January Loves

rad ikat patterns behind opening credits of CinderellaI don’t know if Cinderella was redesigned recently but when it came on TV right after Christmas I noticed how cool the opening credits were.  The ikat is amazeballs.  And that is not a word I throw around lightly.  I die over the colors and the fonts.  My boys wouldn’t watch it with me.  Whatevs.  Who knew that Cinderella was so design focused?!

fossils on hikeSo my family and I were out on a hike in Newport Coast one weekend and some other hikers called us over to have a look at these awesome fossils.  A geologist that they encountered on a recent hike had shown them and said they were probably about 115 MILLION years old.  WHAT!  How crazy is that?  And super cool that other hikers wanted to share their knowledge.

Ride Makerz at Downtown Disney is the coolest!My mom gave my boys gift certificates to Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney for Christmas.  If you have never heard of it, it is pretty much like a Build A Bear, but with cars.  THE COOLEST.  The boys had the best time.  You pick out the car body that you want (most of them are Disney related), and then you choose tires and rims, etc.  Although it ads on a bit more money, you HAVE to make it a remote control.  The cars would still be cool if the boys were pushing them around but seeing them play for an hour at the park, literally shrieking with delight, was priceless.  Once they add the remote control, you are taken to your own work station where they put their cars together.  As with most things Disney, it is really well done.  The entire experience was really fun.

pop tart cupcakes by Meringue Bake ShopIt is good to have talented friends.  Just take a look at this Pop Tart Cupcakes by Meringue Bake Shop!  Um, yeah.  So yummy.  She gave me a few of these to try along with some maple bacon scones.  For no reason whatsoever.  Thanks Kristin!