Max Steel Viewing Party

*I participated in this sponsored Max Steel campaign for One2One Network.  All opinions stated are my own.

mattel toysMy older son recently graduated from the Disney Channel to Disney XD.  Its totally a sign that he is getting older.  He’s not in to the shows he used to love but enjoys exploring new ones with older characters.  He REALLY enjoys television as a whole (he takes after me for sure) and while some people may frown on kids watching a lot of TV, I have seen first hand how he has picked up some advanced concepts (like cause and effect) and a pretty amazing vocabulary.  Recently he began watching the animated series, Max Steel on Disney XD.  So when this sponsored campaign came up, it was the perfect fit and I was excited to be able to include my kids.  Since the major themes of the show focus on friendship and that working together makes  you stronger, we were excited to invite a few of their neighborhood friends over for a Max Steel viewing party.

The show, Max Steel, shares the adventures of teenager Max McGrath and his alien friend, Steel.  While both have their own super powers, they realize that when they work together and combine their strengths, they transform in to a “turbo charged” superhero.  And what little boys don’t like superheros?

The boys were sent a Turbo Sword with Interactive Steel to try out and imagine what it would be like if they had “turbo power.”

max-steel-sword-by-mattelThe boys were SO excited when the sword showed up.  While my oldest was all about the sword (in his head he is a master weapons expert), my youngest immediately went for Steel.  Both boys say that Steel is their favorite part of this toy because they can pretend they are Max and because there are so many different way to play with him.  What I love about this toy (available for purchase at stores nationwide for around $29.99) is that there are many different ways to play with it, all of which encourage imagination.  The sword makes battle sounds and says phrases from the Disney series so the kids can pretend they are in the story.

new-max-steel-swordThe Steel character comes with a stand that makes it look like he is floating, much like he does in the show, but he can also be attached to the sword and your shirt to let you pretend you are Max.  When Steel and the sword come together, the sword lights up blue with “turbo energy” and offers several phrases straight from the Max Steel story lines.  The  boys were able to play with each piece separately and then takes turns using the pieces together.  From a parental point of view I like this toy.  While it does make noise, the volume is just right and the sounds are not shrill or annoying.  The built-in motion sensors weren’t over sensitve but I did manage to pick up the sword and press the activate button several times when I tried to quietly put away toys after the kids went to bed…oops.

invitation-to-the-max-steel-partyAnother way my oldest son takes after me is with party planning…  He became very involved and it was actually a really fun way to get to spend some time with him and teach him a few new things.  He decided that he wanted to create the invitation so I taught him the basics of Adobe Illustrator.  I removed some info from it above, like address and names, etc. but I think it came out really good!  He took to the program really well and even created some other party decor that we posted around the room.


Raskullz Helmets Photo Shoot and Rad Swim Gear

*Not a sponsored post.  This is straight up mom style.  My kid’s were in a photo shoot for Raskullz helmets (set up through my husband) and I wanted to share that fun experience with you.  And because we love Raskullz and think every kid on the planet should have one.  And wait until you see the SWIM stuff!

green dinosaur helmetPlease tell me your child owns a Raskullz helmet, or bike or scooter?  Aside from keeping their heads safe, they are the most fun, creative, just plain rad helmets on the market.  And the characters that they make in to bikes and scooters are beyond!  You may remember that my kids got to be in a photo shoot for them before.  When my husband asked the kids if they wanted to be in another one, they were super excited.

boys-at-the-beachThe photo shoot took place down by the beach earlier this summer.  The boys were super excited to be there.  If I have one regret as a mother it is not taking my kids to the beach more.  I mean, we live about 15 minutes away and this was their first time at a beach other than playing around the tide pools.  Mom fail.  In my defense sand is just, so, sandy.

Raskullz helmetsThe photos will probably be used for line sheets and other company materials as well as online(?) I’m really not sure and we really don’t care.  The boys just love getting to check out all the helmets (I don’t think some of these are out yet) and new products.  I’m pretty sure they wore each one of the helmets at one time or another.

rasullz-transportation-helmeyYou guys!  It is a plane!  And I didn’t get a photo but the tank helmet is also pretty amazing.

raskullz cool kids helmetsI mean…

cool kids helmetsMy younger one had some trouble staying focused (and he couldn’t smize to save his life) my older one really enjoys this kind of stuff.

helmets for kids

raskulls-helmet-photo-shoot-There were action shots.

swim goggles and masksRaskullz got the cutest and coolest kids to come down and be in the shoot.  It was pretty much like one big beach party.

raskullz-swim-maskNow let’s talk about Raskullz Swim!!!!!!!  How awesome is this swim mask?  The kids absolutely loved them.


swim gogglesThey do goggles too.  I’m totally kicking myself for not taking photos of the girl’s swim too.  Freaking adorable!!

behind-the-scenes-for-raskullz-swimThe little one finally decided to sit still and get his photo taken.  I’m pretty sure he is pouting here but luckily the mask hides it.

playing-in-the-water-at-the-beachAnd then they let them loose in the water.  This is where my heart did a little flip flop.  I hadn’t planned on them going in the water so my type A was in full effect thinking about not having a change of clothes for them.  Or towels.  Next came the “oh fu*k” they don’t really know how to swim, a rip tide is going to pull them in and I’m going to have to save them even though I am afraid of water and it’s cold.  Thank sweet baby Jesus I hadn’t seen Sharknado yet.  But I forgot all of that when I saw how much fun they were having.  There were shrieks, there were shouts of “this is AWESOME” and laughter.  We have started swim lessons and hopefully I will feel better about their swimming real soon.  I vow to take them back before the end of summer.

The kids don’t know it but I’m probably going to go buy them some swim masks this weekend (I hear Walmart has them).  How can I not?  They are so fun!!

See more from our day at the beach with Raskullz here, here and a little video here.

Cool Kids Book: When Miles Got Mad

When Miles Got Mad BookI have a son named Miles who gets mad.  About EVERYTHING.  He clenches his fists, growls and scowls when we go to school, run errands, mention we are going to the zoo, talk about taking a bath.  His first reaction is always anger.  Of course, he always ends up enjoying the activity.  I mean, what little kid wouldn’t have fun at the zoo?  But it is exhausting.  When I saw this book, When Miles Got Mad, I HAD to have it.  I would have bought it if it was a Matt that got mad but the fact that it was his actual name made it too perfect to pass up.  And I love anything from Ruby’s Studio.  We have Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day in bedtime story rotation so I knew this new book was going to be great too.

Cool Kids Book When Miles Got MadI love how they used photography and illustrations together in this book.  Not only is the book a great story about managing your anger, but it is done in a very aesthetically pleasing way too.  The story is about two brothers who are playing together and something gets broken.

Great book for kidsThe book explains that when you are angry, you turn in to a monster (although I think this monster could have been drawn a bit scarier – he’s still quite cute).  The only way to make that monster go away is to calm down and use your words.  In the end, Miles sees that his reaction was bad and he understands how to handle the situation with his brother better.

Such a cute book!  If you haven’t checked out the Ruby’s Studio books or videos you really need to.  My family loves them!

*NOT a sponsored post.  We love these books and I want you to love them too.

Land of Nod is coming to Orange County!

land of nod clip hook setAre you as excited as I am about the Grand Opening of the Land of Nod store at South Coast Plaza?!!  The store opens on Friday, May 31, 2013 and is located in the Crystal Court section of the mall near the Crate and Barrel store.  Remember how I fell in love with them after Alt Summit?  I can’t wait to see all the items in person.  And it couldn’t be a better time considering we have only been in our new house a week.  I’m totally in the market for rad home decor.  Land of Nod will be holding giveaways all opening day and has free goodies for those who arrive early to shop.  Will I see you there?  Here are a few of the things that I will be checking out:

These wall clips pictured above, are awesome!  My kid’s create a lot of art work in school and these would be such an easy way to display it.  We are also talking about doing a gallery wall in our front room and these would be such a cool way to be able to change out a few pieces, from time to time, to keep things fresh.

ansel teak deskI am in need of a cool, simple desk for my bedroom.  I am a big fan of this teak desk.  It would fit perfectly where our existing desk sits but I probably would totally bring this out when we entertain…I love the wood and metal together.  It has great lines and I want it.  (I’m stopping just short of stomping my feet with my hands in fists…).  I’m excited to check out all of their other furniture as well!

bocce ball for kids from Land of NodThis kid’s indoor bocce ball set is such a great gift idea!  I love how bright the colors are.  My husband’s grand father was a great bocce player.  It would be cool for our kids to learn the game too.

doub unpluggedThe buyers for Land of Nod have impeccable taste.  Their eye for great graphic design is evident in everything from their bedding to their custom art prints to their curated selection of books.  This Doug Unplugged book is adorable and the perfect message for today’s kids.  Get off your devices and get outside.  My oldest son NEEDS this book!

orange robo throw pillowMy oldest son’s room is pretty small and I’m keeping his bedding really simple.  These robot pillows would be perfect for adding a little pizzaz.  And what kid doesn’t love a robot?

wow thats a big lamp greenCurrently, we do not have a light in our living room.  We get by with the light from the television and entry way light.  It is not ideal but until we find a light my husband and I can both agree upon, that will have to do.  I can’t wait to show him this green lamp!  It is such a fun pop of color and I love the industrial look of it.

Not in Orange County?  You can still shop the store online.  And don’t forget to follow them on Pinterest and Instagram.   This is one company that really knows how to work their social media.  I find their Pinterest and Instagram feeds SO inspiring!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the store after you visit!
This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Land of Nod, but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #NODinCA

Cube Figures Gigo Blocks

cube figures cool toy for kidsMy son’s and I are in love with these Cube Figures by Gigo Blocks.  I picked these up for them as souvenirs from my trip to Salt Lake City in January.

cube figures building toyThe sets come in a small bag and the pieces pop together.  The characters are totally creative and they come with a hook so you can hang it from your backpack if you want.

cool building toy for kidsThese would make perfect stocking stuffers, party favors and your kid’s are sure to love them!!  You can buy them on Amazon!

These adorable little toys are made by Magnote.  Check out their full line of rad toys here.  I want to get my hands on those Play Deco toys!


Land of Nod is Super Rad

*Hey you guys.  This post contains affiliate links.  Read on to find out what that means!

land of nod bannerUm, you guys.  Land of Nod is rad.  Did you know that?  They have never been on my radar (not that I know everything about everything but I like to think I know cool kids stuff).  Well, I take that back.  I feel like I remember looking at a catalogue around the time I was registering at Crate and Barrel for my wedding (owned by the same company).  That was 10 years ago.  It did not leave a big impression on me.  That was partially because I wasn’t even thinking of kids yet, but also the items just weren’t my style.  And so I never thought about them again.  I guess my sister-in-law (who started this blog with me) liked them because I found this post way back in 2008!  But then I started seeing them pinning some pretty cool party inspiration for their Alt Summit party.  I was excited to see what they were about.  And when I went to said party, I was blown away!  They were cool!  They were out of catalogues but I made sure to go online as soon as I got back from that trip.  Land of Nod is RAD!

land of nod cool boys room We are on the verge of buying my son a bed.  Which really makes me want to redecorate his whole room.  Here are the dream items I picked out from the site to make over his room.  How awesome are those wipe off award ribbons for the wall?  And that tiger king print?  LOVE!  I didn’t pick out a comforter because I really want to make one.  I’ve always wanted to scan his drawings and have them made in to fabric.  Cool, right?  I’m going to be sharing some of my Land of Nod faves each month.  There is SO much great stuff on the site.  And even those of us without a million dollars can find things in our price ranges.  There are also unique gift ideas!

Bed  .  Trundle  .  “O” pillow  .  Boombox Pillow  .    Stripey Sheets  .  Blue Pattern Rug  .  Elephant Hooks  .  Bucket Caddies  .  Wall Shelves  .  Treasure Box  .  Monster Wall Decal  .  Wipe Off Ribbons  .  Tiger Print

One thing I would like to add is that I signed up for their affiliate program.  What that means is that I am going to put a button on my sidebar that will take you right over to their site.  Also, the links in this post are hooked up through their affiliate program.  So if you were to purchase something, I would get a very tiny percentage.  It just makes sense.  I’m super excited about them and want you all to check out the awesomeness anyway so there might as well be some reward if you love it too!  I may or may not let you know about special sales they are having if it is something I think you would want to know about.  I didn’t want to just put up a button and not tell you the whole story.  That’s not how I roll.   I have nothing to hide.

I would love to hear what you think of Land of Nod.  I’m smitten!  Oh!  And you should check out their blog too.  So much great stuff!

*Not a sponsored post.  I fell in love when I saw the site and even more when I saw the catalogue (you guys, it is so beautifully shot and styled!!).  All opinions are mine!