Utterly Engaged Leap Year Party – You should come!

I’m super excited for the Utterly Engaged Party next week!!!  Every year, I attend and drool over the amazing tablescapes in the design challenge.  This year I am in the competition!!!!  Lauren, of A Fabulous Fete, asked me to be on her team and I’m so excited!!  Will you be there?  We would really love your support!  With me being a blogger and not a professional I am nervous about competing head to head with legit designers!  But Lauren is my fearless leader and I know what she is capable of so I feel like we will hold our own.  If you are going to be there, let me know so I can look for you!  Want a sneak peek at what the table might look like?  Go look at the inspo board here!

More info about the event.

Buy tickets for the event.  Seriously.  Do it.





  1. uh, i used to live RIGHT down the street from there. boo! wish i could go.

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