Cute One Piece Swimsuits

I've graduated from bikinis but still want a cute swimsuit. This one piece bathing suit is perfect for moms who love fashion! The details are so cute! It happened. I bought a one piece bathing suit. I had every intention of being fit for the summer and rocking my usual two pieces. But I like food. And I’m a mom. Hanging out in a two piece at our neighborhood pool was starting to feel wrong. So I went on a quest for cute one piece swimsuits. And found the perfect suits! 


How to Reconnect with Friends This Summer

Compensation was provided by Gold Peak Tea via Mode Media.I teamed up with Gold Peak Tea to share tips on how to plan a girlfriend's getaway this summer! #ad #travelSummer is my favorite time for quick getaways. Every year I try to get away, at least once, with my favorite girls. While we may text or talk on the phone often, spending time together, in person, gets harder and harder the older we get. Thanks to more obligations and kid’s activities, maintaining our friendships can be tough. These relationships are so valuable and, in my opinion, deserve to be celebrated with a trip. Even if you can only manage to escape the daily grind for 24 hours, you’ll come away with a renewed sense of friendship and balance. So pack up your favorite things and hit the road.Spending time with your friends is super important. But sometimes you have to plan a girl's trip to get quality time together. I teamed up with Gold Peak Tea to show you how to plan a girlfriend getaway! #ad #travel #summerChoose a hotel that has a really fun atmosphere. Although you won’t spend a ton of time here on a 24-hour trip, you still want to love where you are. Each hotel has a totally different vibe so be sure you check them out online before booking so you don’t end up somewhere you won’t enjoy. If a party pool isn’t your scene, make sure to read reviews so you can find something more serene.Take a road trip with your girlfriends this summer! I teamed up with Gold Peak Tea to tell you how to reconnect with your friends away from home. #ad #travel #summerThere is nothing like getting to spend time away with your girlfriends. They say laughter is the best medicine and it is the perfect stress reliever. Don’t forget to document the fun moments with a selfie! Get a little silly, these are the girls you feel most comfortable with so let your guard down and enjoy yourself!I teamed up with Gold Peak Tea to share ideas for planning a girlfriend getaway complete with activity ideas like shopping for vintage jewelry! #ad #travel #vintage #summerDo as much or as little as you want to do. If you like adventure, go find some! Otherwise, keep it easy and go shopping for vintage jewelry or see a movie. Do the things that you like to do with your friends, that you normally don’t have time to do at home.I teamed up with Gold Peak Tea to share how you can reconnect with friends this summer. See my tips here! #ad #travel #summerDon’t forget to pencil in some pool time! Lounge chairs provide the perfect place to get chatty and get caught up on what is happening in your girlfriend’s lives. And nothing is more luxurious than poolside food service! Spoil yourself a little!Gold Peak Tea sponsored my post today about girlfriend getaways. Sometimes the way to reconnect with your besties is to get out of town! #ad #travel #summerWhen the pools get too crazy, we like to head back to the room. Hanging out on a patio or in a hotel room, with a favorite beverage, is one of my favorite things to do with my friends. We flip through magazines or watch a TV show and just enjoy being together. Gold Peak Tea makes it easy by selling ice tea in these individual-sized plastic bottles. They are super easy to pack in your overnight bag. Having something other than hotel water (or a too expensive mini bar item) helps to make you feel more at home.Gold Peak Tea sponsored my post today on how to plan a trip away to reconnect with your friends. #ad #travel #summerDo you take girlfriend getaways? How do you keep your friendships healthy? Quick phone calls and texts are great for staying in touch on the day-to-day but a night away really allows for some serious bonding.

Over the next few months, I will be sharing more posts sponsored by Gold Peak Tea. This campaign focuses on creating memorable, meaningful moments and I am proud to be a part of it! Thank you for supporting the brands that let me share special moments in my life, with you.

I teamed up with Gold Peak Tea to give you tips on how to plan a girlfriend getaway this summer! #ad
There’s nothing like Gold Peak’s home-brewed taste. Gold Peak, the taste that brings you home.

Panasonic LUMIX G7 Summer in Motion

Family fun on the beach! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICBeach days are the perfect summer activity. There is always so much action and joy found at the beach. I thought it would be the perfect spot to try out my new camera. I was totally right. You guys! This camera is amazing and every mom should have one! Read on to find out about this rad new 4K technology which means you’ll never miss THE shot!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Panasonic. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. 
My new camera: Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI just got a new camera, the Panasonic LUMIX G7. Although I have a large DSLR camera that I shoot all of my blog posts with, I’ve been looking for a lightweight camera to take with me when I travel, attend blog events and when I take my kids out on fun adventures. I was super intrigued by the G7 because it has something called 4K technology. I’m not techy and don’t keep up on advancements in digital video. But this sounded super cool. This is one of the only cameras to have this which means it is on the forefront of modern photography. That’s a really cool thing. The G7 takes short 4K ultra HD videos where you can go back, after the fact, and pull the perfect “moment” from it. By “moment” I mean, 8-megapixel still image. SO COOL!Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #IC I brought the G7 along with us when we headed to Laguna Beach a few weeks ago. Because the camera was new, I played around a little bit in regular mode. I love this shot. But I probably could have had a better shot had it been in 4K mode. Moms need the 4K option for shooting all their summer fun. Kids rarely sit still and this lets you stress less about getting the perfect shot. This camera would be perfect for sports photos! I love the new 4K technology of the Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICAside from the 4K technology this camera is super awesome. It’s compact, lightweight and takes really great pictures! The lens is mirrorless which gives you great quality without the bulk of a standard DSLR. There are several lenses and accessories available for this camera making it customizable to your photography needs. And I’m in love with the touch screen! Being able to touch the screen makes setting the modes super easy but I also love it for selecting the focus area.
Trying out the new 4K video technology which allows you to pull still images from the video! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICThe focusing is super fast and the camera seems really smart with its automatic features, like auto tracking and switching between using the camera screen and eye piece. The camera can be used in a fully automatic way or fully manual. And with built-in wifi, it makes it super easy to share these images on social media. The camera works along with the Panasonic Image App for easy viewing of images, social sharing and even remote shutter access (it’s like a remote control!).Find those perfect moments with the 4K technology of the Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICThis is a more close up view of the image directly above. I mean, look at that face! So much emotion. You can’t always catch that with a regular camera. Family fun on the beach! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI was able to go through the 4K video footage to get this shot where it looks like he is floating! So fun! Best camera for moms! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI don’t want people to be intimidated by the 4K technology. I have to be honest, it took me a minute to figure it out and get used to how it works. It wasn’t until I got home and was able to review the 4K footage and pull some still shots, that I got just how awesome this is. Before I tried out the 4K settings I shot in regular burst mode.
Never miss a moment with your kids! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICBurst mode is the closest thing to 4K videos for most cameras. You get a bunch of frames to choose from and you can often find a pretty good shot, like the one above. Perfect camera for moms with active kids! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICBut this shot is one of my favorites. And it came from 4K footage. Look at that eye contact, look at that joy!

Youtube is really the only place that supports 4K video so far (aside from some TVs). Check out the 4K video snippet that I pulled this shot from.Capture the moment! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICHow fun is this shot?!

Check out the 4K video.Family fun on the beach! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICAnd this one!

Came from this video! Best camera for moms. Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI can’t wait to keep using this camera! I feel like the next time I use the 4K mode, I’ll get even better with it. I prefer to use the 4K Start/Stop mode (which means that you push the shutter to start the video and again to stop it). You get the longest length of video and more frames to choose still shots from. But the 4K pre-burst and 4K burst are pretty awesome too. Each of those modes mean that you are gaining that extra footage to choose from.I love my new camera. The 4K mode lets you take short videos that you can pull still shots from!! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICSummer is full of moments that you want to remember forever and the Panasonic LUMIX G7 gives you even more opportunities to get the best shots! Sharing about my new Panasonic LUMIX G7. Camera review. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI was chosen as an ambassador for this campaign and I’m super excited to share more family fun in future posts! Follow along on with #4KFun and #4KPhoto on social media to learn more about 4K photography!

Thank you for supporting the brands, like Panasonic, that let me do what I love like take pictures of my kids!

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Make a Vacation Movie

Make a fun movie with the kids on summer vacation to capture all the adventure! #StreamTeam #ad #NetflixWe are currently on summer vacation with these crazy kids. My parents and sister and her kids have all met up in the mountains to hang out for the week. Of course we have taken tons of photos but then we found an even better way to capture all the adventures for the week. We made a movie!

*This post is in partnership with Netflix. As a #StreamTeam member I share cool posts with you every month based on new shows or themes. This month we’re excited about the new Netflix series Dragons: Race to the Edge based on the How to Train Your Dragon movies. Netflix sent over a fun viewing kit that we took along with us on our vacation.

The first day here, my oldest son asked me to help him make a movie. We used iMovie (the coolest app, $5) on my husband’s phone and it couldn’t have been easier. The movie (well, really a movie trailer – but you can totally make a full movie if you have the time and energy) included his cousins and was about superheroes. And then I realized that we could include our beautiful surroundings, family and our new fun Dragons toys to create a vacation keepsake that will have us smiling long after we return home. And now, for your viewing pleasure…

Did you catch the cameo by me and my husband? The app is super easy to use. You pick the template of the type of movie you want to make and shoot videos accordingly. The music and titles are all done for you (minus whatever editing you want to make to the words) and making a movie trailer takes about 20 minutes. SO fun! We even made a movie with some other campers we met last night! When the trailer is complete, you can email it to whoever wants it. Grandparents love this kind of stuff! I can only imagine how many other movies we’ll make of our mountain adventures before we leave!

Looking for some adventure closer to home? Check out Dragons: Race to the Edge! And don’t miss other Netflix favorites, How to Train Your Dragon 2, National Treasure, Planet Earth, and new episodes of Marvel’s Hulk and Agents of S.M.A.S.H. season 2 (starting 7/28) and Turbo FAST (starting 7/31) begin soon!

Thank you for supporting brands, like Netflix, that allow me to share fun family activities with you! This is not sponsored in any way by iMovie, we are an Apple family that thinks you’ll love this app too!

Online Shopping for Summer

Sometimes shopping online is the way to go when your kids are home for summer break. Here are some of my fave picks for a stylish summer.I really thought I could take my kids shopping with me. I had it all figured out. I took my best friend, who was visiting from out-of-town, with me. I figured she could keep an eye on them while I tried on a bathing suit. And it worked pretty well. I only had to stop a few times to break up a fight or check on a “head collision.” But when they started to get all up in the window displays, I knew I had to wrap it up. I got the suit, and nothing was damaged. But my friend has gone home and it’s just me and the boys. Which means, either I have to take them with me (and risk the ever worrisome ‘you break it, you bought it’) or I have to shop on the weekends when my hubby is home. And who wants to deal with mall crowds on the weekend? That leaves online shopping for taking care of my summer fashion needs and wants.

I’ve rounded up my fave items that I am coveting for the warm summer months. This way I can shop online and not have to worry about getting side eye for the young retail gals who don’t find two loud, grabby handed, boys cute. You know when I do a shopping post that the prices are always pretty reasonable unless it is an extra special item that you can use again and again (hullo, Marc Jacobs). What’s on your online shopping list for summer?

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