Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

Leather wallets made from recycled baseball gloves!  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comHow cool are these Fielder’s Choice wallets?!  They are made from old baseball gloves.  Here is the super dumb thing.  This was given to my husband already, by someone else, so it is no longer on the gift giving table for me.  Boo.  But I wanted to share them with you as Father’s Day is right around the corner.  Fielder’s Choice makes great gift ideas for sports fans in your life.

Fielder's Choice leather wallets.  Great gift idea for men and sports lovers! // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comThis is not an intricate wallet with slots to hold 15 cards, etc.  This is a simple pouch design with a flap closure.  It’s pretty straight forward and simple and would totally appeal to the unfussy guy in your life.  And the story is cool.  These are hand cut and sewn and made in the USA.  To my family, nothing is more American than baseball.  And while I am not a fan of the sport itself (I like to call it, The Devil’s Game), I totally get the nostalgia, the history and the spirit of it.  

Leather wallets made from old baseball gloves!  Great gift idea! //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comRepurposing the old gloves not only makes use of vintage materials but also adds a new chapter to the story of where that glove has been.  How cool to be using something that held many memories for someone else at one time.  And Fielder’s Choice doesn’t only sell wallets.  They sell really great hats, keychains and simple tees with their freaking awesome logo.  I love supporting cool companies like this who are passionate about what they do AND put out a cool product.  So go do some Father’s Day shopping and remember them come birthday and Christmas time.

Fielder's Choice Goods makes some cool gifts for the sports lover in your family.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comBuy from Fielder’s Choice Goods here.  And follow them on Facebook, twitter, and instagram (well, have your husband follow them on instagram – our girly eyes probably won’t love their pictures.  There aren’t any peonies or other pretty flowers, but their aesthetic is really cool).



2013 Gift Guide for the Guys and Gals

Welcome to day 3 of my gift guides! I love to put these gift guides together and share the things I think are cool. None of these are sponsored and they are truly things that I would love to give or get!

Amazon is a great resource for gift shopping for the holidays and any time of the year.  Did you know that you can choose a charity to give back to while you shop?  I’ve chosen to link up my Amazon account with Operation Shower to help them raise money that they need to keep the organization going.  Simply head to Amazon Smile and search for Operation Shower (based in St. Louis, MO) and then shop as usual.
for-the-guys-2013-graphiccool holiday gift guide for guys1:  Custom Sneaker Kit  2:  Weekender  3: The Wes Anderson Collection  4:  Brass Cocktail Shaker  5:  Pocket Sweatshirt  6:  Home Plate Door Mat  7:  White Whale Cocktail Mixes  8:  Man Candles  9:  Nixon Blaster  10:  Seaworth Cold Brew Coffee

My guys is super hard to shop for but I know he would love these gifts.  I would probably buy him the weekend bag (#2) knowing that I would be able to steal it to use. ;)  And that copper cocktail shaker (#4) is so sleek and manly.

for-the-gals-2013-graphicGift Guides for your Girlfiends1:  BKR Bottle  2:  Business Card Holders  3:  Hipsters for Sisters  4: Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After 5:  Sticky Gram iPad Case  6:  Heart Gloves  7:  Lightening Bolt Knuckle Ring  8:  Fold Over Make Up Bag  9:  Foam Magazine Subscription  10:  Hex Nail Jewelry

I realize it is basically a fanny pack, but Hipsters for Sisters (#3) just make sense.  They are perfect for mom while maintaining style.  I made a Sticky Gram iPad case (#5) and it turned out really cute.  It works with your Instagram account and is super easy to customize with them.  Foam Magazine (#9) is not sold in all bookstores making it kind of exclusive.  A subscription would be the perfect gift for the cool girl in your life that has everything.

gift guides1:  Eff Cancer  2:  Trust Your Guts – Now Sold Out but check back and hopefully they will get more in!  3:  Oh My God Beck  4:  No Rest for the Rad  5:  Home T

I love cool shirts as gifts.  I would be so excited to find any of these under the tree for myself this Christmas.  And The Home T (#5) would be perfect to send to all of your friends who have since moved away from home.  Kayla, #5 is for you!

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