Cool Kids Book: When Miles Got Mad

When Miles Got Mad BookI have a son named Miles who gets mad.  About EVERYTHING.  He clenches his fists, growls and scowls when we go to school, run errands, mention we are going to the zoo, talk about taking a bath.  His first reaction is always anger.  Of course, he always ends up enjoying the activity.  I mean, what little kid wouldn’t have fun at the zoo?  But it is exhausting.  When I saw this book, When Miles Got Mad, I HAD to have it.  I would have bought it if it was a Matt that got mad but the fact that it was his actual name made it too perfect to pass up.  And I love anything from Ruby’s Studio.  We have Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day in bedtime story rotation so I knew this new book was going to be great too.

Cool Kids Book When Miles Got MadI love how they used photography and illustrations together in this book.  Not only is the book a great story about managing your anger, but it is done in a very aesthetically pleasing way too.  The story is about two brothers who are playing together and something gets broken.

Great book for kidsThe book explains that when you are angry, you turn in to a monster (although I think this monster could have been drawn a bit scarier – he’s still quite cute).  The only way to make that monster go away is to calm down and use your words.  In the end, Miles sees that his reaction was bad and he understands how to handle the situation with his brother better.

Such a cute book!  If you haven’t checked out the Ruby’s Studio books or videos you really need to.  My family loves them!

*NOT a sponsored post.  We love these books and I want you to love them too.



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