Pink, Gold and Delicious Goat Cheese Appetizer

I have had the recipe for this pink and gold goat cheese appetizer set aside for over a year just waiting for the perfect occasion.  Lauren’s bridal shower was it.  I don’t generally match my food to my color scheme but this was just too perfect.  I would not suggest this for a manly tailgate or father’s day.  Maybe it is just my family but I can almost hear the comments of the male family members now…

This recipe has freaking rose petals in it.  I mean, it doesn’t get classier than that.  And gold flakes.  Plan ahead to make this recipe as these are not ingredients that you would find in your corner grocery store.  And it cost about $30 to make…  I certainly wouldn’t pay that for an everyday appetizer but I do have the spices leftover and can probably make it 2 more times.   We are super lucky to have a Savory Spice Shop not too far from us which meant that I could buy everything in store and not have to pay for shipping.  But I found most of the items available online as well for those of you who don’t have a really great spice shop locally.  And a big thanks to Kristin for the gold flakes (she actually made this for me also since I was a decorating machine at that point)!  You can find the goat cheese at Trader Joe’s and Costco also carries a two pack for a really reasonable cost.  Because when you are making something with gold flakes in it, the price of the goat cheese is of great concern (shaking my head at myself as I write that).


Here is the recipe for Laura Santtini’s Carnal Sin Rub (BTW she is my kind of gal.  She is cutting edge, fun and has a great sense of humor and style.)

Serves 8 (but if you serve it with other things it can feed a lot more)

2 TBSP dried rose petals, plus extra for garnish (I used edible flowers instead)

1 TBSP pink peppercorns

2 tsp sumac (sort of has a smoky, lemony flavor)

2 tsp salt flakes (I used Maldon)

4 small (4 oz) goat cheese logs (or 1 bigger as seen above)

Small pinch of gold flakes (I think I would have used these had I not had access to the gold flakes)

4 tsp extra virgin olive oil

Mill spices (reserve gold) in a coffee grinder to a powder.  Spread on a plate and roll cheese until coated.  Sprinkle with gold; drizzle logs with olive oil.  Serve with lightly toasted crostini.

Do this!

All photos by Dez and Tam