My Wishlist – Gift Guide 2012

my wish list

Seriously family.  This is my legitimate wishlist.  Shop accordingly.

1 : When I was in Vegas with The Trend Tribe, I borrowed Wendy’s portable battery charger.  Boom.  Best invention ever!

2 : I’m TOTALLY not a political person.  But I have an odd thing for anything Presidential.  I don’t care about their political views, I am interested in their humanness that we so often forget about.  This mug needs to serve me my coffee.  It will be perfect for when my Republican mug is in the dishwasher.

3 : If this Topshop sweater is not under the tree on Christmas morning I may throw a tantrum of toddler size proportions.  And then I will go buy it for myself online.  I LOVE it.  Like SO much.

4 : I no longer blow dry my hair on a daily basis.  I like my hair messy with its natural wave (well, it’s taken me about 20 years to embarrass it but now I really do enjoy it).  What I don’t like is the effing frizz.  So I’m really thinking this Keratin Perfectat home kit might be just what I need to feel a little more put together.

5 : Much like my presidential fascination, I also fancy the Rockettes.  I can’t sit through more than a couple of numbers when they are on TV, but I love the militant behavior of it all.  When I saw this book, ‘Rockettes, Rockstars and Rock Bottom‘ I got really excited.  I love to read and I love to know about behind the scenes stuff of legendary institutions.  I’m sure it is all true.  It has to be if it is a book right?  Wink.

6 : Oh hello pretty, pretty genius of a man.  I love Pharrell.  There.  I said it.  I think this book would be fascinating.  And I would read it whilst listening to my favorite songs he’s made.

7 :  NERDS!  After eating my weight in Nerds this summer I decided I needed to get off the sauce in order to fit back in to my pants for the fall.  But I wouldn’t turn a gift away so bring it, king size.

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