Guest Post : Reusable Plastic Garland for Dry Erase Markers

reusable diy plastic garlandDid you see my guest post on You Are my Fave with a fun DIY garland.  It is plastic, reusable and you can use a dry erase marker on it to write whatever message you want.  Go see!!  This is one of my favorites!  Super versatile.


Easy Sequin Tassel Tutorial

Easy Gold Sequin Tassel DIY TutorialYo.  What’s up.  Today I wanted to share the easiest tassel tutorial ever.  I give you:  Easy Sequin Tassels.  I made these for my balloon Valentine’s but they could be used in so many other ways.  I would love to get a gift with one of these cuties.  Or hung on a Christmas tree!

gold sequin tassels with mint and peach yarnI like how these sequin tassels are a little bit looser than a normal tassel.  And that they don’t require you to wrap things tight around your hand so it gets stuck and you feel like a nerd trying to get it loose.  Or maybe i’m just doing it wrong…They way I did this tutorial, you make two at a time.

sequins and yarnThe main supply that you might need to order for this craft is the sequin trim.  I picked this up at Paper Mart (hey Orange County – their warehouse is in Orange and you can will call your orders.  HUGE!  Your welcome.)  Then you just need yarn or string to tie them off and scissors.  Nothing complicated about this.

steps to diy tutorialThere are no measurements for this.  Wing it.  You will need to cut of a length of the trim.  Loop it about 4-5 times.  Pull the yarn through the sequin loops on one side and tie a knot.

tie knots at both endsDo the same thing on the other end.  Or don’t.  If you want to do just one long tassel, you would cut the loops and then trim up the ends so they are even.

cut the tassels apartIf you do want two, cut them apart in the middle.  One side will be a little bit more full due to it having an extra loop.

easy sequin tassel garland diySuper easy.  Super sparkly.  Super fun.

DIY gold sequin tasselsHow would you use these sequin tassels?

gold sequin tassel garlandYou can even make them in to a garland.  This one is totally whack but sometimes that is just how my crafts go.  I was too lazy to dig around my garage for the perfect thing to hang them from.  But you can see the potential and if you are so inclined, make it better.  I also like things messy so I like the pop of color from the yarn ends.  Feel free to trim it off if it offends you.  This couldn’t be any easier, right?

Easy Hanging Balloon Valentine’s

hanging balloon valentinesHi there.  I don’t usually post on weekends but I decided to share with you all the Easy Hanging Balloon craft I’m hosting at Craft with the Bloggers today!  I think balloons are awesome and are totally underused.  They are cheap, they are easy to keep on hand and you can do so much with them.

Easy valentine's ideaAll you have to do to make a hanging balloon Valentine is grab a balloon and find something pretty to hang it from…Another favorite material of mine is yarn.  It comes in EVERY color and is cheap. Hmmm, it sounds like I am a cheap skate.  Totally not.  My husband would vouch for that.  I just hate when you buy something and then you don’t want to use it because it was so expensive.

peach and gold hanging balloon valentine

Add whatever embellishments you would like.

feather and ballon valentine with mint peach and gold

Who knew they made peach feathers!  And it is hard to see from this picture, but this clear balloon is filled with sequins.

fill balloon with sequins

All you have to do to get sequins in a balloon is to insert a funnel.  With the help of a skewer you can get them through the hole and in to the balloon.  Another idea would be to write a small love note, roll it up and put it inside the balloon so your honey has to pop it to get it out.  hanging the balloon valentine

My idea for the hanging balloon Valentine’s is to hang out them outside a closed door so it is the first thing they see when they get up in the morning.  I think that would be a delightful surprise.

peach feather mint green and gold balloon valentine

These can also be made for birthdays or other special days.  Just remember, if these balloons pop it’s going to rain sequins…For some that is a dream, but to people like me who are mess averse it could be tear inducing.

Thanks to Lauren for helping me shoot this!  It is so much easier to shoot with two people!