New Music Mondays

Welcome to New Music Mondays! I hope you will enjoy our playlists designed to introduce music to your kids in a fun way.  I want to share different genres (ska, rap, rock, country {bleck. that is going to be hard for me. I might need a guest poster for that one.}) as well as different categories and styles (oldies, collaborations, sampling, etc.). This is mostly meant to be fun but if you want to expand the conversation you can use the talking points for the playlists below. In our house, each New Music Monday is done at dinner and we allow for a few “dance breaks” where the kids are allowed to get up from the table and dance.  *While I make every effort to make sure that the songs are appropriate for the kids under 12 (obviously I think they are appropriate for my kids, ages 5 and 8 – but each household is different), it is up to you to screen the songs to make sure you are comfortable with your kids hearing them.  Each playlist will be about half an hour but we can adjust it if we think it needs to be longer!  Playlists will be found (and playable) from the sidebar to the right of this post!  I will make every effort to get the new list up on Sunday night so you have time to listen to them before dinner on Monday!

Oh!  And I’m really sorry, but I think there are Rdio ads in the middle of some of the songs or maybe just when the playlist starts over.  But I’m not going to pay to upgrade at the moment so…:)  And I have a lot more music inspired posts!

Week of June 23, 2014:  Party all the Time

Week of June 16, 2014:  First Wave for the Littles

Week of June 9, 2014:  Easy Listening Metal from the 80’s

Week of June 2, 2014:  Old School Rap for Kids