Tillamook Co Op and Brunch

Have you joined the Tillamook Co-Op. It's dairy done right and you can be part of it. They'll be throwing tons of events, focusing on their products. You're going to want to be there.You guys! Have you signed up for the Tillamook Co-Op yet? You know Tillamook for their amazing cheeses. You probably know them for their yummy ice creams (So Cal is slowly starting to get more varieties) but they also do yogurt etc. And they focus on really good ingredients. Well they want you to be part of their family. So sign up for the Co-Op and get a say in real company decisions. You get a say in new flavors, you can give your opinion on existing products and you can even name one of their Cows! Cool! Even cooler is that they are going to be putting on really awesome VIP events, all over the U.S. to promote their #DairyDoneRight movement. They want to unite dairy fans who feel strongly about real, honest food. If that’s you, sign up! I attended their first event this weekend and it was amazing! Tillamook Co-Op partnered with Tasting Table at the Eveleigh in Los Angeles and treated us to a fantastic brunch!

Corpse Reviver cocktail from the Eveleigh for the Tillamook and Tasting Table brunch.We started out with some Corpse Reviver #2’s made by the Eveleigh bartenders. This gin based cocktail was SO good! And I now must figure out how to make it.

Tillamook Co-Op and Tasting Table brunch at the Eveleigh in Los Angeles.I have been dying to check out the Eveleigh and this picture does not do it justice. It sits right on busy Sunset Blvd., but you would never know it. You enter on a front patio that is covered in greenery and charm. There is a small area with booths nestled across from the bar in the main room of the building. But the real gem is the covered patio in the back. With retractable roof panels, the lighting is GORGEOUS! They open and shut the panels as needed to ensure that all guests are comfortable. It feels like you are sitting in a home. It is so welcoming and inviting.

Tillamook Co-Op brunch with Tasting Table in Los Angeles.We found our spots at the table and I fell in love with the simple rustic beauty of the table.

Tillamook extra sharp cheddar croissants at the Eveleigh in Los Angeles.The courses started rolling out. There were gasps of delight as the hand rolled Tillamook Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar Croissants came out. They really didn’t need any butter. But I didn’t want to be rude…

Delicious Tillamook cheddar croissant from the Everleigh for the Tillamook Co-Op brunch.It was the most flakey croissant of my life thus far. And then as you got to the center, there was this glorious pocket of hot cheese. It was like finding a little present. And I forced myself to only eat one so I would have room for the next courses.

Seeded granola with Tillamook yogurt sorbet and fresh berries.Next up we had parfaits that we made ourself. The seeded granola was a nice spin on the traditional variety and had a real earthy flavor that paired perfectly with the fresh fruit. But the star of the show was the Tillamook Old-Fashioned Vanilla Greek Yogurt that had been turned in to a sorbet! What?! Loved this little twist.

Delicious Homemade granola parfait from the Tillamook and Tasting Table brunch.And now I want to look up how to make sorbet and make these for any brunch entertaining I do.

Luxardo cherry in cocktail coupe at the Eveleigh.Oops, my drink is gone. I wanted about 6 more but since I was driving, I had to savor this one. And you know when you see a Luxardo cherry you are dealing with people who take their cocktailing seriously. Bloody Mary’s were also served with a Tillamook Hot Habanero Jack Garnish. I almost ordered one just for the cheese.

Eggs in a basket with extra sharp Tillamook cheddar and Eveleigh bacon.Cheese, you say? I love that the brunch was served family style. And we all just about jumped over each other to get to the next dish. Egg in a basket, Shear Rock greens, Eveleigh bacon, Tillamook Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar. Boom. The bitter greens helped to balance the fat from the cheese. Man. I’m still thinking of that bacon! I’ve never prepared eggs this way either, but this was definitely a people pleaser.

Tillamook greek yogurt lemon cake with marionberry pie ice cream.And dessert! My favorite! On appearance, this seemed like a pretty simple dessert. But the flavors were off the charts! This was a Tillamook Plain Green Yogurt Lemon Cake with Tillamook Marionberry Pie Ice Cream. What?! You guys! There is bits of pie crust in the ice cream! And the cake! I could have eaten my weight in that cake.

Affogato with Tillamook vanilla ice cream.And lastly affogato with Tillamook Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream. I wanted to swim in this.

What I love about Tillamook is that they love to share their product with you but they want you to make it your own. I love how they work with different chefs and let them really showcase their talents and styles while using Tillamook. It produces some really great collaborations and now you can be a part of them! Learn more about Tillamook products here.

You can see all of the images from this weekends event on Tasting Table’s Facebook page.

Sign up for the Co-Op today!

First image is via Tillamook Co-Op. All other images are mine.


Great Gift for Men and Foodies : Mantry

*I was sent a Mantry box to review.  Well, I kind of let my husband review this one because he’s a man.  But I am telling you my thoughts on the Mantry box as a gift idea. Themed artisinal food boxes for monthly subscription.  Great way to try out new products.  Makes a great gift! //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI am always on the look out for great gift ideas.  I love to give gifts that are unique or super personal to the person I am buying for.  My husband is super hard to shop for.  So when I came across Mantry I was REALLY hoping it would be something I could get for my husband.  And it totally was.  Mantry is the “Modern Man’s Pantry” and is an artisinal, food-focused gift subscription aimed at men.  And I think this idea is amazing.  Each month is themed and the hand picked, American made items go together in some way.  The box we received was Thai themed.  This is totally something my husband would be in to.  He likes spice, he likes snacks and it’s always cool to try new things.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if a gift box subscription is going to be worth it.  I think this one totally is.  The amount and type of products received was great and I would happily gift this to our men friends.   

Mantry Gift Box Subscriptions for Men and Food Lovers  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI was going to hold this for his Father’s Day gift but decided that wasn’t really fair since he saw me shooting these photos.  And was asking a lot of questions.  I couldn’t really hide the part of the box that said “Mantry” so I guess his questioning was justified.  I had to do some traveling a few weeks ago and while away my husband made sure to tell me how delicious this jerky was.  I was hoping there was some left for me when I got home.  There was not.  We have not tried all the products yet but we are super excited to.  There are some really unique things in there.  Things we probably wouldn’t have picked out on a grocery store shelf but since they were sent to us, we are totally excited to try.  

Cool label design on this hot sauce.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comWhat I love about this idea is that it is a great way to feature small companies that people might now know about.  And some of the product design was fantastic like this hot sauce right here.  And the site also features recipes of how to use the products included.  For example, they show you how to use the sauce above for Thai Chili Chicken Wings.  And I think I might like to test out the Thai Basil Margarita this weekend.

Great gift idea for men! //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comEven better, each box contains a guide that tells you all about the products included and also a map showing where they came from.  This is a really well thought out gift box and I think Mantry is a great gift for men and foodies.

*Thank you for supporting the companies and brands that allow me to do what I do.  While some posts are paid and some are not, I strive to bring you the things that truly stand out to me that I think you will love too.  If there is a product you think I would love, shoot me and email! cupcakesandcutlery at gmail dot com.


Eat the Ball Basketball Rolls

Sports themed bread!  How cool is this! How freaking insane are these basketball shaped rolls?!  I can’t get over them!  My husband brought these home because he thought the boys would get a kick out of them.  And they did.  But so did I.  I mean, how perfect are these for March Madness?!  They are by a company called Eat the Ball and they actually come in several other ball shapes as well.  So fun!

So perfect for any sport themed party! I have never heard of them before and am so excited to share them with you!  As a mom to two little boys, it just makes sense that they eat sandwiches on ball-shaped bread.

The coolest bread ever! How perfect would these be for a team party at the end of a season?  I’m pretty sure the kid’s heads would explode.  But be warned.  You totally want to throw these around.  This little guy and I couldn’t help but play a quick game of catch with the ball.

Look at these ingredients.  I know what all of them are.  That is awesome.  And the bread is cute too. These rolls can be found in the freezer section.  And just look at those ingredients?!  I know what all of those are!  Once you defrost the bread, you need to consume it within 24 hours.  I kind of love that.  This is some fresh stuff!  The ball rolls feel heavy and while they are a bit dense, they are not too bready.  They also have this really nice sweetness to them.  So not only are they adorable but the flavor is great too.

You guys!  It is basketball shaped bread! How fun for March Madness?! He shoots, he scores!!

You can't watch pro basketball without a sandwich made on baskeball shaped bread. Cutest sandwich ever, am I right?  Take a look at their website to find out if they are found in your area.  They seem to be at most Bristol Farms and some other smaller farmer’s market type places.  I’m telling you, if you have little boys, you HAVE to get these!  They will think you are the coolest ever.

The coolest!! Eat the Ball makes sport ball shaped bread.  Which make the cutest, sportiest sandwiches ever. I just know all you party planning moms are going to freak out about these like I did.  These just took your sport’s themed parties to the next level.  You’re welcome.


10 Entrees for Sunday Supper Plus a Few Yummy Side Dishes

*This post is a sponsored opportunity by Foodie.com. All opinions are mine. And I love food. So I’m happy to share these recipes with you.

I LOVE Sundays. While I cook dinner about 5-6 nights a week, there is something about cooking a Sunday supper that makes me so happy. In winter, I love to put a slow-cooking dish on the stove, like delicious short ribs. I would never attempt to make them on a weeknight. On Sundays, my husband is usually around to help look after or play with the boys and I can take my time in the kitchen, turn the music up and be able to focus on a new recipe or one that takes more of my attention. During summer, I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking, but rather enjoying a more simple entree with yummy side dishes on the patio with my family. There is an ease to Sunday that makes everyone seem a little bit more relaxed and makes spending time together that much more fun. While a big, pre-planned BBQ might take place on a Saturday night, smaller more impromptu neighbor BBQ’s seem to happen on Sundays. This collection of recipes is what I will be drawing from for the next few Sunday dinners.

BTW, do you know Foodie.com? I’m pretty new there but it is another great resource for finding recipes easily.

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Healthier Snack Ideas for Kids

Motts logo

There are decent granola bar options for kids to snack on.I decided to sit my kids down the other day to see if I could figure out some healthier snacking options for them.  I started off by asking them what their favorite junk foods are.  My oldest said, “the middle of those chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate caramel pretzel granola bars, lattes (He’s joking, he’s never had a latte.  That I am aware of.) and ice cream.  My youngest said, “ice cream, any kind of chocolate, pretty much all candy and gummy fruit snacks.”  I wasn’t surprised by their answers.  And that was a good starting point for trying to give them better options while still getting a little bit of what they want.  What do you think your kids would say?

Both of my kids love chocolate so I try to cut down the amount they get by pairing it with fruit or pretzels. Studies show that dark chocolate has good properties, right?  And moderation is the key.  So I am fine including chocolate in their snacking.  But I make sure that it isn’t the entire snack and that I pair it with fruit or pretzels, both of which go AMAZING with dark chocolate.  This way, they aren’t eating an entire chocolate bar, or a bunch of chocolate candy, but getting a little to satisfy their cravings.

Dried fruit can take the place of high sugar gummy snacks.My youngest would happily survive on gummy snacks if I let him.  So I decided to try swapping them with straight up dried fruit.  While there is still a lot of sugar in dried fruit, there isn’t all the other funky chemicals like in those crazy-colored, super chewy fruit gummies.  At least I am pretty sure there isn’t all that other stuff in there…

sunflower seeds make a healthier snack for kids but is still crunchy with some salt.Sometimes they ask for chips or sugar cereals for a snack.  Due to food allergies, we can’t give them nuts, but salted sunflower seeds are a great substitute.  They are crunchy and salty with good fats which their little bodies need.  I, on the other hand, need to be careful with these in the house because I want to eat them by the spoonful.  So yummy.

sunbutter and banana "quesadilla" is a great after school snack idea.When they get home from school I like to give them a snack that is a little bit more hearty.  If I don’t, I find they ask for more food several times leading up to dinner.  For this snack I make Sunbutter and banana “quesadillas”.  There is no cheese in these, they just look like a quesadilla.  The Sunbutter is a great substitute for peanut butter (dumb allergies) and the banana is a nice sweet touch.  You can make it even a little bit more decadent by spraying a non-stick pan with a little bit of spray oil and then grilling it up.  Oh man.  Try this.  

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