Muscle Tee from Men’s T Shirt

andrea of for the love of

How cute is Andrea from For the Love of?  When I read this post of hers, on wearing rock n roll t-shirts, it changed the course of my summer.  Men’s graphic t-shirts are super easy to find and are usually very inexpensive.  But the fit is just so boxy and unflattering.  Long story short, make a few easy snips to make it work for you.   So I gave it a try.

modifying a mens tshirt


I posted the results on my instagram and the people asked for a tutorial.  And what the people want, the people get.  mens t to muscle t tutorial


Grab a t-shirt from the men’s department and a pair of scissors.

cut sleeves off


Please don’t make me write out instructions for this…

cut off sleeves 2

both sleeves gone

cut off neck

cut off hem of shirt

cut off sleeveless t-shirt


I wore this shirt out on a fun bike ride with my friend the other night.  I’m even going to overlook my bloated stomach (after a long weekend of eating ginormous amounts of amazing food) because how rad does my hair look?  All wind-blown and fantastic.  The shirt is pretty cute too, right?  I have about 3 shirts like this.  I know I probably should vary my summer wardrobe but they are just so darn comfortable.  So, thank you for sharing Andrea!

kids diy sleeveless tshirtOh yeah.  And it works just the same on kid’s t-shirts.  How cute does my son look?  Wait, I mean, how tough does my son look?  Because he thinks he could kick your ass when he wears this shirt.





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    This is SO good! I love wearing these types of t’s under blazers. Even for client meetings-maybe that’s a bit edgy, but I sometimes think it reminds them that I’m a creative, not corporate. Ha! I’m definitely stealing this idea…. er, borrowing.

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