Knott’s Berry Farm Ticket Giveaway and summer fun for your family!

I have two Knott’s Berry Farm tickets (one day – not season passes) to give away!  Skip to the bottom if you don’t want to walk down memory lane with me.

My husband is not going to like that I posted this photo.  My husband and I have known each other since junior high school.  We were best friends through most of high school, which is when this photo was taken, and began dating after college.  After college is also when my husband finally grew taller than me.  He doesn’t enjoy the early photos of us that remind him of this fact.  But I LOVE this photo.  My sister took this photo of us outside of the main gate (11th grade I think?), just feet from where I checked in for one of the last Knott’s events I attended.  This picture sits on a shelf by my sink and I see it every day.  It reminds me of all the fun I and we’ve had at Knott’s Berry Farm with our friends and family over the years:

-I can smell of the Berry Tales Ride, in all it’s boysenberry goodness, like it was yesterday.

-As a kid, I saw Michael Damian (what?  You don’t remember him?) sing his hit Rock On in the Charles M. Schulz Theater with some other talented musical acts (I’m pretty sure this group was there too).  I think this could be considered my very first concert now that I look back on it.  Be jealous.

-In high school, I remember feeling pretty grown up being dropped off at the front gate and having hours and hours to do whatever we wanted.

-I remember one time when some knucklehead we were with started acting really stupid on the Mine Ride saying, “hit me, hit me” over and over to anyone who would listen.  So my girl friend finally clocked him.

-Soapbox racers was my favorite ride.  RIP.

-I remember having my then boyfriend hold my money for me (you never brought a purse to Knott’s) while at the park and forgetting to get it back from him at the end of the night.  Then he bought me my birthday present with it.  The Blood Sugar Sex Magik cassette tape.  While the music was good, we were not together long.

-The only time I was ever grounded (for real, I was a real rule follower…) was because my mom had to go around the block when she came to pick us up from Knott’s.  You are NOT late with my mom.  Even now I think she would ground me if I was late…

-After college 3 girlfriends and I went to Knott’s for some summer fun.  It was a perfect night of classic girl time, you know, riding roller coasters.

And I really want to go back for another adults only trip.  It is kind of torture to go with the kids and not be able to ride the coasters…and summer is the perfect time to do it.  Who’s in?

But your family needs some summer fun too.  And the Knott’s Season Pass is such a great deal!  Adults are $69.99 and seniors (62+) and kids (3-11) are $64.99.  They also offer a payment plan!  There are so many different ways to enjoy the park!  And the best part?   There are no black out dates!  Season pass holders also get special perks like discounts on food (I’m dying to try Spurs Chop House!) and merchandise as well as Bring-A-Friend discount days and collector’s pins.

To purchase your Season Pass go here!

And be sure to follow Knott’s for park info and tag them with all the Knott’s family fun you are having!

Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram at @KnottsBerryFarm

And now for the giveaway…

I have two adult one-day park passes for one person to win.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your favorite Knott’s memory or, if you haven’t been yet, tell me who you want to take with you to make Knott’s memories.  Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.  One entry per person, please.  It would also be cool for you to “like” Knott’s on Facebook but since they are providing your family with easy summer fun, I wanted to keep this contest easy too.  I’ll choose one winner, randomly.  You have until midnight, Sunday, June 10, 2012 to leave your comment and I will announce the winner on Monday, June 11, 2012.

*Knott’s Berry Farm provided the tickets for this giveaway.  Thank you, Knott’s!  I heart you!





  1. J Alonso says

    I have only been to Knotts once. This was about four years ago. I went with my two brothers and my future sister-in-law. We had a great time. I remember that day very fondly. I would love to go again with them and have relive some of those moments.

  2. says

    My favorite memories of Knott’s are the log ride & delicious chicken dinners! Neither hubby or have have been since our youth, and we’d love to take our kids to experience Snoopy and the Gang, the rides, the sounds, smells, and tastes of Knott’s!

  3. Kyla says

    My favorite memory of Knott’s is when my dad bought my brother and I some spaceman-ish sunglasses and we thought we were so cool. Good times.

  4. Luke says

    No worries the bad ones prepared me for life a little faster then most kids I just wanted people to understand what places like Knotts means to kids and that it is a safe place for kids to grow up a bit! ;-) I’m well I actually took a friend to Knotts last thanksgiving and we had a blast riding the new and old rides. The dinosaurs are extinct now!! Tell your hubby hello!

  5. Luke says

    Love the photo and if there is a reunion at Knotts I am so in!
    If this is randomly chosen please give the tickets to another poster..

    So I’m going to open up about my youth! Single mother no father raised in motels around Anaheim, Stanton, Buena park, etc etc any one room joint that rented weekly would do till we either got evicted or my mom met a new random boyfriend. Mind you I wouldn’t change it at all! It was not easy and there was abuse but I became the man I am today! I needed to lay that ground work down for my Knotts berry farm stories. Knotts became part of my world when my uncle bought me a year pass for graduating 6th grade. My friends all asked for one too at the time so we were a group of three 12 year olds hitting puberty finding ourselves. We would fold over and roll up our pant legs and try and have some cool shoes and walk from beach and ball to Knotts or race the 29 bus down beach cause I never liked to wait for it so I would race it most of the time tying a couple victories if I jay walked. So Knotts was another world for me. I wasn’t judged for where I lived and What my home life was like I was free to do anything ride the coaster but mostly being young we would chat up the girls and talk them into riding the log ride or the kingdom of the dinosaurs I was blond then and was told i had a Ricky Shroeder look at he was the man back then! Knotts became my Sand Lot learning lesson after lesson meeting the workers chatting up the older girl workers, learning all the secrets where every camera was in Kingdom of the dinosaurs, every sit sit sit down sensor on the log ride, the roaring twenties door which you could ring a button and a speak easy mobster would answer, ghost town where there was a dummy in a jail cell and an old man that sat in a shop window and converse with us through the dummy about the craziest stories, the hidden make out spots in camp snoopy and fiesta village, so many memmories do many friends.. I wasn’t always good there being a troubled youth I did steal a musket or 2 and trinkets and stuffed snoopy dogs for the girls but I also spent most of the money I had on over priced drinks and funnel cake! My most favorite thing about that time in my life was Cloud 9 and Studio K where all the older kids got to dance at night and since I had no curfew I was able to see the magic that the park had in djs and crazy kids dressed in black and with safety pins attached to there clothes boy George look alikes maddona want to be likes! I can truly say now that I sit here and write about that time that Knotts was southern California culture and a guide into my teen years! I have many more stories about that place that I’ll save for my screen play but thank you for bringing back such a great time in my life..

    • Sharon Garofalow says

      Dude! How are you! When they asked me if I wanted to give tickets away I was excited but really it made me think of all the fun times I’ve had at the park since I was a kid. I’m sure it is because we all lived so close, but Knott’s was a huge part of our youth from school field trips to just riding the rides. I love that we can all think about those good times (but sorry you had to endure some bad ones too:( ) Next time you are home let’s do a Knott’s reunion!!

  6. Shelly Nicola says

    My husband and I have been married 28 years this month. Our second date was a trip to Knotts Berry Farm on New Years Eve. If my memory serves me right, an 80’s band Quarter Flash was the headliner that night! There are so many funny memories of that evening, however two really stand out. First, was when he called me a “cheap date” because I wouldn’t order anything to eat (that’s when I knew I would marry this guy!). Second, our first kiss at midnight. Also, when our son was younger (he’s now 24) it was a huge deal to spend the day at Camp Snoopy. His favorite ride was huff and puff! I wonder if it’s still there?

  7. says

    that pic of you two is ADORABLE!!! i only went to knotts once when i was really young, so i dont really remember it… so i would love to take the kids and have it be a new adventure :)

  8. amy says

    first of all, that is the cutest picture i’ve ever seen in my whole long life! i want to be that happy.
    second of all, if i win, i will take you on a date with me to knotts. you obviously know how to have some fun there. hollah.

  9. April Hancock says

    Being dropped off at Knott’s Berry Farm was the ultimate sign of adolescent independence…the late 80s were good times. “Clubbing” at Cloud 9 and Studio K…in our creepers and Z Cavarrichi’s . I am so glad there were no cell phone cameras back then. All the memories (and fashion mishaps) are safely locked up in my mind.

    I haven’t been to Knott’s in years and I cannot believe I have never taken my kids! We will have to check it out as a family this summer.

  10. Melissa says

    I grew up going to Knotts, and didn’t every 5th grader go for their historical presentation too?!? Would love to make memories there with my kids!

  11. Amanda Hawley says

    Hard to pick one memory when there were SO many! Kingdom of the dinasours, soapbox racers (RIP is RIGHT!!), having fun with the bandits on the train when they pretended to rob everyone…good times! I recently had the pleasure of being a chaparone for my 3rd graders class to learn about Indian heritage. It was SO awesome to be back at the park again. We got to go on the log ride during the field trip. It had been many years since I had been on it but every turn and dip came right back to me. I even remembered (and taught two of the 3rd grade girls that were riding with me) that on the way up to the final drop, if you put your hands really high in the air, the ride will repeatedly yell at you, “Sit down! Sit down!!” Good times!!

    If I were to win then I would take back my hubby and all three of my kids so that they could experience some of the joy I did so many years ago. Thanks Sharon for bringing back so many wonderful memories with this post! Loved it!

  12. Anthony Galvan says

    My favorite Knott’s memory was the summer when I had an annual pass. I would walk to my best friend’s house and we would walk to Knott’s from there. I remember that the thing to do was to “scam” on the ride called “Kingdom of the Dinosaurs”. I had no idea what “scam” meant, but I knew it involved a boy and a girl. Come to think of it, I still don’t know what that means (kissing maybe?). Needless to say I never got the chance to “scam” at Knott’s. Maybe if I win this contest, my wife and I can “scam” on all the rides.

  13. ErikaTheJester says

    How do I pick just one Knott’s memory? Despite the thrill and excitement provided by the vast array of coasters, nothing could be more thrilling than hopping on the Log Ride with a super cute boy in tow. Was there any other reason to go to Knott’s? As far as who I would take if I won? You know it would be you, Sharon! We can totally scam on guys together (with you as my wingman, of course)! :)

  14. Blanca says

    I remember when I was little this was the only theme park my Dad took us to he isn’t a very patient man so my mom would always take us to theme parks but for some reason this one he was ok with we had so much fun getting on the rides and also eating the amazing funnel cakes :)

    • Sharon Garofalow says

      Your story is so funny because I just found out a few months ago that my mom got to take a helicopter to Disneyland when the park opened because my grandpa didn’t want to take the kids (low patience, as well) but didn’t want them to drive from Palos Verdes!! I bet he would have liked Knott’s too. :)

  15. rosana zorrilla says

    Funnel Cake!
    I’d love to take my 7 year old son now that he’s tall enough to ride.
    I remember Funnel Cake lots & lots of funnel cake!

  16. says

    I have two favorite memories. One was our end-of-year 8th grade field trip where we got to roam the park the whole day – we felt like such big kids! My 2nd favorite memory was all the Halloween Haunts we went to in high school – especially with our boyfreinds. We thought we were so cool holding hands and kissing in the Calico Mine RIde! My parents still live by there – can’t wait to take them there this sumer!

  17. Tai James says

    Knotts Scary Farm about 9 years ago with my husband made me giggle because he HATES amusement parks of any kind. But that might be because he used to play in a funk band back in the 70s at Knott’s Berry Farm so the memories may have been scarier than the ghosts and goblins lurking in the darkness.

  18. says

    Tenth grade, Knott’s Scary Farm, held a boy’s hand during the Elvira show!
    12th grade, Knott’s Scary Farm, lost my virginity after going to the park with my boyfriend! Truth!
    Good ol’ Knotts brings back lots of memories!

  19. Lauren says

    Back in high school, my friend Michelle and I would go to Knott’s every chance we got during the summer of ’98. Our first trip, however, we decided to conquer our fear of heights and go on Supreme Scream. At this time, Supreme Scream was the most talked about ride, and the one ride most park-goers were afraid of.

    We wanted to be tough women and we thought, naturally, this was the way we would acheive that. We straped into our harnesses and up we went. I closed my eyes as we reached the top and I hear my friend Michelle praying something like, “Dear God, why did I do this?” Knowing she was scared helped me because I always want to make everyone feel better even though I’m freaking out. I did the only thing I knew to do in that moment; I started singing R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly”. Everyone within earshot, including Michelle, burst into laughter….which quickly turned into screams as we dropped. I think I threw up after that. I love Knott’s.

  20. says

    My favorite memory of Knott’s is when we went with the kids and they weren’t really young so they could ride the big rides and when we went on the Log Ride and we all laughed so hard the entire time.

  21. Sara says

    I too grew up with Knott’s right down the street from me and we went all the time growing up. So many great memories have been made there. I use to love to get boysenberry punch in a charachter shaped or fruit shaped plastic bottle with a curly straw (wonder if they still have those), and a funnel cake (nothing like knott’s funnel cake). And the BBQ Corn in Ghost Town was always so awesome. I still live right by Knott’s and now that my daughter will be 4 this year have been meaning to go get us all passes so we can share some new memories at Knott’s.

    Oh and Sharon I will totally do an adult Knott’s day with you :O)

  22. Amanda Smith says

    I can’t get over that picture, it is pretty awesome that you two have been together for soo long!

    My favorite Knott’s memories are with my in-laws, we usually get the whole family together around the holidays and do a big 20+ person group trip. It is a fun way to spend the day together and make great memories with the younger kids too.

  23. says

    OMG My favorite memories of Knott’s are for sure the classic rides – I was so bummed when they took out Soap Box Racers, because that was hands down my favorite ride as a kid.

    Speaking of hands-down, my favorite classic attraction now is the Log Ride – if you put your hands up and move em around just before any of the big drops, you can activate motion sensors that trigger an angry robot voice that yells at you to SIT DOWN!

    It’s the best!! Please send us to Knott’s k thanks!

  24. Diana Gonzalez says

    My favorite memories were going with all my family and enjoying the rides with my parents. Now my favorite memories are seeing my kids enjoy themselves at Camp Snoopy and grow into the big rides.

  25. Alisha Trapp says

    I have been to Knott’s so many times and yet my best memories are at the Chicken Dinner restaurant having breakfast with my parents.

  26. Michelle french says

    My best memory was senior year in high school when Kerry and I met my crush at Knotts (who was my then boss at Sam goody)! We had the best time. I am deathly afraid of roller coasters and I rode every single one that night. ….. Ahhh roller coasters and hand holding. Brings back such amazing memories of my youth :) I must get a season pass!

  27. Melissa says

    I remember my grandparents taking me to Knott’s when I was little. I have some great memories from that. Just being tall enough to ride the roller coaster. Meeting Snoopy and riding the train. I have never taken my three kids there and reading your memories reminded me how much I need to take them!

  28. amber says

    I’ve only been to knott’s a couple times. Montezuma’s revenge was my very first upside down roller coaster. I’d love to take my daughter there now. She loves snoopy.

  29. Camille Hughes says

    Oh how fun!! My son would absolutly LOVE to go! He’s finally tall enough to ride most of the bigger kid rides (he just turned three). What a great giveaway! Thx!!!!

  30. says

    Around age 10 or so, I became a total wus about going on rides. Be it Disneyland or Knott’s, even “family friendly” rides I had gone on at a much younger age terrified me. In 7th grade, we organized a trip to Knott’s (one of those “drop off at the gates” kind of trips you mentioned). The first ride my friends wanted to go on, of course — Montezuma’s Revenge. Not wanting to show my true colors, I fought back a panic attack and went — pretending I was looking forward to it just as much as they were. The result — I loved it! Phobia broken, and I had a blast the rest of the day.

    If we start a petition to bring back Soapbox Racers (and Sky Jump), do you think Knott’s would listen?

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