Lollipics Custom Suckers are the Coolest!

Rad custom suckers by Lollipics!  #staywildaltSo I’ve been back from #altsummit for a week now.  And I’m still exhausted.  I’ll have a full wrap up for you in the next week or so but I am super excited about these custom suckers we had at our mini-party so I just had to share these now!  Right as we were beginning to plan our party, I found out about this great new company via Lindy called Lollipics.  They can take just about any image and make it edible and put it on a sucker.  We knew we were featuring Lauren’s calligraphy (although these suckers are using a font since we couldn’t get Lauren’s writing done in time!) all through the party so the idea of having rad black suckers with her writing on them, (all edible!) was such a fun idea!

Custom suckers by Lollipics at the #staywildalt party #altsummitHere is what they looked like at the party.  Aren’t they awesome!  The company was super generous with us and sent us enough for all the party guests.

Cool custom suckers by Lollipics perfect for party favorsI managed to snag a few to bring home for my kids and decided to take a few more photos of these awesome suckers.  The white area is essentially a very thin layer of fondant printed with edible ink.  So amazing, right?!

Custom suckers by Lollipics.  Great for party favorsOf course my son was more than willing to test them out for me.  They were cherry flavored and SO yummy!

The coolest party favors!  Custom suckers by Lollipics.Hurry mom!!!!!  I need to get my tongue on this thing!

Great custom Lollipics suckers for weddings or parties! Our party theme as “urban jungle” so we felt this “stay wild” sentiment was really good and used it throughout the party in several ways.

Kids love suckers.  Perfect party favor idea!  Custom suckers by Lollipics!The ink sort of just disappears when you eat it.  My son thought it was so fun and immediately started asking me what else we could put on the suckers.  I told him anything we wanted!  Aside from the suckers being super cool, the company is freaking amazing.  They have top-notch customer service and a quick turn around time.  I will definitely be using these again!  Will you be at the upcoming Snap conference?  Lollipics will be there too!  I’m so excited I found this company.  Make sure you let me know if you end up using them for anything.  I’d love to see the creative things you come up with!  .  Facebook  .  Twitter  .  Pinterest  .  Google +  .  Instagram



Themed Crayola Crayon Packs at Target

themed crayons at TargetHave you guys seen these themed Crayola crayon packs at Target?  I make it a point NOT to wander around Target when I go to buy things off my list.  But for some reason I found my way in to this aisle.  Each pack has 8 crayons and the color stories go along with the theme on the package.  Some are metallic, some glittery, some bright, and they have both boys, girls, and unisex themed boxes.  And they are only .99 cents each!  I think these would be perfect for party favors!

themed crayon packsOne of my son’s is really in to spy’s right now and the other one has always loved dinosaurs so these were the perfect packs for them.  But it was a struggle.  There were so many good ones to choose from.  I am sure I will be picking up a few more packs of these for our LONG road trip we are taking in a few weeks.

secret agent crayonsAll of the colors coordinate so you no matter what your kids colors, it will look cohesive and well thought out.  You know, as much as kid’s art can…

My kids loved them.  I told my oldest son to write something.  He wrote, “I am cool.”  Maybe Crayola will come out with a themed pack called Humble Pie.  That would be a great teaching tool.

coloringI’m thinking about picking up the Fashionista set for myself.  I’m the only girl in the house.  I need more pink in my life.  With Easter coming up, these would make a perfect non-food item for the Easter basket.  This is not a sponsored post.  Just wanted to share the cool product I found.  If you have these, what themes did you buy?