BFF Playdate at Knott’s Berry Farm

*I’d like to disclose that Knott’s gave me two tickets to the park and early admission.  The opinions and fun times are all mine.  It’s ok to be jealous.

knotts boardwalk roller coastersLast weekend I was invited by Knott’s Berry Farm to come and see their expanded Boardwalk area and the newly refurbished Log Ride.  While I usually bring my family to these events, this time I decided to change it up a bit.  I barely get to see my best friend with all our kids (7 between us!), activities, family obligations, etc.  So I thought that she and I could use a day of fun at an amusement park.  No kids.  Just us.  How rad is that?!

t on log ride at knottsT and I got up early and headed to Knott’s.  We ate a quick breakfast and then headed straight to the Log Ride.

updated log ride at knotts berry farmThe Log Ride opened in 1969 and helped to cement Knott’s as America’s first theme park.  The multi million dollar refurbishment kept all the old charm but just freshened it up.  It looks brand new while looking pretty much the same as before.  Does that make sense to anyone but me?  This has always been one of my favorite rides.

xcelerator at knotts berry farmWe decided that we would try to ride as many of the 5 rated attractions (5= an aggressive thrill ride) as we could before we had to get back to real life.  I was pretty devastated when Knott’s took out the Soap Box Racers and replaced it with the Xcelerator.  But I decided to give it a ride anyway.  While the Log Ride is certainly a thrill ride, this was our first legit roller coaster of the day.  This thing was FAST!  And tall and it goes upside down.  It was crazy awesome.  I had tears running out of my eyes (I wasn’t crying it was just cold I swear!) and was a little afraid that one of my contacts was going to blow out of my eyes.  It was THAT fast.  And so fun!  We both screamed like little girls.  I totally want to go on this again.  Sooner rather than later.

having fun at knotts berry frams boardwalkNext we checked out the Boardwalk area.  We rode the new Coast Rider.  After the Xcelerator we pretty much scoffed at this ride.  We were really snide and made comments like, “how cute.”  But it showed us.  It starts out all nice and then whips you around the first turn high above Western Ave.  T and I both may have let out a very loud “SH*T!” at the exact same time.  It was a pretty fun little ride and perfect for those who are tall enough to ride but are not very experienced roller coaster riders.  Then we headed over to Riptide, another level 5er.  The Boardwalk area is a great place for kids who are too big for Camp Snoopy or need a bigger thrill.  There are still height requirements (like 44″ to ride alone or 36″ plus an accompanying responsible person for the Surfside Gliders) but older kids would LOVE this area I think!

safety signs on roller coastersGrowing up I don’t remember seeing all these warning signs before riding each ride.  You look at things a little differently as a grown up.  I guarantee you that all of these rules were followed.  We held on all right.  There was no chance we were going to raise our hands in the air like we just didn’t care.  Once the park opened to the public it got a little crowded and we had to wait in some lines.  This was the perfect opportunity for T and I to chat and catch up.  There were no distraction, except some ill-chosen fashions and we were able to really enjoy each other’s company.  I had missed that!

cowboy fries at knotts berry farmAfter riding the Silver Bullet (OMG!  LOVE THIS ONE TOO! Except I irrationally felt like my feet were going to get chopped off because they just kind of dangle as you fly through the park) and Ghost Rider (which I hated.  It should be called Brain Dislodger.) we decided to grab some food.  There are tons of choices throughout the park.  And as two girlfriends do when out to lunch without their children we contemplated having some day wine.  But Spurs Chop house wasn’t open so we settled on some cowboy fries.  Totally going to make these at home.  So delicious!

funnel cake at knotts berry farmWe wrapped lunch up with a funnel cake.  Duh.  After those amazing fries we really weren’t able to get through much of the funnel cake.  A fella that looked like he was in high school saw that we were about to throw a large portion of funnel cake away and asked if he could have it.  Even though I had already put our paper trash on top of it.  T and I were so close to mom-ing him, but we caught ourselves.  That is some other mother’s problem.

la revolucion at knotts berry farmAfter lunch we headed to Fiesta Village because I had seen La Revolucion from our ride on the Supreme Scream (I have never heard myself scream that loud before).  T was nervous since we had just stuffed ourselves but I was pretty confident that we wouldn’t barf.  I was right.  And it was awesome!

fun day for adults at knotts berry farmIn the early afternoon we had to call it a day and head back to our families.  I know that there are tons of family attractions at Knott’s but I have to say that being there with a grown up friend was so fun.  I’ve also talked to my husband about heading back at the end of summer with some other adult friends for a fun afternoon of coaster riding.  Who’s with me?

Sorry for the iphone photos.  I decided it was unwise to take my legit camera on roller coasters.

*I received two tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm.  Now is the perfect time to head to Knott’s to check out the new Log  Ride and the expanded Boardwalk area.  All opinions are my own.



Knott’s Berry Farm’s Camp Spooky for Halloween

Knott's Berry Farm Front Enterance HalloweenHalloween is fast approaching and Knott’s Berry Farm is offering family fun with their Camp Spooky events.  For the regular price of admission, your kids get all the regular fun offered by Knott’s but also get some extra special treats in Camp Spooky.  Yes, I know they also have a super rad Halloween Haunt experience for the adults or MUCH older kids.  But I don’t do scary so go here to learn more about their 40th annual Halloween Haunt.  This post is all about kid fun!  My family got to check it out on Sunday and we had an amazing time!

boys in costume for Camp Spooky at Knott'sYour kids are encouraged to come in costume!  It is so much fun seeing all the kiddos dressed up!

Trick or Treating through Knott's Camp SpookyWhen you enter Camp Spooky (Camp Snoopy for those of you who have had a long week and are not picking up the play on words there) your kids are given a trick-or-treat bag and a map with clues to where they can find candy.  While my older son couldn’t eat the candy due to his food allergies, my youngest wanted to eat it immediately at each stop.

Cookie Decorating at Knott's Camp SpookyInside Grizzly Bear Lodge is cookie decorating (for a nominal fee).  I’m not sure if you have had the pleasure of tasting Knott’s Baked goods, but do yourself a favor and do this.  When the kid’s move on to the trick-or-treating you can totally swipe the cookie for yourself.

Halloween Fun at Camp SpookyWe had so much fun riding the rides and seeing all the characters dressed up!  Due to a Boy Scout activity we were unable to stay to take part in the rest of the Camp Spooky events.  There is spooky story telling at The Lodge, A Halloween Spooktacular where the Peanuts gang sings and dances and also a Hay Bale Maze.  We were most disappointed to miss the Costume Parade!

Fun at Knott's Berry Farm for HalloweenI love the events that Knott’s puts on and we were able to spend a little time with our friends, Desi and Tammy and their kids.

Riley and Oliver on ride in Camp SpookyI mean, just think of how much more fun roller coasters are when you are wearing a costume.  While my son was having the time of his life on this ride, I thought that Riley might not be feeling that great.  Turns out he was just bored!  This is a fast roller coaster kind of a kid!

Thank you for having us Knott’s!

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*Disclosure:  My family was treated to a day at Knott’s but all opinion are mine.  We love Knott’s.

Knott’s Berry Farm Ticket Giveaway and summer fun for your family!

I have two Knott’s Berry Farm tickets (one day – not season passes) to give away!  Skip to the bottom if you don’t want to walk down memory lane with me.

My husband is not going to like that I posted this photo.  My husband and I have known each other since junior high school.  We were best friends through most of high school, which is when this photo was taken, and began dating after college.  After college is also when my husband finally grew taller than me.  He doesn’t enjoy the early photos of us that remind him of this fact.  But I LOVE this photo.  My sister took this photo of us outside of the main gate (11th grade I think?), just feet from where I checked in for one of the last Knott’s events I attended.  This picture sits on a shelf by my sink and I see it every day.  It reminds me of all the fun I and we’ve had at Knott’s Berry Farm with our friends and family over the years:

-I can smell of the Berry Tales Ride, in all it’s boysenberry goodness, like it was yesterday.

-As a kid, I saw Michael Damian (what?  You don’t remember him?) sing his hit Rock On in the Charles M. Schulz Theater with some other talented musical acts (I’m pretty sure this group was there too).  I think this could be considered my very first concert now that I look back on it.  Be jealous.

-In high school, I remember feeling pretty grown up being dropped off at the front gate and having hours and hours to do whatever we wanted.

-I remember one time when some knucklehead we were with started acting really stupid on the Mine Ride saying, “hit me, hit me” over and over to anyone who would listen.  So my girl friend finally clocked him.

-Soapbox racers was my favorite ride.  RIP.

-I remember having my then boyfriend hold my money for me (you never brought a purse to Knott’s) while at the park and forgetting to get it back from him at the end of the night.  Then he bought me my birthday present with it.  The Blood Sugar Sex Magik cassette tape.  While the music was good, we were not together long.

-The only time I was ever grounded (for real, I was a real rule follower…) was because my mom had to go around the block when she came to pick us up from Knott’s.  You are NOT late with my mom.  Even now I think she would ground me if I was late…

-After college 3 girlfriends and I went to Knott’s for some summer fun.  It was a perfect night of classic girl time, you know, riding roller coasters.

And I really want to go back for another adults only trip.  It is kind of torture to go with the kids and not be able to ride the coasters…and summer is the perfect time to do it.  Who’s in?

But your family needs some summer fun too.  And the Knott’s Season Pass is such a great deal!  Adults are $69.99 and seniors (62+) and kids (3-11) are $64.99.  They also offer a payment plan!  There are so many different ways to enjoy the park!  And the best part?   There are no black out dates!  Season pass holders also get special perks like discounts on food (I’m dying to try Spurs Chop House!) and merchandise as well as Bring-A-Friend discount days and collector’s pins.

To purchase your Season Pass go here!

And be sure to follow Knott’s for park info and tag them with all the Knott’s family fun you are having!

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And now for the giveaway…

I have two adult one-day park passes for one person to win.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your favorite Knott’s memory or, if you haven’t been yet, tell me who you want to take with you to make Knott’s memories.  Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.  One entry per person, please.  It would also be cool for you to “like” Knott’s on Facebook but since they are providing your family with easy summer fun, I wanted to keep this contest easy too.  I’ll choose one winner, randomly.  You have until midnight, Sunday, June 10, 2012 to leave your comment and I will announce the winner on Monday, June 11, 2012.

*Knott’s Berry Farm provided the tickets for this giveaway.  Thank you, Knott’s!  I heart you!



Knott’s Berry Farm Events {Twogether is Better}

Every once in a while, my family gets asked to attend blogger events at Knott’s Berry Farm.  We truly love our visits and this last one was no exception.  Knott’s has some great events happening in February promoted as “Twogether is Better” and love and friendship based.  To change it up, I asked my 5 year old son to take all the photos.  He loves to take photos and I thought it would be really fun to see what Knott’s has to offer through the eyes of a child.  Because I didn’t want to give him my nice camera to use, I gave him our small point and shoot.  I simply added a vintage filter to make them all look similar.  They turned out so great!

Here he is taking his role of photographer very seriously.  He did get a bit distracted by Mama Bub’s son for a while (they got along swimmingly and even had their own little dance party together after brunch!) but luckily we got all the shots we needed.

Along with the always cute holiday decor, Knott’s has an adorable stage show in Camp Snoopy called “Love is in the Air, Charlie Brown.”  There is a section where they allow some of the kid’s in the audience to get on stage and dance with them.  Both of my son’s went up and boogied.  It was really cute!  They’ve also set up a craft station (weekends only) in Camp Snoopy where kid’s can color or learn to make tissue paper flowers.  And last but not least, they have a chocolate dipping station set up in conjunction with one of the bakeries near Ghost Town.  You can choose from fruits, marshmallows, krispy treats and more and then dip them in a chocolate fountain.  Yum (available weekends only!)

Throughout the month of February, Knott’s will be teaming up with the American Heart Association for “Knott’s Has Heart”.  For a small donation, you can send a special Valentine to Charlie Brown.  Proceeds from this will go directly to the Orange County American Heart Associate.  Heart friendly foods can also be found throughout the park.

February 1-28 admission tickets can be purchased online for $34.99 each.  Season pass holders can bring a friend for $24.99 a person per day and on February 29, everyone gets in for $29!

Visit the Knott’s Berry Farm website for more info on the events and park hours!  Thank you, Knott’s!  We love you!

*My family was treated to brunch and given admission to the park.  All the opinions and memories are our own.