of tape here and here. Well, there are some pretty cool ones on sale today at Delight.com. Go check them out. A and I still plan on decorating an entire party with tape, but for now just think about how cute you can wrap a package!! I know with a 3 year old, I have to wrap presents at warp speed to ensure that a) he doesn’t cut off a finger, any hair, his brother’s eyelashes with the scissors, b) he doesn’t try to “wax” the hair off my arms with unusually sticky Scotch tape, c) he doesn’t wrap himself up in my very expensive, but expertly designed wrapping paper into a “baby burrito.” So lately, I have started wrapping everything in kraft paper and if there is time, slapping on a sticky bow. But just think of how cute that kraft paper could look with these decorative tapes!!! Check them out!


Stuck on You

For some reason I knew that I wanted to use this title for this post, yet now I can’t get the cheesy Lionel Richie lyrics out of my head. I apologize in advance if seeing this post invokes those same memories for you.

I realize I talk a lot about my kids on this blog but you need to realize that outside of my job and the once in a blue moon that I actually sit down to write here….my kids and the hubbie are pretty much what I’ve got going on. That said, so I was sitting here the other day watching my son decorate himself. Have you ever seen a little kid get sticker happy like this? Well it made me laugh anyway. These were itty bitty little happy face stickers and my son must have stuck, oh…maybe two or three dozen of them to himself. And he was SOOO happy about it. And then I thought, you know, that never really goes away, does it? I still love stickers. Okay, so maybe mine don’t have Dora or Spiderman all over them but I love them just the same. I mean, a cute sticker in the right spot can really help give your party a sort of well-thought-out, finished look. So maybe that’s the appeal for me but I love the designs by Stuck Labels. They are simple, modern and versatile. Plus the site features very user friendly printing instructions and both word and pdf templates so you can customize them. And although slightly pricer than the bought at Staples variety, they are well worth the price. So quick, go find something to stick them to and order some today!