Cool Boys Clothes by Four Star

cool boys clothes by four starSometimes it is really hard to find cool boys clothes.  Especially when you get to that stage where you are between the Toddler/Kids sizes and the Boys sizes.  Luckily, my oldest is finally able to fit in most of the Boys clothes now.  Which opens up a whole bunch of new options.  Now he can wear all the skate/surf brands which don’t always make the smaller versions.  Such was the case with Four Star.  They have a youth line (use the “products” drop down menu to find the youth styles) that is pretty awesome.  And it finally fits on my son!!  I asked him to model some of it for you.  Apparently his model face is less “blue steel” and more “pissed off.”

4 Star Youth clothingWhile the clothes are still a touch too big, I am super excited about them.  This shirt is literally a smaller version of something my husband wears all the time.  And it would look super cute with the sleeves rolled up too.  See how happy the shirt makes him?

cool kids fashionThis lightweight sweatershirt, the Desford Hoody, is super cool.  I love the color combo and it’s really soft.  My son actually veto’d the sweatshirt option I picked out for him this morning in favor of this one.  He’s REALLY picky about what he wears so it made me really happy that he picked this out on his own.

four star youth flannelThere are a few flannel shirt options which work really well for heading in to spring.  Layer it over a t-shirt and it is the perfect thing to battle the chill on the way to school in the morning.

cool shirts for boysThe clothes are made really well and use nice materials.  Everything is super soft and I’m seriously in love with them.

youth pants by four starAnd I can’t wait until he can finally fit in to their pants, the Collective Chinos.  I’m probably going to have him try these on later.  You know, just for laughs.  The colors are rad and the material is a great weight.  Four Star just added a bunch of new styles to their site for spring.  And I want all of them!

Now, the question is, where the heck can you buy them?  This part is pretty frustrating.  I wanted to share them with you so you all could dress your boys super cool too.  But I am having the hardest time trying to track down the youth products.  The company directed me back to their “dealers” section (which links to all the dealers so while they might sell the adult clothes, they might not have the youth).  I spoke with a sales rep who reps the line and he suggested Active and Crail Shop…not good either.  The only thing I can say without investing any more of my time is that I would check back with Active and Crail Tap to see if they start selling them soon.  The line is relatively new and might just be rolling out in to stores.  So for now, my kids are cooler than yours because you can’t find it anywhere.  :)



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