A Sweet Treat + Giveaway!

Chex Muddy Buddies and a Giveaway! Perfect your next shower or any party! Hey guys! My latest post is up over on Babyshower.com. It includes the recipe for this delicious party treat and a giveaway that you don’t want to miss! Head over to the post to check it out. I know you are going to love the two pieces from Crate and Barrel, that you will be able to use over and over for all your entertaining, as well as a few other festive items! Hurry! There is just a few more days left to enter!

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies + Giveaway


Baby Farm Sprinkle Featured!

I’m SO excited!  You guys know The Wedding Chicks right?  Well they got even more awesome and started On to Baby to feature what happens after the big day is over.  They feature adorable nurseries, kid and maternity photo shoots and of course showers and kid parties.  I never understood how you got a party featured on one of these big sites.  I always thought they patrolled the blogosphere, scouring for the coolest of the cool.  Turns out, most often, you submit them.  So I decided to submit my ‘Baby Farm’ themed baby sprinkle and they chose to feature it! Woo Hoo!!!!!  I haven’t even posted any of the photos on this blog yet so you simply must head over there to see them all.   
The party was for my best friend, Taryn, who was having her 4th kid.  She’s classy and fun but I really wanted to do the farm theme so had to figure out how to make it all work together.  She likes modern but  I wanted it to be different from her other showers.  So we took it a little bit country. 

Want to know how to make a cute dessert table?  Split up the work.  I used some store bought items, made some simple but delicious desserts and had Meringue Bake Shop make the specialty stuff.  It didn’t cost a ton of money and I wasn’t slaving away in the kitchen for days and the table looked really cute!

While I knew what I wanted the end result to look like I get utterly paralyzed by the actual styling of things.  I called in backup and had Lauren come over to help me finish it up.  She is awesome and I will just leave it at that so it doesn’t get all weird and gushy.  She worked the chicken wire into the hanging balls – GENIUS!  Of course she did more than that but I was blown away!  It looked so cute!
I forgot to submit this photo of the invite!!! How cute is it?!  Designed by Lauren.  Sorry my editing skills suck so bad and I had to cover the address with those two dumb boxes.  Don’t let that detract from the handpainted!!!! background and squiggly swirls (that is the name for those framing thingies, right?).
I hope you guys like it!  Thank you On to Baby for sharing it! 
Mini pies and decorated sugar cookies done by Meringue Bake Shop
Styling done by A Fabulous Fete
Woodwork done by my Dad!  Holla
Large sign printed by Direct Edge Media
All photos by me! 

Plastic Ruffles and Real Parties

photo via Her Royal Heinous, Queen Bee
I got an email yesterday that made my day!  A wonderful blogger named Amelia emailed to thank me for sharing the tutorial for the plastic streamers I did and that she used them recently at a party.  Yeah!!!  And look how the ruffles and the adorable party turned out!!!
photo via Her Royal Heinous, Queen Bee
Check out the cute colors and adorable styling!  Of course I adore the cupcake stand with the Eiffel Tower since I have a niece named Paris…
photo via Her Royal Heinous, Queen Bee
And the baked goods!  CUTE!  Go check out her post here to see more photos and details of the party.  And remember the HGTV Easter Tablescape article that was making the rounds?  Well Amelia’s was one of them featured!  This gal has some talent!  Oh and did I mention that she called my tutorial for the streamers “brilliant”?  Just saying…
I’m racing the clock to get up pictures of my own Easter project!!  I’ve gone completely bonkers with my son’s 5th bday party (today is his actual bday so you know I gotta spoil him today too!) a week from Saturday, so I’m finding time to post really hard!  But the Easter decor is totally worth it so check back!!!

The cutest ruffled streamers from plastic tablecloths!

hbd sign with plastic tablecloth rufflesHi everyone!! As this tutorial is YEARS old and the photography is not super great, I thought I would add a newer photo of the ruffled streamers from plastic tablecloths.  I just used them for a party I styled and they looked so cute!  FIY, you can also cut strips of the tablecloth and then fringe one side.  Photo above by Dez and Tam.  See original tutorial below!

How cute are these!  I’m not even sure how this idea came to me (and it has probably already come to someone else out there too…) but I started thinking about how sometimes when you stretch plastic it warps it and creates a sort of lettuce edge.  I gave it a try and they turned out super cute.  So with just using a cheap plastic tablecloth you can create bunches of darling ruffled streamers.

This streamer above was the white version I tried a few weeks ago.  Now, these plastic streamers might not work for someone who is a total perfectionist and needs everything to look super finished and polished.  For me, however, these are perfect!  My first intro to ruffled garlands was from the radically talented Jenny of Hank and Hunt.  Hers are made from fabric and are gorgeous but since my sewing skills are elementary at best, there was is chance that I could recreate those.  If by chance you are a sewing maven, go check out her tutorial here.  When I read it I thought for a very brief second that I might be able to, in fact, give them a shot.  But alas, no way.

I have a bunch of plastic tablecloths on hand so I’m not sure of the exact cost but I would have to say each would be between $1 and $2.  And because I get bored very easily when putting together a tutorial, I didn’t cut the whole cloth to see how many garlands you could get out of it.  Here is my estimate:  a bunch, ok I’d guess about 15 depending on the width you cut.  I’d also like to point out the wrinkles in my cute fabric tablecloth.  Ain’t no chance I’m going to be ironing things before I do a tutorial.  Given that most of them take place during a nap time, and I’m lazy, chances are good that you will be seeing wrinkles in most of my instructions. So to make these you’ll need a plastic tablecloth, a rotary cutter and cutting mat and ruler. Ok, you don’t HAVE to have a rotary cutter I guess but it sure makes it super easy.

Do not unfold the tablecloth once you take it out of the package.  You will want to find the side with the end of the tablecloth, not the fold, so when you cut you will get a strip.  And thanks to that last sentence I could quite possibly be the worlds worst tutorialist.  Cut as many strips as you want.

If only I had a third hand this portion of the tutorial would be more informative.  Basically you will want to the plastic in one hand between your thumb and pointer finger and hold the plastic the same way in the other hand right next to the first hand.  And pull your thumbs away from each other.  Give it a test so you can figure out how much and how far you should stretch it.  The good thing about these is that they are never going to come out exactly the same as the last stretch so variety is fine.  Also, you will tear the plastic once in a while.  As long as you haven’t torn it clear through to the other side, it is also fine. The tear sort of ruffles as well and blends in.  I wouldn’t point the tears out to my party guests but I would totally use the garland. *UPDATED TO ADD these actually warp easier and faster if you fold the strip so there are several layers to pull at once.  It is less likely to rip and goes SO much faster.  I will warn you, I have given myself blisters from making these.  But they go away pretty quickly.  And what is a little pain for the cutest party decoration ever? ;)

Stretch down one length of the plastic strip and then flip the strip over and do the other side.

I did this when my husband was out of the house.  When he got home he thought they were really cool but swears it must be too time consuming.  Uh, hullo!  I did it!  It’s totally not time consuming.  And this is one of those party projects you could easily do while watching tv.  I even tried putting two strips of the plastic on top of each other to stretch two at once.  It worked great!

I’m not sure if you all have heard but California had some “weather” this weekend.  It was freezing outside the day I did this (you guys, it was like 54).  So I literally stapled these babies up, took as many pictures as I could and ran back inside.  I could have hung them up cuter but quite frankly my fingers were beginning to get frost bite (yes, I’m a baby).  But here is the amazing thing.  They are still up in my backyard as we speak.  They have been outside through rain, hail, wind and sun.  They look exactly the same as when I first put them up.  These would be so great for anywhere that is windy or has lots of moisture in the air.

They are also SUPER lightweight.  Although I used my staple gun I am pretty sure that depending on what type of surface you are trying to attach to, most kinds of tape should be able to hold them.

I think what I like most about the idea of using a plastic tablecloth to make really cheap, really cute ruffles is that you can make a ton for next to nothing.  I can see using a ton of them, all different colors for a crazy photobooth back drop.  Which would cost you around $5.  While it does take some of your time to make them, you could make a huge impact with these around your party.

I also wondered if you could do it around the edge of the tablecloth to get a super girly ruffly look.  You totally can!  Don’t judge my composition.  I was working against the clock here people.
Wait, what’s that you say, Sharon.  It was freezing outside the day you did this tutorial?  Oh and there is your son barefoot out on the freezing concrete with no jacket.  And to you I say, yes.  You are right.  I think this shall secure the sarcastic mother of the year award for me.  But I just needed one quick picture of this last garland.  This is made from a black utility trash bag.  I just needed to see if it would work.  It did.
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Hank and Hunt has new goodies!

Um.  Have you seen these new goodies from Hank and Hunt? Ridiculous.  Check out that metal cupcake stand!!!!!  What?!? And her printables…the ikat and confetti? Gingham! Sheer genius. Go buy them.  Right now.  Printies are like $5.  Less than Starbucks.  (ok, I never spend that much on a drink at Starbucks but I have to imagine that the big gulp size costs the same as a smart car).  So proud of Jenny and the products she is adding.  She is truly talented.  I want to be her when I grow up.

image via Hank and Hunt.