What We’ve Been Up To

our happy family photoI’ll be starting back up posting next week but here is what we have been up to in the meantime…First off, I ugly cried today.  I went to download all the pictures from my camera on to the computer and they vanished in to thin air!! They aren’t on the home computer, they aren’t on my phone.  Boo.  I spent hours trying to recover them but I just have to be ok that I lost a lot of Christmas, 4th birthday and birthday party pictures as well as some from the Kismet PR class I hosted right before Christmas.  :(  But I’ve chosen to not dwell on it and we’re just going to proceed like nothing is missing.  I still had the pictures from my Nikon so luckily I do have photos of most of those events on there.  But only a few.

Moving on…we scrambled around getting last minute Christmas stuff together and headed to the in-laws house for their traditional Slovakian Christmas dinner.  We rarely take family photos so I was glad that we snuck one in!

Christmas presentsThe boys got to open a ton of gifts from their cousins and grandparents and then we headed home so they could get nestled in their beds so Santa could come.

Christmas morning breakfastWe had an awesome Christmas morning breakfast with my parents.  Yes, those are cookies and rice krispy treats in the mix.  Every good breakfast buffet has sweets.  Not pictured is a gruyere and ham strata!  Yum!

miles and daddy with hulk handsWe hung out at the house for several days playing with all of the new Christmas toys.  The kids don’t want to stop playing with some of them and wear them around the house for hours.

bday party at pump it upMy youngest celebrated his 4th birthday with a party at Pump It Up.  I will be following up with a post because I was IN LOVE with how Pump It Up handled the party.  For real.

4th birthdayAnd then it was his actual birthday and we had a day full of opening presents and trying to move presents around the house to allow for family to come over later that day for cakes and ice cream.  I’m exhausted.  I’m so glad that we have 5 days left before the kids go back to school!

Posting will resume next week and I’ve got some fun things planned for the upcoming months.  I can’t wait to hear about what you all have planned for 2013!!



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