Panasonic LUMIX G7 Summer in Motion

Family fun on the beach! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICBeach days are the perfect summer activity. There is always so much action and joy found at the beach. I thought it would be the perfect spot to try out my new camera. I was totally right. You guys! This camera is amazing and every mom should have one! Read on to find out about this rad new 4K technology which means you’ll never miss THE shot!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Panasonic. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. 
My new camera: Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI just got a new camera, the Panasonic LUMIX G7. Although I have a large DSLR camera that I shoot all of my blog posts with, I’ve been looking for a lightweight camera to take with me when I travel, attend blog events and when I take my kids out on fun adventures. I was super intrigued by the G7 because it has something called 4K technology. I’m not techy and don’t keep up on advancements in digital video. But this sounded super cool. This is one of the only cameras to have this which means it is on the forefront of modern photography. That’s a really cool thing. The G7 takes short 4K ultra HD videos where you can go back, after the fact, and pull the perfect “moment” from it. By “moment” I mean, 8-megapixel still image. SO COOL!Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #IC I brought the G7 along with us when we headed to Laguna Beach a few weeks ago. Because the camera was new, I played around a little bit in regular mode. I love this shot. But I probably could have had a better shot had it been in 4K mode. Moms need the 4K option for shooting all their summer fun. Kids rarely sit still and this lets you stress less about getting the perfect shot. This camera would be perfect for sports photos! I love the new 4K technology of the Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICAside from the 4K technology this camera is super awesome. It’s compact, lightweight and takes really great pictures! The lens is mirrorless which gives you great quality without the bulk of a standard DSLR. There are several lenses and accessories available for this camera making it customizable to your photography needs. And I’m in love with the touch screen! Being able to touch the screen makes setting the modes super easy but I also love it for selecting the focus area.
Trying out the new 4K video technology which allows you to pull still images from the video! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICThe focusing is super fast and the camera seems really smart with its automatic features, like auto tracking and switching between using the camera screen and eye piece. The camera can be used in a fully automatic way or fully manual. And with built-in wifi, it makes it super easy to share these images on social media. The camera works along with the Panasonic Image App for easy viewing of images, social sharing and even remote shutter access (it’s like a remote control!).Find those perfect moments with the 4K technology of the Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICThis is a more close up view of the image directly above. I mean, look at that face! So much emotion. You can’t always catch that with a regular camera. Family fun on the beach! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI was able to go through the 4K video footage to get this shot where it looks like he is floating! So fun! Best camera for moms! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI don’t want people to be intimidated by the 4K technology. I have to be honest, it took me a minute to figure it out and get used to how it works. It wasn’t until I got home and was able to review the 4K footage and pull some still shots, that I got just how awesome this is. Before I tried out the 4K settings I shot in regular burst mode.
Never miss a moment with your kids! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICBurst mode is the closest thing to 4K videos for most cameras. You get a bunch of frames to choose from and you can often find a pretty good shot, like the one above. Perfect camera for moms with active kids! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICBut this shot is one of my favorites. And it came from 4K footage. Look at that eye contact, look at that joy!

Youtube is really the only place that supports 4K video so far (aside from some TVs). Check out the 4K video snippet that I pulled this shot from.Capture the moment! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICHow fun is this shot?!

Check out the 4K video.Family fun on the beach! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICAnd this one!

Came from this video! Best camera for moms. Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI can’t wait to keep using this camera! I feel like the next time I use the 4K mode, I’ll get even better with it. I prefer to use the 4K Start/Stop mode (which means that you push the shutter to start the video and again to stop it). You get the longest length of video and more frames to choose still shots from. But the 4K pre-burst and 4K burst are pretty awesome too. Each of those modes mean that you are gaining that extra footage to choose from.I love my new camera. The 4K mode lets you take short videos that you can pull still shots from!! Captured this with my Panasonic LUMIX G7. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICSummer is full of moments that you want to remember forever and the Panasonic LUMIX G7 gives you even more opportunities to get the best shots! Sharing about my new Panasonic LUMIX G7. Camera review. #ad #4Kphoto #4Kfun #ICI was chosen as an ambassador for this campaign and I’m super excited to share more family fun in future posts! Follow along on with #4KFun and #4KPhoto on social media to learn more about 4K photography!

Thank you for supporting the brands, like Panasonic, that let me do what I love like take pictures of my kids!

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Kids Gifts and Games from Pinhole Press

*This is a sponsored post from Pinhole Press.  Which I am really happy about because I am going to spend the money at Pinhole Press on Christmas gifts and party decor.  All opinions are mine.

games and gifts from pinhole pressHave you guys seen these amazing gift options from Pinhole Press?  As you may have guessed from reading my blog, I really enjoy taking pictures of my kids.  I’ve been dying to try out some of their products but haven’t found the right opportunity.  I’m super excited that I am going to finally get to try out some of their photo party products just after Christmas for my youngest son’s birthday.  And I hope that the elder member of my family aren’t reading this because they will be receiving these custom photo puzzles (#1) this holiday season.  What I didn’t realize is that Pinhole Press has some great kid’s gifts too!  I’ve always wanted to create photo flash cards for family and friends with new babies.  But the design part was so daunting.  Pinhole Press did it for me with their flash cards (#3) so now I just have to upload photos and I’m done.  Same with the memory game (#2).  What kid wouldn’t want to play with memory cards showing their personal family, friends or toys?  My youngest is really in to art and having his own personal scribble pad (#4) would make him so happy!  Remember to order early to make holiday shipping deadlines!


Lyric Camera Purse by Epiphanie

lyric bag by epiphanie bags


When I got my new camera, I knew that I had to take my camera bag game up a notch.  A few times, I have tried to use the smallest camera bag I can find and just put it in one of my larger purses.  But that seemed janky and not the safest for the camera.  So I started looking and fell in love with multiple Epiphanie bags.  In my opinion, these look most like a purse I would actually use. epiphanie camera bags


I thought the color would be a little more blue in person but I still really like it.  It comes with this braided shoulder strap and also a padded cross body strap.  So cool.
what's in my camera bag


In the large compartment alone, I can fit my wallet, my son’s epipen, my sunglasses and sunglass case and a pouch (a large pouch) of my necessities like lip balm, hair ties, etc (I have a lot of necessities).  Plus there are the two pockets on the front, one zippered pocket inside the bag and one on the back of the bag as well!  You are definitely not hurting for storage with this bag.  inside my camera bagThe inside of the bag is lined with a super soft material throughout and has velcro-able (yup, a word) padded dividers to section off the inside however you would like.  Having this bag has made me take my camera out more and get some really fun pictures.  I usually just bring my camera and 30mm lens but I totally have room to bring other lenses along if I ever need to.  I am totally loving it.  I highly encourage you to get a camera bag purse if you don’t have one.  I heart my Epiphanie!

*Not a sponsored post.  I just really love it.  I’d also like to mention that their customer service is awesome and shipping time is quick!  You totally have time to order it and get it before your next vacation. :)


Open Love Letter to Dez and Tam Photography

Desi and Tammy and FamThere are many reasons why people get in to blogging.  For me it started out as a creative outlet when I was stuck in a job that I did not love, that did not utilize my creative talents.  But it has grown in to an avenue for meeting the most amazing people.  This family is very dear to me.  Desi and Tammy, and their two precious boys, are an awesome family.  They are endlessly supportive, extremely talented and ridiculously nice people.  Their photography and the fact that they are willing to share their passion and skill with me is something I truly treasure.  If you look through the photos taken of my family over the past 2 years, my favorites were taken by them.  They have a way of capturing my kids in states of pure joy that makes me tear up every time I see them.  Their style is casual and they do minimal editing of the photos, keeping the moment real and not over processed.  The result is beautiful treasured memories.

I am going to be sharing more of the things I love on the blog.  And I love Dez and Tam Photography.  I know I have posted about them before and I will continue to.  They are amazing at what they day and should be celebrated.  If you are looking for someone to shoot a birthday party or family portraits, these are the photographers for you!

*Desi and Tammy are very kind to me and often work for me at no charge or a discounted rate.  They did not ask me to write this post.  I am writing it because in my opinion, they are the best and I want everyone to know about them!

Image Credit: Connie M. Chung Photography

Head Shots by Dez and Tam Photography

blogger head shot 1So I HATE having my picture taken.  I feel all odd and uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do with myself.  But, I needed some pictures done.  So as I was chatting with Desi and Tammy about pictures, we decided that we would just go play around with different locations and fun techniques and see if we could get any good shots.  I have grown pretty close with them so I knew that if I was going to be comfortable in front of anyone, it was going to be them.  And they got some great shots!

blogger head shot 2They started asking me questions about how I wanted others to see me and what is my brand.  I was like, “huh.”  They told me they saw me as more smirky than smiley.  Hold the phone.  I’ve been taught to smile big when a camera is pointed at me.  But I don’t have to!  Holla!  I do like that some of the shots came out as sort of a cross between a smirk and a smile as if my face was fighting itself.

blogger head shot 3And then when you bring a cutie like Lauren along, well, that makes it even a bit more of a challenge.  But we had SO much fun playing around and Desi and Tammy got some awesome photos.  I am such a fan of their work!  So who needs a picture of me?  ‘Cause I have some.  See more images of the photo shoot here!


*Thank you Dez and Tam for taking these photos for me for free.  Because they are cool like that.  But all these opinions are mine.  And these two are my favorite.  Tru dat.