Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

  Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few of my posts that might help you make the day a little more special for your family: Candy popcorn recipe with Jello Music inspired printable Valentine’s Hanging balloon Valentine’s A non-traditional view of Valentine’s Day (inspo board based on a song by The Cults) Felt…

Craft with the Bloggers was SO fun!

A few weeks ago I hosted a really fun Valentine’s Day craft event with Kelly, Lauren and Chelsea at Crafted at the Port of LA.  It turned out awesome and it was super fun to see people making our crafts. These are the samples I hung of the balloon Valentine’s.  I forgot to bring my…

Felt Heart Finger Puppets

I had some felt on hand for another project and thought making some felt heart finger puppets would be pretty fun. I had intended to make them in 3 colors but well, I got lazy, I got busy, I got kids.  So just know you can make them in a variety of colors.  BTdubs, M…