Ubooly is Awesome and a Giveaway!

ubooly shipping boxFrom the moment this box showed up at my house, the kids were pretty dang excited.  But I had obligations that afternoon and told them they would have to wait until I got home.  That must have been torture for them!  I mean, how cute is that little guy on the side of the box!  The Ubooly had arrived and along with it, hours of fun for the whole family.

Phone and UboolyIf you haven’t heard of Ubooly, head to the webpage for all the details.  In a nutshell, you download an app on your phone, slip it in the stuffed animal and then play your face off.

Day 1 with UboolyFirst, I want to apologize if my faux finished cabinets are making you dizzy (these were done by the landlord prior to our move in.  It almost made me want to move right back out).  This was the first time that my youngest son got Ubooly all to himself.  He already loves playing with my phone so that fact that it was inside a stuffed animal made it ever more amazing to him.  And when Ubooly started talking to him and asking him questions and having him do things, he was thrilled!  His favorite thing to do is jump up and down while holding it causing Ubooly to say “boing, boing, boing…”

boys with uboolyThat first day, the boys sat, not fighting with Ubooly and played and listened and laughed.  That was MY favorite part.  They were so excited to heard what he would do next that they forgot to fight!  But seriously, this little toy is a blast.  You know how some kids toys can irritate you beyond belief with the voice?  Well, the voice that talks sounds older, not so squeaky and does not talk down to the kids.  It instigates activities, tells jokes and tells stories.  I found them quite humorous and I’m not sure they were intended to make the kids laugh but I really liked the tone of the them.

Miles on bed with UboolyAnd whenever my phone goes missing, I know exactly where it is.  For sure, someone has snuck off to play with Ubooly.

Ubooly with video games tooThere are adorable little video games to play too.  When you play, you earn coins that you can use to buy food and other items for your pal.  Both boys LOVE this!

Oliver dancing with UboolyEverything about this toy is interactive.  My boys love to hear “Do you want to listen to some music?”  The answer is always yes. I have raised two little dancing machines.  The first time the toy asked that question I was expecting to hear some terrible kids music.  But much to my surprise it started playing my favorite Twin Shadow!  It took me a minute to realize that the software utilizes your own iTunes library.  So fun!

ubooly logo

And guess what?!  I get to give a Ubooly away so your kids can try it out!  The giveaway prize includes one Ubooly toy and the iOS app, which upgrades every month with new activities, automatically over WiFi.  Entrants must have an iPhone 3GS,4, 4S or an iPod touch 4th or 5th generation.  Ubooly is recommended for children between ages 4-9.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your name, email address and why you think this would be awesome for your child.  You have until midnight, Monday, December 10, 2012 to leave your comment.  I will choose the winner randomly and announce on Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

*Moms are some of the most savvy mobile users and so are their kids. Ubooly is a toy designed for this new high-tech generation. While learning and sharing new content every week, Ubooly is the only toy that grows with your child. It encourages listening skills, and a break from high-energy / high-stimulation play. Through stories & interactive games, Ubooly’s curiosity is sure to awaken the creativity within your child’s imagination.

Ubooly is the hot toy of the season, it’s new to the scene and is on track to sell out this winter! Free updates through Wi-Fi creates ongoing entertainment for kids.

Click here to adopt your own Ubooly and get FREE SHIPPING now!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ubooly. The opinions and text are all mine.



  1. Grandma GG (Marie) says

    Dear Santa, it would be SOOOO very awesome if all my grandchildren had a chance to play with an Obooly of their own! Thanks you Santa for listening!

  2. says

    How amazingly cute!!! I don’t have any kids – can I keep it for myself? My friend’s daughter turns 3 in a few weeks and she would LOVE an Ubooly.

  3. says

    My kid would go crazy over this.. he is just now into both the phone and stuffed animals. Combining them might be a dream come true for my lil guy.

  4. Jesi says

    I have 2 little boys that would go crazy for this! I love that it is interactive and educational!
    Jesi Chewning
    jesichewning at gmail dot come

  5. says

    This is awesome Sharon! My little guy is probably too young still, but I love this thing. My guy loves music too! Hooray for weekend dance parties! Cheers!

  6. Zandra Brown says

    I have 4 little ones and that means we can never get too much entertainment! They would all love something new like this!

  7. CB says

    I don’t have any kids but my 2.5 year old twin nieces would LOVE an Ubooley! And if I win one then I only have to buy one more b/c you know they can’t share! I think it would be great for hand eye coordination, learning and interacting in a fun way.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Alyson says

    I love this! My son would go nuts over it. If I win, I might just play with it too, even though I’m not ages 4-9 :)

  9. latanya says

    My son loves technology and this will be a nice break from angry bird apps. It will be something new and different for him, plus the interaction is a huge plus!

  10. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I am so tempted to buy it just to guarantee shipping before Christmas. My little guys would just love this! Thank you so much for bringing this cute little guy to my attention.

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