Whiskey Cocktails and Entertaining Men and Women

whiskey-sours-and-Mrs.-Lilien's-whiskey-whipI have been wanting to do this post for a while now.  Whiskey in teacups.  It is the perfect mix of really feminine and totally masculine.  And I kind of love it.

game-day-party-for-men-and-womenI originally put this table together as a part of a game day celebration.  My family doesn’t really entertain for sports events.  Our house is pretty small, and well, I don’t really like watching sports.  So with that in mind, I decided to create a set up that would appeal, to both men and women.  Rough woods are right at home with delicate china and delicate treats pair just fine with packaged snacks.

wood-plates-and-chinaIt’s not that men wouldn’t want to use a little china saucer for their food.  I don’t want them to use the little china saucers for their food.  The china that I used belonged to my husband’s grandmother and it is something that I take very good care of and would love to be able to share with my niece or son’s wives (remember I have two sons – I am not implying a sister-wife situation which is how that sentence kind of reads) some day.  I would die if a china plate was used in a mimicked touchdown celebration.  So a nice sturdy wood plate it is!  And it just holds more snacks.

beef-jerkey-in-teacupsThe perfect way to elevate salty snacks is to serve them in fine tableware.  A man is not going to pass up on this peppered beef jerky just because it is in a pink floral footed bowl.  Trust. teacups-and-whiskey-drinksThe gals will drink their whiskey cocktails from mismatched tea cups.  I know that some women love to watch sports but I don’t think they would hate cocktailing from a lovely little vessel. cheese-plate-for-game-dayAin’t no party like a cheese plate party.creme puffsDelicate creme puffs set on a wood block will satisfy any sweet tooth.  And OH MY GOSH I made itty bitty salted chocolate sandwiches!  I’ll be sharing the VERY simple recipe on Friday!  Delicious!    china-for-game-day-entertainingThe ladies could sit around and chit chat about clothes and tight ends with delightful plates of delicious food.

game-day-celebrating-for-womenWho doesn’t love flowers?  I made sure to keep it to mainly greens to not totally alienate the mens.  There Funyuns were served to them in a pretty dainty way…whiskey-cocktails-for-guys-and-girlsThe whiskey sour is a drink that my husband enjoys so I thought we could serve those to the men in a simple short glass.  For the women, I changed up Mrs. Lilien’s Whiskey Smash recipe from her cookbook.  You guys!  It is SO good.   Muddled peaches, lemon juice and a good bourbon.

whiskey-sour-and-wood-appetizer-platesI think this party would work really awesome for a shower involving both sexes, a guy’s birthday, an anniversary party or well, for anything.

easy-chocolate-sea-salt-sandwichesWhile you might want to do a larger spread with more options I think you get a good sense of the feeling I was going for.  And oh yeah, I ate all of those little chocolate sandwiches after I took all of these pictures.  And I’d do it again.  Don’t forget to check back on Friday for the recipe!



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    Whoa. This is a sweet party! Of course my guy loves sports and I don’t mind them but I would totally skip the watching game to chat with the ladies. ;)

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    This is such a gorgeous table layout. Love the feminine and masculine mix. Would you mind sharing where you purchased your wood plates? Thanks so much!

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      Hi Megan, I’m sure the guys would prefer none of the frilly stuff at all. ;) My dad actually made those wood rounds for me several parties ago and I was able to reuse them. I tried to tell him that we should sell them but he is a wood worker and couldn’t understand why anyone would want something so plain! Dads!

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      Thank you Tanya! The cocktail cookbook I mentioned in the post by Mrs. Lilien is FANTASTIC! All of the cocktails sound amazingly delicious and don’t require crazy ingredients. I’m thinking about trying a new recipe each week.

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    This is great! I’m not a huge sports fan either, but my husband is! Big time! I’d love to host my way for his big game day. Such lovely inspiration!

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