The Dirty Side of Blogging


dirty-side-of-blogging-logoThe Dirty Side of BloggingMuch ado gets made about the beautiful pictures and amazingly styled lives of many bloggers.  While, of course, I strive to make my posts look nice, I’m all about keeping it real too.  In my new Friday series, I’ll be sharing The Dirty Side of Blogging.  It will be all those unpretty things that happen as a result of putting out beautiful content.  You may remember this post for Orange Cardamom Hot Chocolate?  Well, this is what my kitchen looked like when I was done with it…And it is pretty dark but you can see my Mexican Fudge on the stove.





  1. Ya. This is true life and I can totally relate.

  2. Pretty much what my kitchen looks like every day. The joys of cooking, I suppose! :)

  3. Alexandra Hedin says:

    Love this Sharon! My space constantly looks like a mess “outside of the picture” :)


  4. Ha! So true. I really enjoy these types of posts. Part of what separates blogs from magazines is the real human element. There can’t be beauty without a little (a lotta) mess!

  5. I LOVE this! It’s so true. My husband always laughs at baking posts because he says, “you know immediately out of the frame are dirty mixing bowls, spilled flour, and vanilla stains.”

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