Cute One Piece Swimsuits

I've graduated from bikinis but still want a cute swimsuit. This one piece bathing suit is perfect for moms who love fashion! The details are so cute! It happened. I bought a one piece bathing suit. I had every intention of being fit for the summer and rocking my usual two pieces. But I like food. And I’m a mom. Hanging out in a two piece at our neighborhood pool was starting to feel wrong. So I went on a quest for cute one piece swimsuits. And found the perfect suits! 


Online Shopping for Summer

Sometimes shopping online is the way to go when your kids are home for summer break. Here are some of my fave picks for a stylish summer.I really thought I could take my kids shopping with me. I had it all figured out. I took my best friend, who was visiting from out-of-town, with me. I figured she could keep an eye on them while I tried on a bathing suit. And it worked pretty well. I only had to stop a few times to break up a fight or check on a “head collision.” But when they started to get all up in the window displays, I knew I had to wrap it up. I got the suit, and nothing was damaged. But my friend has gone home and it’s just me and the boys. Which means, either I have to take them with me (and risk the ever worrisome ‘you break it, you bought it’) or I have to shop on the weekends when my hubby is home. And who wants to deal with mall crowds on the weekend? That leaves online shopping for taking care of my summer fashion needs and wants.

I’ve rounded up my fave items that I am coveting for the warm summer months. This way I can shop online and not have to worry about getting side eye for the young retail gals who don’t find two loud, grabby handed, boys cute. You know when I do a shopping post that the prices are always pretty reasonable unless it is an extra special item that you can use again and again (hullo, Marc Jacobs). What’s on your online shopping list for summer?

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Where’d You Get YoShirt

Have you guys heard of #Yoshirt yet? You may have noticed it in my side bar, or seen me mention it on instagram. I’m super excited to share this video with you of how the products are made. But I do want to disclose that this is my husband’s company. This is not a sponsored post but I am paid in unconditional love and support and now I want to give a little bit of that right back to him!

Some of you know that my husband recently got the chance of a lifetime. He is working full-time on a company called Yoshirt where you can make custom clothing and phone cases with your own photos and designs. They just finished this video explaining the process and wanted to share it. The products are super cool and I’m going to be designing some for myself to wear really soon!

Custom made Yoshirt socks. #yoshirtI get such a kick when my kid’s wear the custom socks they made of their principal for crazy sock day. Keep in mind these are adult sized socks (at the moment – more products being added soon). The possibilities are endless for this app! Go download it!

OMG! Where’d you get Yoshirt!


My Birthday Wish List

My birthday with list. Who wants to buy me these things? Whelp. It’s a few days before my birthday so I thought I would share some of the things I would love to receive as gifts. I realize that it is now too late for anyone to order these things and actually give them to me. And they are all clothes. The weather is warming up here and I’m really feeling like I need some new things in my warm weather wardrobe.

From top left going clockwise:

It is really hard to see what the shirt says in the top left corner. So here it is: “If Britney can make it through 2007, I can get through today.” TRUTH! Britney had a super shitty 2007 and she came out on the other side. Ain’t no Monday gonna hold me down. Best shirt ever.

And that darling unicorn shirt? It says: “I want to poke your eye out.” And I stinking love it.

I want these Birkenstocks. Like, bad.


I don’t wear a ton of shorts. Because shorts are dumb. But not these. I love the print, I love the cut. I love the color. Boom. The world’s perfect shorts.

And this Spell skirt is my everything. I want to slow dance with it. Because how cute would I look with this skirt on, slow dancing?!

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And if you have a minute, please check out this awesome kickstarter! It’s called Casual 4 a Cause and it’s casual fashion and philanthropy combined! So cool!

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Necklace with jeansI’m not a huge jewelry person. I don’t have enough disposable income to splurge on really great pieces. And I am pretty picky with the quality and the overall look of a necklace. My fingers only look good in rings when my nails are painted, which isn’t often. And bracelets tend to drive me insane when I’m writing or typing or generally living my life though out the day. That being said, I LOVE a good vintage piece. Especially when there is a story or connection attached.  Before my grandma passed away, she gave me some of her jewelry. The pieces are worth nothing, and worth everything at the same time. I have SO enjoyed wearing the jewelry and think of her whenever I wear it. I can’t wait to pass it along to my nieces some day. Or my son’s wives (Holy crap. They are just 6 and 8 years old. That fast forward thinking is making me go fetal for a moment…)

pretty vintage jewelryRecently, my mother-in-law brought over a few things that belonged to my husband’s grandmother to see if I’d like any of them. I kept a few things including the necklace shown in the first photo and the gold and green one directly above. I thought it was so special that my mom-in-law would think of me and I love that I get to enjoy some jewelry that B’s grandma probably enjoyed as well. These will be shared with my niece on my husband’s side. She’s 12. So when she grows out of her Claire’s phase and if these are her style, these will be ready and waiting for her. Hopefully by high school.

I keep my eyes out for vintage jewelry when I’m at thrift stores, etc. but have yet to find anything extraordinary like those left to me by family. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? What’s the story behind it?


Cool Sweatshirts

Cool geometric Adidas sweatshirt.I’m super in to sweatshirts right now. Crew neck. No hoods. Hoods just make your hair all dumb in the back. And being in California, we don’t really need heavy winter coats. And although I still wear some cardigans, my husband hates them. So sweatshirts it is!

Cool SweatshirtsHere are a few of my favorites. I’m totally a hermit when it’s cold outside. Heart of Gold is my husband’s fave Neil Young song so this totally reminds me of him. And not only do I love the custom capabilities of Bow and Drape, I love this play on Gold Digger. Especially since I’m totally in a goal setting mood right now.

Here are some more faves I found.

Sweatshirt, jeans and Birkenstocks. My fave uniform.Jeans, a sweatshirt and Birkenstocks are the perfect uniform.

You can see more of  “My Style” on Pinterest!

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