Patio Decor Ideas

The weather in sunny southern California allows us to pretty much sit outside year round.  And it’s killing me that my family doesn’t have a ridiculously cool outdoor set up to chill out in.  Next week I’m sharing my little outdoor oasis that my husband put together for me for Mother’s Day, but my dream fresh air experience…

Spring Playlist

crown . medals . McQueen for Puma . fashion colors (photo for magazine by Inez and Vindoodh) Here is what I am listening to right now.  I still really like lilting vocals, electronic sounds and big melodies but I can see some rock creeping back in.  Which makes sense considering summer for me is all…

Honeydew Intimates

So I’m totally in love with this new-to-me brand, Honeydew Intimates.  I’m not a lingerie kinda gal.  So what I love about their stuff is that it is playful and sweet, totally sexy and totally wearable.  This black and tan set it my favorite!  The way the underwear are cut it super flattering and these…