Cool Minecraft Party Ideas

How is he 8 already?  It’s crazy.  My husband and I can still remember my water breaking plain as day.  I mean, you don’t really forget something like that.  Of course back then, I wasn’t sure what was happening and made my husband google it.  Oh the laughs we had about that.  But enough details…

Easy Wire Wall Signs for Halloween

So this is as spooky as I get for Halloween.  I’m a scaredy cat who would prefer to stay home on Halloween, not answer the door and be safe in my bed.  But I have kids, I’m an adult and I’m not lame.  (Ok, the last one might be debatable).  But I have been wanting…

Cool Bleach T-Shirt for Kids

After I threw my son’s space party, and made shirts for all the kids, I have loved buying inexpensive blank t-shirts and doing fun things with them.  For this shirt, you just need a little bleach. Start with a blank dark colored T-shirt.  Sometimes you can find packs of Hanes dark colored t-shirts at Target…