A Love Letter to Andrea Howe of Gwyneth Made Me Do It

Gwyneth's book from For the Love ofWe are well in to the new year and I’m sure I am not the only one still trying to figure out how to make my life a little healthier.  But I have to be honest, my energy is low for learning something from scratch.  About all I can muster is cheating off someone’s cliff notes version.  When my oldest son was one and diagnosed with food allergies, I had to completely figure that out on my own.  I had to teach myself to cook, I had to figure out what foods he could tolerate and how to prepare them.  It was so much work.  But that was my only focus at the time.  While we have the food allergies figured out (dare I say we are almost outgrowing all of them???) the whole living approach that was very much a part of his early diet has gotten neglected.  And while I enjoy reading and learning new things I don’t feel ready to take it all on myself.  Which is why I need to make sure that you all know Andrea Howe.  I met Andrea last year at Alt Summit.  She lives about half an hour from me and we’ve been lucky enough to see each other a few times since the conference.  Her blog, For the Love of, is amazing.  With her fashion background she talks about real woman fashion problems, how to make things work for you and even does DIYs for accessories.  She’s got adorable children and she is very frank with what is going on in her life.  I adore her.

Dip recipe for the love ofBut the real reason I want to make sure you know about her is because of a sort of side project she started called Gwyneth Made Me Do It.  Yes, that Gwyneth.  Immediately I was interested in Gwyneth’s cookbook and getting back to a more healthful way of eating.  I was delighted when Andrea created the Instagram account to chronicle her experience with the book (you can read how the whole thing got started in this post here).  For real, I have learned so much from her.  Andrea talks about everything from how to choose the right meat, to how she got her kid’s off chicken nuggets to what ingredients you really don’t want to see on your food labels.  She shares recipes (the above is a more healthy version of a ranch dip that she served at a Christmas party) and information that I find truly important.  Oh and now she also writes a column on it for Babble.

diypizza5She is a mom of 3, with picky eaters just like the rest of us.  But she’s willing to put in the work and really figure out what is best for her family.  And she shares all the highs and lows along the way.  Take the time to read through her body of work and you will come away feeling like you have found your new best friend who just wants you to be the best version of you.  She has done a complete makeover on the way her family eats and shows that making your family’s health a priority is hugely important.  And totally doable.

All images via Andrea Howe of For the Love Of