Strawberry Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie with passion fruit banana and strawberry.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI took my little guy to a juice place the other day and one of their smoothies caught my eye.  I love the flavor of passion fruit so I made note of what they put in one of their delicious sounding smoothies.  And then I came home and tried to recreate it.  It’s pretty close.  But more importantly the kids loved the strawberry banana passion fruit smoothie.

Passion fruit smoothie with rainbow sherbet, stawberries and banana.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI wouldn’t say that this is the healthiest smoothie out there considering it uses rainbow sherbet and I’m certain the passion fruit juice is laden with sugar.  Whoa, way to sell it, Sharon.  I know, I know.  But it does have fresh fruit and non-fat yogurt in it.  Hopefully that creates some sort of health-ish balance.  And rainbow sherbet reminds me of my grandma so I just wanted to buy some.

passion fruit smoothie recipe.  Great for kid's snacks.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comAdd it all together.  I love these individual sized containers from my Ninja.  Is it just me or do you make a huge mess when you make smoothies in a large blender?  It seems like everything goes really well until I try to pour it in to glasses.  And without fail, something makes the smoothie shift and I end up with smoothie all over my counter.

Passion fruit smoothie from my ninja blender.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comMy kids go through smoothie loving phases.  We are entering one right now.  I try to keep frozen fruit on hand so that I can always make one for them even if I haven’t been to the store recently.

Passion fruit smoothie recipe.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comDelicious Strawberry Banana Passion Fruit smoothie for your mouth hole.  Enjoy.

Strawberry Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe


  • 1 large scoop (about 1 - 1 1/2 cups) rainbow sherbet
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 - 1 cup chopped strawberries
  • 3/4 vanilla non-fat yogurt
  • 1/2 - 1 cup passion fruit juice


  1. Add all ingredients to blender jar and mix well.
  2. Ingredient list makes one smoothie.
  3. Adjust ingredients to your preference.


Easy Valentine’s Treat for Kids – Fun Dip Whipped Cream

Super easy Fun Dip Whipped Cream for a Valentine's SurpriseYes, you read that right.  Cherry Fun Dip Whipped Cream. This is a super easy Valentine’s Day treat for kids. I like to think that my kid’s don’t eat a lot of junk food.  But I would be kidding myself.  Due to food allergies we steer clear of ice creams, cupcakes and cookies when out and about.  But I am learning that I over compensate for that with candy.  I really am trying to work on that this year.  But there are a few days out of the year, when an extra special treat just makes sense.  And Valentine’s Day is just that.  If you didn’t see my Stout Brownie post the other day I became obsessed with all the things you can do with homemade whipped cream.  So I decided to see if I could flavor it with candy.  Well, let me be perfectly honest.  I originally tried cherry jello, and since I am a novice in the kitchen, I had no idea that the gelatin would make the heavy cream get crunk.  That is really just the best way to describe it.  It’s not just a dance you know.  It is totally what it turns in to when you add jello to heavy whipping cream.   I mean it started out fine, and then BAM!  Crunk.  Lauren suggested trying a powdered candy and I knew right away she was on to something.

Fun Dip Whipped Cream IngredientsNow is the perfect time to find multi packs of Fun Dip at Target.  I didn’t think I would have trouble finding Fun Dip, but it isn’t easy to just buy one or two bags of it (Note to my local OC peeps:  the Irvine Spectrum has a candy store in the Target wing that does sell them by the piece).  I picked up a package of Valentine’s sized Fun Dips and picked out all the cherry (blue would just be super grody – not really – pink is just cuter).  Making the Cherry Fun Dip Whipped Cream is really easy.  I use a cup of heavy whipping cream, a TBSP of powdered sugar and 8) .5 ounce packs of cherry Fun Dip.  I’m not sure if the regular, individually sold packages are bigger than this so just know that you will need about 4 total ounces of the powder.

whip the cream, sugar and fun dip for a rad Valentine's Day treat for the whole family. Mix it up for about 3 minutes, watching for soft peaks.

Super easy Cherry Fun Dip Whipped CreamThat is all it takes.

yup.  there is fun dip in the whipped cream.And since you have all those leftover Lik-a-sticks you might as well put it to good use.

add special whipped cream to chocolate milk for Valentine's Day breakfastHow awesome will your kids think you are when you surprise them with this on Valentine’s Day morning in their chocolate milk.  Oh, you don’t serve this type of trash to your kids that early?  Then by all means, save this for afternoon snack.

A fun Valentine's treat for your kidsIt is tart and sweet and cherry-rific.

kids love chocolate.  so why not add some special whipped cream? There really is very little way that your kids wouldn’t like this.  I’d like to pretend that this photo was taken very early in the morning due to both kids still being in their pajamas…

Cherry Fun Dip Whipped CreamOk, so who is going to try this?  Also great for ice cream sundaes, brownies, pies, birthday parties, baby showers and bat mitzvahs.

chocolate-milk-with-fun-dip-whipped-creamDo it.

Ditch your Cookie Swap and host a Chex Mix-change this year!

Chex Mix has been a part of my holidays for a few years now.  Throughout the year, my food allergic son requests the traditional recipe for a snack.  So we’ll whip up a batch to munch on for a few days.  But a few years ago, I was introduced to my best friend’s mother-in-law’s holiday recipe.  Life changing.  Her peanut filled version is treated like a mistress where I must sneak around and seek out a handful here and there to ensure my son doesn’t, well, you know, die.  The effort is worth it.  I don’t know what other ingredients she puts in there.  And my multiple requests for the recipe have been ignored.  But I always know the holidays have begun when I get the first call of, “The eagle has landed.  The Chex Mix is here.”  This year her mother in law is fresh out of back surgery and is not up to making it.  I had been seeing ads for the Chex Holiday Mix-change in magazines and decided to explore what they had to offer since I had to take my Chex Mix intake in to my own hands.


The premise is the same as a cookie exchange but the coolest part is that they offer a ton of recipes that take only 15 minutes to make in the microwave.  So in this season of too much of everything and too little time, this is a great way to still gather your friends and really enjoy each other’s company.  And some delicious treats too.  I decided to try out two recipes to see if they really were just that quick, easy and delicious.

The first recipe I decided to try was the Ginger Honey Crunch (seriously go look at all the recipes they have – sweet, salty, gluten free! So many!).  Well, it was a modified version as I didn’t have all the ingredients/ and again, wanted to make it food allergy friendly and I really wanted to make it without going to the store.  Again.  With children.  The honey provided a really nice sweetness and the ginger and cardamom (I used a mixture of both) added a really nice zing.  I think adding the almonds and dried cranberries would make it even tastier but you can keep the dried bananas they suggest.  Bananas are grody.  

The next recipe I tried was the Tin Roof Crunch which uses the never disgusting pairing of chocolate and peanut butter (we used sunbutter).  Also delicious.  What I noticed about making it in the microwave is that the texture is less consistent than when done in the oven.  If I had the time, I think I would prefer to do it in the oven.  But would not hesitate to make this again in the microwave again for a quick treat.  Also, I only made a half batch of the first kind because I wanted to stretch the cereal and try various recipes.  This also may have made cooking times wonky as I sometimes lack kitchen common sense to catch things like that. 

As I got started with my first two recipes, my 5 year old son asked if he could create one.  Please see his recipe above.  I will now help translate:  1.  Rice Chex, backwards 2. cinnamon marshmallows, S. Salteens, 4. salt, 5. honey, 6. corn syrup.  And although he didn’t write it, it had to also contain chocolate chips.  I added some margarine and brown sugar  to his ingredients to help make the “glaze” part and we decided to try the salteens in a future batch.  We melted most of the marshmallows in with the glaze and then added some at the end for good measure.  His was quite delicious!  The marshmallows helped give it a sort of hardish-candy crunch.  He LOVED it!  So I sent it to school with him for snack for the next week (take that other kid’s apples!).


As is usually the case when I want him to take a picture, he revolts.  But I bribed him with his Chex Mix and could get these shots.  The ingredients do get rather hot in the microwave but he was able to help me mix some of it near the beginning making it a fun baking activity to get the kids involved in.

Pressed for time this holiday season but still want to host a Chex Mix-change?  Chex makes it super easy by providing fill in invitations, recipes, party tips and even packaging ideas!  Go check it all out on their site.  Wouldn’t this be so fun to do along with a craft night or gift wrapping party?     


Promotional consideration (is that even what it is?  I just always like it when I hear it on game shows) was provided in the form of this bag by Chex.  The bag is huge.  As evidenced by my son fitting in it with room to spare.  All opinions are mine!


all photos are mine.