DIY Birthday Pennant Banner on YAMF

birthday pennant banner DIY

My latest DIY tutorial, DIY Pennant Banner, is up on You Are My Fave.  Go see!

I am so grateful that Melanie lets me share my crafts over on her site.  She’s the bee’s knees.  I heart her.


Popsicle Stick Heart Peace Sign

heart shaped peace sign out of popsicle sticksSo I fell in love with these geometric hearts that Jaren made.  I had to make them.  But I decided to change it a bit and make it in to a peace sign.  I am in love with how it turned out.  Go see her tutorial here.  And pay attention to where she says to glue at a 90 degree angle.  I totally didn’t read it first and came out with several wonky hearts.  This is a totally acceptable way for hearts to live on after Valentine’s day.

peace sign for cool kid's roomIt’s new home is in my son’s bedroom.  I love how it looks but he is eager to color it with markers.  And I’m going to let him because I want to encourage his creativity.  Even though this is right across from my bedroom door and I’m going to have to look at it.  It’s fine.  I’ll be fine.

Easy Vampire Teeth Halloween Mobile Decoration



vampire teeth halloween mobile decorationI just made this really easy vampire teeth Halloween mobile.  My boys made me buy them these plastic teeth to play with.  They are ridiculously funny in little kid’s mouths.  They look like really big grown up teeth and make my kids look like cartoon characters, which makes me laugh really hard, which then makes them cry because they are trying to be scary.  And I won’t go into details about the amount of spit that comes out when they finally remove these from their faces.  I’ll just say, ewww.  But I also thought these teeth would be cute as a Halloween mobile.  I grabbed the inside of an embroidery ring, some string and the teeth and BA-BAM.  Vampire teeth Halloween Mobile.  Easy.

halloween decoration with plastic vampire teethHere is the tutorial, you ready for it?  Tie the teeth on to the hoop with string.  If only all tutorials could be like this!  They sell these teeth in other colors too, and I almost got out my spray paint, but then I got lazy.  But I will keep the idea in mind in case I ever throw another rap themed party and need gold fronts hanging around…