Easy Gift Giving with Store Bought Treats

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Easy gift giving with store bought treatsIf you know me well, you know that I over think everything.  Often, I get an idea and it spirals out of control until it is so big, and such a production that I don’t have the energy to do it anymore.  But if I can get out of my own head, I can simplify things and not lose the intention behind it.  Take for instance, sweet treats.  I love sugar.  And most other people do too.  But I don’t need to spend days baking special treats to show someone my appreciation or love.  Store bought treats are there for me, ready to use.  While they might be a little plain for my liking, all it takes is a moment to jazz them up and put a little “me” in it.

cinnamon-rolls-and-sugar-cookiesYour local grocery store’s bakery section is an untapped resource.  For real.  Mine has a crazy amount of baked goods, decorated cakes, cookies, and even accessories (the coolest candles and sprinkles!)  So why not embrace it and take some of the stress off of yourself.  And guess what else?  These things taste amazing!

use duct tape and cardstock to create cookie pouchesI decided to pick up some goodies and give them a little repacking makeover.  All I needed was some cardstock and Duck tape to get me started.  Super easy.

store bought cookies are perfect for gifting to othersThese little cookie pouches were really quick to make and I LOVE how they look!  Who wouldn’t want to get a bright pink cookie package?

Repackage store bought treats to share the love easilyI used plain cookies and then picked up other supplies at the store to create individual cookie decorating gifts.  For no other reason than to make someone’s day.  But of course these would work as Valentine’s too.  But guess what?  The store also has frosted cookies!  Instead of these kits, you could just pop the pre-decorated cookies in clear cello bags – letting their cuteness show through.  Even easier.


Find Creative Gifts at Uncommon Goods

*This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods.  Their tag line is “Creative Living.  Mindful Giving.”  I wholeheartedly second that emotion.  While I was sent product to review and compensated for the post, all opinions are mine.

Uncommon Goods Gift Ideas‘Tis the season to give, give and give some more.  This is my absolute favorite time of year.  I delight in being able to find that perfect gift for each person I need to buy for.  One of the first places I have always gone for gift ideas and stocking stuffers is Uncommon Goods.  (See last year’s men’s gift guide #8).  Their items are truly unique and geared toward the creative mind.  My husband is especially hard to shop for.  He works in an industry where he gets, for free, most of the items he would ever want.  While I do my best to come up with heartfelt ideas, sometimes I buy toys or activities that he can do with the kids.  Uncommon Goods sent me this Kinetic Sand to try out and this is just the type of thing that would make a great gift for my husband.  But they really do have amazing gift ideas for everyone!  Check them out here.

Holiday Gift IdeasKinetic Sand is the coolest.  It moves.  And then it hardens.  And then it moves again.  I set up a table outside for the kids to try it out on.  The box suggests playing with it indoors due to the effect moisture can have on it.  But I decided to chance it since we have more than enough sand already in our house thanks to the preschool sandbox ending up in my son’s shoes.

Uncommon Goods Gift IdeaI had my oldest son read the box to us so we would all know what Kinetic Sand was.  I’m not going to get in to all the science of it but here is what I can tell you, it is a perfect gift idea!  Learn more about Kinetic Sand here!

Uncommon Goods strives to feature items that are unique in design and are in harmony with the environment.  They support artists and provide opportunities for designers to participate in product design challenges.  And I absolutely love that they feel it is their responsibility to use their business to impact the world in a positive way.  Boom.  That is the kind of company that I want to support.

Gifts from Uncommon GoodsThe boys and neighbor friend played with the Kinetic Sand for over an hour.  They had a blast.  The sand can be pressed together to make shapes and then crumble back to sand, and when you move the pile around on the table, you can see all these different areas moving in different ways.  It is weird.  And neat!  My father-in-law happened to be over fixing a door for me at the time.  He was super in to the sand as well.  Right then it opened up a whole new world of gift-giving for him as well.  No more grody handkerchiefs or work gloves for him.  It makes sense to get him things where he can experience them with the grandkids.  And might I suggest the idea of a pre-Christmas gift?  I was able to get several chores done with them occupied with the sand.  Major.

Uncommon Goods is full of these types of gifts and stocking stuffers.  Have a music lover in your family?  Check this out!  What a cool idea!  And I have heard whisperings that my youngest is going to end up with a fish this Christmas…I have let them know that I will only except this to house it.

Thank you Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post.  I’m a big fan.

Give Differently this Holiday with The Grommet

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of The Grommet. The Grommet is the place to Buy Differently and Give Differently this year.


I’m not sure if you guys realize this or not but gift giving is one of those things that makes my world go around.  I LOVE to shop for people and I love to share those finds with you almost as much.  I will be sharing my own gift guides the first week of December but up until then I plan on featuring a few of my favorite gifts and the places to buy them.  Putting together my Holiday Gift Guides requires me to do a ton of online research.  I almost didn’t do them this year because there are few people putting out some REALLY great guides.  The Grommet is one such site.  They have just released their 4th (of 5) gift guide – this one focused on DIY favorites.  Right up my alley, no?   With a focus on products that you don’t find all over the place made by people who you want to buy from, The Grommet will make you feel great about the money you are spending for your friends and family.

holiday gift ideaHow cool is this Homemade Gin kit?  This is totally something that I would buy for myself and other people.  It has all the fun of trying something new but they’ve done the research for you leaving you to enjoy the process and then enjoy the gin.  (You can find some links to some yummy gin drinks in this post).

holiday gift ideaThe kit comes with everything you need to make two batches of gin each with a different flavor profile.  I can think of so many people who would love to get this gift!  These gifts available from The Grommet allow you to be thoughtful and excited about what you are giving.  Their products support larger values, like American made and supporting handcrafted artisans and are chosen by their team who scour the earth to find these things for you.  They spend a crazy amount of time searching for the best items to make available to you so you can feel good about what you are giving.  I know when I go to this site, I will be able to find games and arts and crafts for hands-on fun as well as kits for the cooking enthusiast and SO much more!

grommet-felted-soapThis felted soap would make the perfect stocking stuffer.  It exfoliates and creates a lather scented with essential oils.  There are no additives like in traditional soaps and the wool is naturally antifungal.

grommet-hickies-lacesDon’t tell him, but my oldest son will be getting these super cool Hickies.  They are a great way to customize your sneakers and he is all about showing his personal style.  These are super easy to use and work with any shoe that uses laces.  A totally cool product that he will psyched about.

These are just a few of the amazing finds you’ll find on the site.  Head over to The Grommet to check out all 4 of their holiday gift guides.  And don’t forget to check back for #5!

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Kid’s Art Pillows for Mother’s Day

custom pillow for mother's dayHey mom.  Hey Marie (mom in law).  So I’ve now just ruined Mother’s Day for you because these kid’s art pillows are your gifts.  I know you read my blog, but I really wanted to share how cute these turned out with my readers.  Happy Mother’s Day!

I love when my kid’s draw.  They come up with the greatest characters.  When my youngest son drew this guy, I knew I had to turn it in to fabric.  And since Mother’s Day was coming up, it made sense to make the fabric in to pillow covers.  If you have never made your own fabric before it is SO easy.  I used Spoonflower and all you have to do is scan in the image and then follow their prompts.  It can be pretty expensive but I think it is well worth it to be able to create one of a kind fabric (and a keepsake).  Your local craft store sells pillow forms that are pretty inexpensive and make it so you don’t have to stuff your pillow with batting.  Super easy.

kid's art pillowsOnce the fabric arrives, you just have to find someone awesome to sew up the pillow covers.  And also to take pictures of the pillows for you since you are still trying to find your plates in your moving box hell.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lauren!)

Have you ever made your own fabric?

Cube Figures Gigo Blocks

cube figures cool toy for kidsMy son’s and I are in love with these Cube Figures by Gigo Blocks.  I picked these up for them as souvenirs from my trip to Salt Lake City in January.

cube figures building toyThe sets come in a small bag and the pieces pop together.  The characters are totally creative and they come with a hook so you can hang it from your backpack if you want.

cool building toy for kidsThese would make perfect stocking stuffers, party favors and your kid’s are sure to love them!!  You can buy them on Amazon!

These adorable little toys are made by Magnote.  Check out their full line of rad toys here.  I want to get my hands on those Play Deco toys!


Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

naomi gray designs mother's day necklaceI know I said I wasn’t going to post more than 3 times a week right now but I’m too in love with these necklaces that are the perfect Mother’s Day gift from Naomi Gray Designs.  The birthstone bar necklace is MY FAVE!  I think it is a totally modern take on a traditional concept.  And of course the initials are super sweet.  And don’t forget their birthstone mini ring necklace.  We got this for my mom last year and I LOVE how it looks!  Order now to make sure you can get your order back in time for Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12 this year!)

Naomi Gray Designs

*Not a sponsored post.  I LOVE this jewelry.