There’s No Place Like Home – Especially these

sugar and cloth living room
Image via Sugar and Cloth

It is time.  We’ve been in our place or almost a year.  It is still undecorated and it is freaking me out.  I think part of the problem is that I a worried about how the compromising will go with my husband.  We both have very distinct tastes.  And since this is my place of business (blog aside, as a stay at home mom – this is my office) I am the one that will be enjoying it or not enjoying which ever the case may be.  I’m starting to make sure I note when I am really drawn to an interior that I see online.  I’m going to ask the hubs to do the same.  And we’ll see what we come up with!  Will this be a project that will be done soon?  Nope.  We don’t have the time or money for that.  But this is all about developing our style and finding the pieces that feel like us.

Ashley‘s living room drives me wild.  I love her art work (I think she made most of it herself) and the clean lines are comforting.  That rug wouldn’t last a second in our house though with two little boys.  So I’m wondering what options are out there that will help keep a room bright but hide dirt.

furbish studio designed home
Image via Marie Cox via Glitter Guide

I’m addicted to pretty much anything that Jamie from Furbish Studio does.  Every time I come across one of her interiors it stops me in my tracks.  It fits me perfectly.  I adore her mix of colors and patterns.  There is always something playful that goes well with my sense of humor.  And the spaces feel homey and not over-styled.  How will I be able to pull off this layered look without a ton of knickknacks?  I know myself and how much I do not enjoy dusting around tiny items.

great color and feel for growing kid's room
Photo via Mor Til Mernee

I love how this wall of art doesn’t feel like a typical gallery wall.  Maybe it is the pops of bright colors coupled with the sleek storage.  I’m going to be studying this to see how I can mimic it.

A few other issues:

Do we finally give up our ridiculously comfortable couch for a style better suited for our eyes?  Our eyes don’t have to lounge on it to watch TV at night.

Do we go with a console table, bench or buffet for the wall where we will hang a lot of our framed art?  I hate that our couch provides our only seating in the room when we have guests over.  Everyone sits facing the TV and the window and interaction is odd.  I could totally use the storage space of a buffet but could we address the seating issue by adding a bench against that wall that could be moved when we entertain?  Or would it end up looking like a bench pushed against the wall?

What do we put under our TV?  It needs to store a shit load of Skylanders, DVDs and hopefully the DVR and DVD player (yes we still have one of those.  I am not sure why).  Most media consoles seem to be either super modern and stark or super country and grody.  Will we find one that lands somewhere in between?

Will my husband be able to handle the pops of pink that I think is integral to any perfect room?  I like a little bit of neon pink here and there.  Is that so wrong?

Will my kids ruin all our new stuff?  To be determined.



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    I have the same couch dilemma. Absolutely love the comfort and it is so comfy and welcoming (people have literally bought their own after visiting our house) but do NOT like the look of it and want a new one so bad…

    Also, totally agree that pops of pink are essential ;)

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