Easy No Sew Fabric Heart Pillows for Valentine’s Day

Easy No Sew Heart Pillow DIY for Valentine's DayValentine’s Day IS hearts.  Plain and simple.  So I made Easy No Sew Fabric Heart Pillows.   I wanted to make tiny little heart pillows for my kids but guess what?  I hate to sew!  I have been exploring alternative methods for fabric adhering lately.  Luckily, I had a chance to check out the CHA show (full wrap up of all the cool things tomorrow!) last weekend and was given some supplies that were absolutely perfect for this tutorial. (This post is not sponsored but I do want to let you know that I was given product)  While the hold is pretty permanent, I always want to remind you that pretty much all of my crafts are not heirloom quality.  The cost is low and these can be tossed after the holiday.  Or as I am sure will happen in my house, they will be ripped apart and the stuffing will be thrown at each other like snowballs.  That is what happens when you have little boys.

No sew fabric heart pillow diyChoose your favorite fabrics, a pair of scissors and for this I used two kinds of fabric tapes: the Permanent Fabric Sheets and the Permanent Fabric Tape.  I love these tapes and will totally use them again.  Originally I had bought Fabric Fusion to use, but the dry time is too long (well, it’s not really THAT long, but I am a super impatient crafter).

grey and white stripe fabric for heart pillowsI do not free-hand so I cut several hearts out of paper until I found the perfect shape.  Then I made a smaller version to decorate the front of the pillow.  I traced the heart on to the fabric (2 hearts for the pillow and 1 small heart for the decoration) making sure to leave an overhang.  I removed the backing of one permanent fabric sheet and placed the smaller heart fabric on it, making sure to smooth out any bubbles or lumps.  Then I cut out the smaller heart following the outline (Because this is going on the front, I wanted to make sure I could see the tracing.  I just tried to cut just on the inside of the line so you wouldn’t see it on the finished pillow).

orange and red heart with grey and white stripe heartThen I removed the second side of the adhesive sheet and stuck it to one of the larger heart pieces.

Use fabric tape for easy no sew pillowsI turned over the heart and started using small section of the permanent tape.  I wanted to make sure that the fabric would hold together but leave an overhang around the edge.  I just liked that it looks a little floppy.  Once the shape was finished, I started peeling off the back to expose the adhesive.  Then I tried to match up the edges as best I could of the second heart and rubbed to get the tape to adhere really well.  See that one little open spot at the bottom?  That is where you will stuff the pillow.

use stuffing to create a little heart pillowSo then, duh.  Stuff the pillow.  I bought this enormous bag of stuffing 1) because it was on sale for half off and 2) because I couldn’t find a smaller one.  So what that means for you is that I am now going to attempt to stuff everything.  Yeah for puffy crafts!  Once you have it as full as you would like it, use another small piece of the tape to close off the opening.

Easy no sew heart pillow diyPretty cute, right?

heart pillow craft for valentine's dayHow cute would these be as a little bedtime surprise on Valentine’s Day for the kids.  Or even on your hubby’s pillow.

No sew DIY heart pillow tutorialSuper easy, no sew heart pillows.  I want these all over my house.

Valentine's Day Kid CraftHe liked them too.  If you like things all nice and neat use some pinking sheers or some of that fabric edger stuff that stops the fraying.  You know I like my stuff a little messy so these wayward strings do not bother me.  And you guys,  I heart you.  Really I do!

*Full disclosure:  I was given these permanent fabric tapes in a goody bag from the show.  Which was super awesome because I literally was going to go buy them on that following Monday so this saved me about $16.  But then bought the Fabric Fusion for $8 so I’m up just $8.  But still!  Yahoo!


Cute Umbrellas for Rain or Shine

Cute umbrellas for rain or shineIt rained this week!  You may not understand the shock of this as it is fall, after all.  But just two days prior to the rain it was 90 degrees and its a few days after and the temperature is rising again.  What the heck, weather!?!  Either way I pretty much need an umbrella.  I’ve realized that floppy hats are not protecting my skin when I walk to school to get my son and I’ve graduated to umbrellas.  I was very resistant at first but then it hit me…its another way to accessorize an outfit!  So I decided to take a look for some super cute ones.  Which do you  love?  I’m dying for the 3rd option (pun potentially intended).

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Black and White Striped Cabana Love

black and white stripe cabanaOh.  My.  Gosh.  I.  Want.  This black and white stripe cabana!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabric Wrapped Suckers

Fabric wrapped lollipops for kids partiesHere is how you take some super awesome fabric and wrap your boring old suckers to make them next level.  Sure you can hand a kid a lollipop and they will eat it.  But you can also hand your kid a decorated lollipop and watch their eyes light up even bigger.  Ahhh, to be young…

Fabric wrapped lollipop diy materialsYes that is acid washed denim, thanks for asking.  You don’t HAVE to use the denim but then your suckers won’t taste like the 80’s.  Just grab some fabric, some sort of adhesive (I used Glue Lines) suckers and scissors.

fabric wrapped lollipop how to

Cut a small piece of fabric, use your Glue Lines to make sure that the fabric sticks to the sucker stick (or else it will slide right off the end) and use a second piece to secure the fabric to itself after you have wrapped it around the sucker.  Sure you can leave the excess and make it more like a sucker flag.  But am I alone here?  I dislike party stuff that just gets in the way for the sake of trying to jazz something up.  By keeping the fabric cut short, it adds a nice amount of decoration without being a nuisance.

fabric embellished suckers for kids birthdaysI first used these at one of my son’s birthday parties.  This is a great way to add in whatever color scheme you are trying to use, cohesively, to the party favor or food table.  And I didn’t do it to ALL the suckers in the jar.  Just enough to add some visual interest.  I’m not totally cray cray.  (I’ve never used that before, did I pull it off?)

acid washed denim wrapped black and white striped suckersNow I have to go listen to some Bon Jovi.

I want to be at this party

Who wants to come with me?  Stripes and florals just go so well together.

Photo Source: Antonia Steyn