Living Room Update : Storage Cabinet

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Storage cabinet as bar cart. //

Our living room is coming along. VERY slowly. We are super happy with our new rug. We have ordered a new chair. And we are preparing to put up a gallery wall of some of our favorite art. For our gallery wall, we wanted the prints to work around a small piece of furniture. At first we were thinking about something like a small decorative table, but we were having a really hard time finding the perfect piece. This spot is right in our entry way, so it can’t come too far out from the wall, and we want it to be a little tall, something that wouldn’t look too small against a large focal point wall. And while I wasn’t originally thinking about a storage cabinet, that is precisely what we found. And it is perfect! For so many reasons. I also never dreamed I would use it as a bar area. But guess what. It’s full of booze. And both my husband and I LOVE it (the cabinet. The booze too but only in a socially acceptable way). That almost never happens.

I was familiar with Sauder from doing a previous post so I knew that they would have furniture that suits my style. I spent a few hours really scouring the site and looking to see what might fit the space the best. But as you do, I got all side tracked and pretty much furnished my whole home in my head before I got back on track and really focused on the task at hand. I still have my eye on this chair though. The site is super easy to use and breaks it down for people who want to search for things in various ways. I love that! Like, at first I searched ‘Tables and Nightstands’ but then popped over to search ‘Living Room’ and then finally under the ‘Style Lab’ tab which shows the furniture in styled vignettes. It makes it really easy to find the pieces you want to see while also showing you things you might not have been thinking about. Once I found this cupboard – I mean, the faux marble top grabbed my attention and I couldn’t shake it I was ready to place my order. The ordering was simple and in a week or so, it showed up at my door.

My husband and I opened up the box and started building the cabinet. There were really easy to follow instructions in the box and I am certain that I could have put it together without him. But that is how our roles are divided in our household. He gets bugs, trash and building things. I get taking pictures, nagging and smiling sweetly when he threatens to walk off the job…

I was really impressed at how each piece was labeled and it was easy to lay out and organize how to put it together. But I was also impressed at how affordable it was without sacrificing style. While it is a faux marble top, it still looks really nice and the shape of the wooden legs help the whole piece to look modern and stylish. If you found this piece at a trendy furniture store it would cost 3 times as much.

How great does this look! I kept the styling simple for now as we are going to build the gallery wall around it and won’t have this photo leaning against the wall when that happens. The colors work so well in the room and are really interesting how they all work together. But you know what else I’m super excited about?!

It’s full of cocktails! I never thought I would have a designated bar area in my living room. I mean, we have two small boys who kick soccer balls around the house and love to wrestle.

The fact that mama’s favorites can be tucked away inside the cabinet makes it perfect. Since this is the first thing that you see when you enter our home, I didn’t really want to have liquor bottles set out in plain sight as if to say, “Welcome to my home. Let’s get sloshed.” And I now have a place to house my wine glasses. These glasses do not fit in my kitchen cupboards. Dumb.

I love marble. Faux or not.

Marble topped cabinet works perfect as a bar cart. //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comThis cabinet is going to be so great for entertaining.  The surface will wipe clean easily and I can make drinks where the guests are instead of being stuck in the kitchen preparing them.  It’s so funny how you start out thinking you want one thing and end up with something else.  The unexpected plus of this cabinet is that I now have another surface to style in this room.  I found during the holidays last year that I really didn’t have anywhere to set decorations, so this year I’ll be able to set out a little village or something.  SO excited about that!   I can’t wait to get started on the gallery wall to finish off this spot in our living room.  And I’m certain Sauder has a TV stand that would round out the furniture update in that room.  I think I’ll go look right now…  

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I Adore my new Floor Lamp from

*I was given a lamp by  All opinions are mine.

Adesso Boulevard Floor LampYes, I hugged a lamp.  We moved in to this house five months ago.  And that whole time we have been without a light in our living room.  We have been using a combination of the entryway light and the dining room light.  And when partnered with the glow of the ever-present television, well, the room still isn’t very bright or inviting.  When reached out and asked if I would like to take a look at their selection of lamps I got SO excited.  Was I really going to get a lamp for my front room finally?!  There was really no reason we didn’t have one other than my husband and I are still working out what our decor styles are and what we thought that room needed.  Decisions can be paralyzing.  And I thought I was going to have a really hard time choosing since has SO many lamps to choose from.  But in the end, the decision came pretty quickly!

Floor lamp from Lamps.comOriginally we had a small square end table that took up the whole space between the mirrored wall and the couch.  The first decision was whether we wanted to do a floor lamp or a table lamp.  I found some great options for both like this one (maybe too mid-century) and this one (too traditional) and this (love love love but more than we wanted to spend).  There are literally bajillions of lamps to choose from.  And they cover every style you can think of.  The site makes it really easy to narrow down the searches by style, color, price etc.  In the end, I came across what I thought would be the perfect floor lamp, the Boulevard Floor Lamp from Alesso.   At first I was worried about the scale of the lamp and if it would be too plain.  But it is perfect.

from Lamps.comThe lamp arrived in a box and was very easy to put together.  It was protected really well and in a mere minutes I had my new living room lamp.  Which I promptly hugged as if it was a long lost friend.  We opted to get rid of the square table and I found this really cute faux granite rectangular table instead.  I know I don’t have any before photos but this lamp and table combo REALLY completes this side of the room!  It is cozy and homey (and hanging the art certainly helped with that).  And the best part is that I have my spot back!  Right there on the chaise with my fave blanket and my reading light.  My husband and I actually fight over it.  While there is still furniture that I want to replace in the room and more art to hang, adding this floor lamp really helped to make it feel like home again.  I am grateful for for sending me this awesome lamp!

* provided a lamp for me to review.  All opinions are mine.