The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Best Christmas Gift Ever by Craig MetzgerThis piece by Craig Metzger is my favorite Christmas gift.  Ever.  Our oldest son started speaking when he was pretty young.  My head does not save information like that so I can’t tell you how old he was.  And he didn’t really baby talk.  He’s always been pretty articulate.  So I shouldn’t really be surprised by one of his very first words.  One day, on my way to drop him off at daycare, I tried to play a little game of repeat in the car.  I would say a word and see if he could/would repeat it back to me.  I chose easy words like car, tree, Starbucks, you know, all the things you pass on your way to work and I’m pretty certain he just ignored me.  And then, while stopped at a light, someone rode past the car on a bike.  So I jokingly said, “say bicycle.”  And from the back seat I heard the most perfect “bicycle” ever uttered.  It was really funny.  That Christmas, my husband commissioned this piece from his friend, Craig Metzger, for my gift.  It has hung in every family we have had since then and it is something so personal, and thoughtful and it is something I will have forever.  It is hard to tell from the photo but this is all done with cut paper!

So this leads me to your favorite Christmas gifts.  What are your favorites to give and receive?  I’m in the process of putting together my annual gift guides.  Is there a product that you think I need to know about to share with my readers?  Email me!  cupcakesandcutlery at  Whether you are a brand or an individual I’d love to hear about your Christmas gift ideas!


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