Winter Fashion Inspiration

winter fashion inspirationI just love winter in California.  Winter usually starts closer to the end of January.  So I know the idea of a peep toe show might be unfathomable for most of the country.  Here, it works.  I go through phases where I get really interested in fashion and continue on my quest to find my personal style.  And like I mentioned in my goals post, I’ve sort of let myself go.  While I never leave the house in sweatpants or workout clothes (unless I’m hiking.  Which I totally do now.  What?!) I can certainly be very sloppy.  Here is some winter fashion inspiration for you.

Leopard Vans:  Leopard is totally a neutral for me.  And I really do need another pair of shoes that envelope my whole foot, you know for when temperatures finally drop.  (image via Pangcakes)

Plaid pants:  Plaid can be done in a number of ways like slouchy and cozy, a little punk rock, a little preppy, etc.  But I love how chic it looks when styled with a crisp white shirt, heels and fold over clutch.  I’m totally on the look out for these pants. (image via BethAnimalPrint)

Textured coats:  I’m dying over all the textured coats that are out there right now.  I have my eye on this dip dyed version but my heart really wants this multi colored amazingness from Wunderkind.  This one is not faux and is like a bajillion dollars so it’s totally out.  I’m also in love with the monster coats from Meadham Kirchhoff. (image via Lyst)

Layered necklaces:  I’m not a big jewelry wearer.  But I know they can really  finish off an outfit.  I really need to practice my layering.  It looks a little bohemian and classy at the same time which I love.  (image via Oh Mai Darling)

Well dressed nails:  I’m a mom to two boys who is constantly moving.  I have yet to find the right time to paint my nails.  With the dish washing, or hair combing, there never seems to be the perfect time.  But I want to set out and find it.  My nails could use a little color and adorning.  I’m in love with these from Hex Nail Jewelry.  I bought some for my niece and they are so fun!  I will be ordering again for sure! (image via Hex Nail Jewelry)

Interesting shoes:  I don’t wear heels often (I would like to say I will try to wear them more but I just don’t think I can commit to it regularly.  When my feet hurt from shoes, I literally get punchy.  Like, angry and will punch you if you make me move from my chair.  It is NOT good) but when I do, I like for the shoes to be interesting.  If I’m going to hurt, they have to be show stoppers.  I love how these pumps are detailed in a subtle way.  The little gold spikes are not as tough as most spiked stuff comes off but adds so much interest. (image via Eugene Riconneaus)


Best nail polish color for summer

Do you have a favorite nail color this summer?  Mine is totally Orly in Passion Fruit.  It is super bright, the perfect pink with a touch of orange and makes me freaking happy.  For years I only had other people paint my nails.  Not like random people, but I loved to have a pedicure.  It was relaxing, it felt good and the polish looked perfect.  But lately, if I have an hour by myself, I don’t want to be stuck in a chair.  So I have started painting my nails again.  It has been awesome because it forces me to take 5 minutes, here and there, and pay some attention to myself.  It isn’t much but it is a start.  And my feet look summertastic.  What is your fave summer color?



Non-Toxic and Amazing Colors: What more could you want from a nail polish!

I am in love with Scotch Naturals nail polish.  I’ve seen it in a few magazines but never had the opportunity to try it out before.  Little did I know that my fingers would also be getting a make over from Mom’s Fashion File.  Ginny, who IS Scotch Naturals, was on hand to do the manicures.  This polish is water based and totally non-toxic!  As is the remover.  How cool is that? {If you missed the makeover recap go here}   
While Ginny dressed our digits, I got to talk to her about the company.  Now I don’t know exactly what her background is, but she is all science-y and stuff.  She talked of formulas, etc.  Of course I pretended to play along like I knew exactly what she was talking about.  :)  As I mentioned my fingers were painted a beautiful, sparkly black but I was kind of silently trying to talk them in to this amazing Navy shade.  These polishes are perfect for pregnant women and anyone looking to keep all those yucky toxins away from them and their fetus.  Oh and EVERYONE else too.   
Now I don’t want this next part to come off too shallow, but it is the colors that really put this line over the top for me.  Sure I appreciate her concern for my health, but love that I absolutely don’t have to sacrifice my style over it.  The colors are so saturated and gorgeous.  When I mentioned this I was told that because of the natural ingredients and pigments they use, the colors come out very brilliant.  And you know that I am a party blogger at heart and you can bet your hangnails that I am going to be using their site for color inspiration for upcoming parties and designing.  Go to their website to check out their full range of colors.  I just know you will love them too!  
And I don’t have little girls of my own, but I will certainly be buying their Hopscotch Naturals line for many a gift in the future.  First of all, how perfect is that name?  How cute is the packaging?  And what an awesome way to teach youngsters about what they are putting on and in their bodies! Find out where to buy Hopscotch Naturals {here}. 
You can plug in your zip code to find a store in your area or purchase straight from their website.  If you are in Orange County, it looks like Seed People’s Market in Costa Mesa is your best bet {ps, they have a baby/kids section with great gift items!!}  
I’m so grateful to Mom’s Fashion File for that makeover experience!  They put together an amazing group of sponsors! 
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Photos by Amy Winkelmann for Cupcakes and Cutlery
I was not paid for this post.  I was given a Scotch Naturals nail polish after my manicure but the choice to post about this brand was all mine.  And I love them.