red hots and pink lipsHVD guys!  I hope your day is filled with romance and yummy sweet treats.  Daddy’s of boys, training begins now.  Teach them what it means to be a good husband by example.  No sexy time needed.  Wash a dish, maybe?

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Homemade Cinnamon Hard Candy

homemade-cinnamon-hard-candy-for-christmasGrowing up there were a few things I could always count on my mom to make during the holidays.  One of these things is her Homemade Cinnamon Candy.  Aside from working with boiling hot molten sugar lava, the recipe is pretty easy to make.  I had my mom make it with me (for me) for this post.  Side note, she also fed me and my son lunch while she made the candy.  I think I may make my mom a full-time blog partner.  It works out really well for me.

ingredients-for-cinnamon-candyYou just need some light corn syrup, straight up wonderful white sugar, water and cinnamon oil.  You can find the cinnamon oil at your local craft store.  Oh yeah, my mom also bought all the ingredients.  The cinnamon oil came in a pack of two, each bottle being 1 dram.  We only used one bottle, but if you like you cinnamon light-your-tongue-on-fire hot, you may want to use some of the other bottle as well.

stirring-sugarYou mix the sugar and corn syrup in a sauce pan.

candy-thermometer-and-bat-manThen you add a candy thermometer and wait for the sugar to get up to 300 degrees. I think this may also be known as hard ball stage, can anyone confirm?

making-hard-candy-for-christmasIt will take a while for the sugar to get to the right temperate.  I think it took us about an hour.  And can we talk for a moment about how freaking clean my mom’s stove top is?  Gosh I wish I got her cleaning gene. [Read more...]

Churro Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

churro-fruit-dip-title-image-1Oh yeah.  This Churro Cream Cheese Fruit Dip is good.  If you’ve never had the basic fruit dip recipe of cream cheese and marshmallow creme you should definitely make that at some point too.  Who knew those two little ingredients would taste that good together!  So since I was serving this dip for my Mexican themed Chicks and Salsa party, I thought I would change it up and try to make it taste more like a churro.  Because churros don’t suck.

ingredients-for-churro-fruit-dipThe only thing that would make this recipe easier is if you could get someone else to mix it for you.  And it takes only a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your cupboards.

cream-brown-sugar-and-cream-cheeseYou start by creaming together the softened cream cheese and the brown sugar.  Brown sugar is awesome, isn’t it.

add-marshmallow-cremeNext add the marshmallow creme and marvel at its sticky goodness. [Read more...]

Homemade Cinnamon Coffee Creamer Recipe

Homemade recipeThis is the recipe for the Homemade Cinnamon Coffee Creamer that Kristin made for the geometric brunch I shared yesterday.  As I type this I am drinking my coffee with this creamer in it.  I feel warm and fuzzy.  I feel inspired.  I feel nice.  I feel pretty.  Yes.  This creamer makes me feel all those things.  OK, maybe not but it IS really good.

diy-cinnamon-coffee-creamer-recipe-ingredientsKristin followed this recipe for the base and then modified it a little more to suit her taste.  There really are an endless varieties that you can make following this basic recipe.  I intend to make a ton.  Except that I will probably gain, like a million pounds (I don’t blame the creamer – I have a terrible diet in general, I love me a bag of Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn).  The key here is good quality ingredients to really let the flavors come through.

blend-milks-in-blenderFirst you will add the condensed milk and Half & Half to a blender to combine.  I have used condensed milk before but never really paid attention to it.  I was surprised by the smell.  I figured it would smell sweeter or something.  But it is a milk based product after all and it smelled, well, milky.  I don’t know why I am telling you that.

add-spices-and-vanilla-to-blenderNext add the spices and vanilla to the milks and blend again until well combined.  At this point inhale deeply.  It smells amazing.  And imagine you are swimming in it.

homemade recipePour your finished creamer in to whatever jar you want to store it in.  If you put it in one of these super fancy mason jars it is also ready to gift.  Take some to the neighbor.  Take some to a teacher.  Or hoard it for yourself like I did.  I won’t judge.

Home-made-cinnamon-coffee-creamerI am so in love with this recipe.  I am almost out and plan on making some more tomorrow.  It takes next to no time at all and is crazy good and so worth the calories in my opinion.  And when I used it in my iced coffee at the geometric brunch photo shoot, it tasted just like my fave Mocha Cappuccino Blast from Baskin Robbins!!! YUM!

DIY-cinnamon-creamer-for-coffeeHomemade Cinnamon Coffee Creamer Recipe


14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk

1 3/4 cup Half and Half (you can really use whatever dairy you like)

1 TBSP vanilla

1 heaping tsp good quality cinnamon

1 TBSP white sugar

Add condensed milk and half and half to blender and combine.  To the milk mixture, add the vanilla, cinnamon, and white sugar.  Blend until well mixed and cinnamon is fully incorporated.  Store air-tight in refrigerator.

That’s it.  Easy.  Kristin suggested adding  1/2 tsp of butter extract (did you know that was a thing?!) to make it taste more like a cinnamon roll!!!  Just be sure to shake it up really well before you use it.  The cinnamon tends to settle at the bottom of the jar.

Thank you, Kristin for sharing this recipe with us!  And a very special thank you to my mother-in-law, Marie, for helping me shoot this recipe.  I paid her in coffee creamer.  See how the creamers were used in the geometric brunch with Paper and Cake.